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  1. Hypothetically, I think it would be a hell of a card to play from them right before kickoff. Is it plausible, no. Is it possible? Only if it's Mannings idea. Ok, back to work...
  2. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Why is TD is pads if he has a sling on.    Early gamesmanship?
  3. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    I dont understand how thats no PI.    Good run, first good run so far.
  4. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    You gotta score here.
  5. Hey All,   Looking for four tickets to the NFCG. Living in Colorado its next to impossible to see Carolina play anymore in preson. Would love to have a chance for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see them live again.    Thanks,   Sean
  6. That may seal it. 0 momentum into half.
  7. Stewart looks like Emmitt Smith today.
  8. Didn't we do this in the San Fran game? 
  9. Seahawks already finding excuses...
  10. Setup a GoFundme. Fly him on Spirit or Frontier, connecting through LAX or ORD and put him up in a shitty part of town. 
  11. Have we not at least clinched a 1st round bye?

    Minnesota will not win Thursday. If they do, I expect Cardinals to lose there remaining and Seattle win the West. 
  12. Cortland Finnegan

    Dink and dunks? Most there plays were long gainers over the top. Concerning for sure.