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  1. http://www.si.com/sportsmanofyear/2015/11/26/ron-rivera-thomas-davis-sportsman     Have to love it when a coach will write a letter for you.    
  2. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    Hurney would keep mediocre players around. Gettleman doesn't. 
  3. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    One of the best looking squads this season.  
  4. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    27-0. Panthers.     We are due a shutout. 
  5. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Redskins will be bringing their A game. Panthers better not sleep on them. 
  6. Huddle United

    No he stoled my move. 
  7. Score a touchdown. 
  8. Syrian refugees

    I agree deport all immigrants. Only way to stay safe. If you're not a fifth generation American you can't be trusted.  
  9. Syrian refugees

    Fear is the terrorists biggest weapon. Looking at post here and on Facebook the terrorists are winning.  Refugees are not the enemy.  
  10. Syrian refugees

    Bunch of morons. Sickening the way people are acting. 
  11. How would you save the economy

    These are terrible ideas.  1. Cutting taxes won't help the economy.    2. So you want to make things unsafer.  3. Only ideas that makes sense.  4. Need debt for revolving credit.  5. Why not support it like it should be.  6. Then the rich get richer. Unions are still a important need.   7. Closed shops need to stay closed. Join the union or gtfo.   
  12. Super Mario Rodgers

  13. Sad adults with cheese on their heads...

    Real class in the last pic.