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  1. Here we go...

    Man come on, everyone knows your supposed to use a removable magnet logo. Not painted on.
  2. Good thing, I would have felt bad about going to home depot today to take advantage of their free carpet installation!
  3. Mike Shula Was Just at My Store

    Mike and Marty both live in the Peninsula, I used to deliver to them. I've met both, Marty was nice, Shula on other hand seemed exactly like you described him every time I saw him. Always seemed like he wasn't in a good mood. I might have caught him on bad days but he was still employed back then.
  4. LOL

    Good thing containing their running backs means we move on on the playoffs, oh wait....
  5. Being damn proud of being a fan of team right now is an absolute joke, and seeing players smiling while shaking hands at the end of the game shows how much some of them care. It will be a great off-season since I will not have to watch this team under preform week after week. I'm sure Ron will bring up missed opportunities and blame everything on not executing the poo game plan. Thankfully he's under contract for 2 extra years now.
  6. Remember when??

    Remember when that same team beat the saints? He took that team to the playoffs in his first year, it took Ron 3 years. That guy is younger that Matt Ryan, he will get better. Remeber when we all thought Goff was a bust? Not anymore. Jeff Fisher went to the Superbowl once. Should he still be the coach?
  7. Ken Dorsey on the move?

    Yeah but the reason he can make a throw that Brady can't make is because of God given tallent right? Mechanics can be worked on. Coaches either aren't doing their job or Cam isn't doing his. Once again probably a little bit of both, so there is blame to go around. It would he nice to find a coach to get him to do what he needs to do. Hopefully I'm not a racist for saying that.
  8. Our House

    Do you think the new owners will try to make this an Environment where opposing fans are welcomed like JR did or do you think our new owner will try to make it home-field advantage for every game? One reason I ask is because I saw that we play the Cowboys at home next year. I've been to a Cowboys game at home and it was not fun, and the Steelers game on my anniversary wasn't either.
  9. Mike Shula Q&A

    No worries, a shitstorm I can handle. Outright hypocrisy I can't. If I get banned over calling out someone that obviously can't see their own biased then fug this site. When you tell people you are racists because blah blah blah and then you support sexual offenders to own the team yeah its time to look at yourself, not others. There are a lot of posters accusing fans of being racists, all the "racist's" people on here hate Cam. Maybe I'm naive but, Is there a double standard? Does CMC suck, some days? Like Sunday where he clearly fuged up, yes the fug he did? Did Jonathan Stewart fug up during that first Atlanta game? Hell to the yes he did? Did Cameron F'ING NEwton F' it up yes, maybe once or twice. Probably more than TD a guy who as an old ass dude is getting suspensions because he sees things happenings and will still pop a mfer legally at least when he came in the league it was legall. No One, and I mean No one hated Steve Smith in Charlotte. He Literally punched his teammates and no one cared or Moose, you never have ever heard anything bad about Moose. I guess you may say that they don't play qb, your right they don't play qb no one in our fanchise has ever made 20 million a year. Except for who. Cam Newton, our ride or die guy. We win or we loose by him. I'd love him to k33P W!nn!Ng! 1
  10. Mike Shula Q&A

    Do you get thanked for doing your job every day? Real people work really hard in this world to spend really hard earned dollars. You don't get rewarded for doing your job, you get rewarded for going above and beyond. You expect what? This team to go 8-8. Anyone that knows this team should expect more. The Panthers have a window. Cam is a part of that and a leader of the team and an MVP. You think that Atlanta isn't pissed at Matty Ice right now. They are because he is their leader. Cam has been bad and he needs to be better along with his coaches and his wide outs and his TE, but he gets paid more than all of them for a reason.
  11. Mike Shula Q&A

    and before you try to quote me, I'll quote myself... This is me after Cam said his Caucasian invasion Statement. I am Half white too. BuckNaked Junior Member HUDDLER 105 136 posts Report post Posted December 17, 2017 You can't say anything to anyone anymore, they might get offended. and responding to the whole reverse racism Junior Member HUDDLER 105 136 posts Report post Posted December 18, 2017 Like I said pussies. Get the fug over it. People say words that other people don't like. Everyone you know does it. Hell, I guarantee you do it. Quote Edit
  12. Mike Shula Q&A

    Say Hello to your new sex offender owner with money, say's Cookie... Diddy's Panther themed helicopter... Cookie Lyon posted a topic in Carolina Panthers News and Talk "Say hello to your new owner, Sean "Diddy" Combs!!!" http://www.digitalspy.com/showbiz/news/a827912/p-diddy-denies-sexual-harassment-allegations-lawsuit/ https://www.thedailybeast.com/diddys-crazy-rap-sheet-from-attacking-a-record-exec-to-his-alleged-kettlebell-assault They are just allegations though, so I guess he was able to settle out of court so he is innocent. You said this guy will own the team because he has a helicopter that's painted a color scheme. Seriously, and the posters that talk poo about Cam are bad? You put 3 exclamation marks on the end of your sentence to endorse someone that I guess is the right complexion for you. You want this guy to be our new owner...... why is that?
  13. Mike Shula Q&A

    I did, but I've never seen you give him any blame either. I want them to completely rebuild the coaching staff. That may not be a popular opinion around here, but I do. I do agree that this team, and yes that is including both Cam and Luke are way too talented for their careers to be wasted on this mediocre coaching staff. Cam has played well in this system before though and I can't sit here and say that he is not at some fault, which I'm pretty sure he would tell you himself, unlike these coaches.
  14. Mike Shula Q&A

    Ok, I deserve that! I just want us to win. I think most everyone here wants the same. My point is that Cam can suck and turn it around and be great. Doesn't mean that everyone is against him because of his complexion. Just that we all have High expectations for him and when he shits the bed it sucks. Shula is terrible, Dorsey is terrible and Ron with his Conservative approach to football can be terrible. There is plenty of blame to go around. I just don't get the Cam can't do anything wrong crowd.
  15. Mike Shula Q&A

    I felt the same damn way about Jake. I fuging hated jake. He could be so good and then so bad. I've talked mad poo about Cam, but I have not one but 2 Cam Jersey's. I've met him personally and he signed my hat. When he's on point he's the man, but It drives me crazy. He can literally be the best Qb or the worst. It's almost like he is super talented and all the "racists people" on here expect him to play that way every game, not just every other game. He's my Qb, he is the greatest Qb we have ever had but he sucks sometimes. Oh and my racist's ass shits on Rivera too, I'm half Puerto Rican and was born in Puerto Rico. He is looking to next week and not accepting any blame for anything. It's not always about complexion, but a lot of people that can only see color blame it on that.