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  1. Panthers Release Boykin

    So our drafted rookies looked good against our undrafted rookies. Wow.
  2. Forget predictions. Who do you want?

    Miley Cyrus
  3. I hope we explored options to preform a sign and trade for Norman. If teams are ready to get into a bidding war, I'm sure we could of gotten something out of them to avoid that bidding war. Norman was still a valuable asset on our roster, we just cut one of a Top 3 DB for nothing. I believe the Pats did this with Cassel and when he was moved to the Chiefs.
  4. Matt Ryan says he's "just hitting his stride"

    Every off-season there is some fluff piece about how Matt Ryan is finally turning the corner. This dude is going to be 85 before the media declares him a has-been. He'll be getting calls for viagra commercials before we know it.
  5. Fanspeak draft simulator

    The double your pleasure draft. Higgins and Miller are playmakers at the next level. 30: R1P30 DTROBERT NKEMDICHE OLE MISS 62: R2P31 TEHUNTER HENRY ARKANSAS 94: R3P31 WRSTERLING SHEPARD OKLAHOMA 130: R4P31 CBZACK SANCHEZ OKLAHOMA 169: R5P29 DERONALD BLAIR APPALACHIAN ST
  6. Charles Johnson officially signs 1-year, $3M deal

    This will be our biggest FA signing. From a cash cow to a borderline Panther goat if we win a Superbowl.
  7. Breaking - Charles Johnson Released

  8. 2016 Huddle Mock Draft

    Ill take the Ravens
  9. Hypothetically, I think it would be a hell of a card to play from them right before kickoff. Is it plausible, no. Is it possible? Only if it's Mannings idea. Ok, back to work...
  10. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Why is TD is pads if he has a sling on. Early gamesmanship?
  11. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    I dont understand how thats no PI. Good run, first good run so far.
  12. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    You gotta score here.
  13. That may seal it. 0 momentum into half.