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  1. Last "big" Pub debate

    Very few people could hear backstage, just a logistical snafu, no big deal
  2. Last "big" Pub debate

    Carson is a good guy, but not attractive at all as a leader. Christie destroyed the "bubble boy" who, in turn, immediately proved Christie right. Bush did fair but by no means enough to gain votes.  Cruz also did fair.  Trump was his typical self. I like Kasich because in a room full of vegans, who are constantly extolling the virtues of squash and kale, it is fun to see a guy say, "I love a steak sometimes".  He says what is not the popular thing that all the cool kids are saying.  What Trump and Cruz are missing in my opinion, especially when they invoke Reagan, is that Reagan was, for the most part a very positive speaker on America.  Yes, he said the liberals had taken the country to the wrong place, but was always positive on what the country could achieve.  I think Kasich can make the country feel and act like we are not total opposites and enemies. With that, he will probably drop out this coming Wednesday, haha
  3. Last "big" Pub debate

    Several folks already cut and run after Iowa. You could see 3 or 4 more head home after this Tuesdays debate. Trump will go on Cruz will go on Rubio will go on After that, everyone else is up on the air. I say Christie is first to go home, followed by Fiorina and then Carson.  Bush might also throw in the towel if he cannot get traction.  I think Kasich goes on to SC at least Guys will be swinging for the fences tonight
  4. Miracle

    Guess that night stand was pretty tough also. And no, this incredible topic had not been posted already.
  5. I do not want this to end.....

    I am ready for the game personally. The 2 week hype machine is wearing my out.  Questions about what kind of car would you be and the critiques of shoes, hats, pants, toothpaste (made that last one up) is so overkill for me. I want the game, 27 hrs and counting
  6. People would just pay anything to hear them.
  7. The House That Built Cam

    "onnnnnnnnn the frontage road"               Joking
  8. Gun show loopholes

    The point is, that anti gun control folks oppose anything in the restrictions and pro gun control folks are for everything restricting.  not a lot of "common sense" to a lot of it
  9. Gun show loopholes

    Sometimes these arguments are akin to a car not running correctly and people scream, "change the tires", "paint it" "vacuum it out".  Yes there are problems, but just doing something "car related" will not always fix it.  It might look better, but still will run like crap
  10. why everyone in the league could not see this train wreck coming out of college, i will never know his me first persona preceded him
  11. oh yeah, progressives all about giving up your liberty so they can "give" you equality
  12. Chuck Todd could have just brought down her campaign
  13. Wall St reform   So, is Hillary and Trump best prepared to actually get some sort of legislation passed?  Or are they foxes in the hen house?
  14. Deion somehow thinks he is freaking Dr Phil or something.
  15. The debate exposed weaknesses on both sides. Bernie seems to have a great grasp of who is gaming who as far as corporate America and Wall St., but he cannot see any further and he has no clue how to fix anything.  She exposed him on this.  Many people can name problems, but solutions are where it gets sticky. Hillary is certainly in the camp where money makes the world go around.  She embodies establishment.  There is absolutely NOTHING transparent about her.  She likes to name names like "Abdul" when talking about foreign affairs to make herself look like she is in the know.  But again, knowing the names of foreign players is not the same thing as good decision making. Overall, both made points and lost points.  Hillary will gain in NH but probably still lose, but not by 30 points