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  1. Last "big" Pub debate

    Yeah, was not exactly trying to pigeon hole you, just linking the article showing that because the other side likes him, his own side shows it as a sign not to like him
  2. Boycott Doritos

    NARAL not fond of humorous ad
  3. New thread for this? I mean it is pretty groundbreaking
  4. Winning with grace

    not complaining grasshopper, just sayin.... I agreed with thebigcat a few weeks back.  What might be fun at the moment, could bite you in the ass later you live to be offended, so you should be the happiest guy on earth at this moment when the rest of the league is letting you know what they think.  
  5. Last "big" Pub debate

    Evidently, you are the problem, haha
  6. Once again, we love the classy guys, just don't want our players to BE the classy guys.  You guys don't know what you want
  7. Last "big" Pub debate

    He is the only guy who gets into the weeds and talks about the hard stuff.  Liked his approach to police and community. Trump for instance is gonna have everything greater than its ever been, but can outline nothing
  8. Winning with grace

    Whatever you say Lombardi, dab on
  9. Winning with grace

    there is a difference in posing, dancing, dabbing (rubbing peoples noses in it, as I think someone put it) and being a perennial winning team.  I know everyone looks at the Pats game as a big game, but not because they dance on your home field or any of that stuff. Just seems like our doing that could be an unforced error on our part
  10. Winning with grace

    "I hope every team in the league views us like Atlanta did, like their Super Bowl, because of our antics." Sounds like a good idea guys for every team in the league to have us circled on their calendar.
  11. Winning with grace

    So, we were Muhammid Ali of the football world.  We can say what we want, act like we want and the world be damned.  "Stop us if you don't want us to show you up" was our mantra. That kind of stuff does not wear well on the rest of the league, so now, you guys are actually hurt that someone who beat us, and by our own definition, should be able to act however they want, is not being "classy".   You guys take the cake
  12. 30th Pick

    With only 6 picks, as we stand now, I would see the same 4 listed above and possibly a Safety and speedy LB. AJ Klein and TD re question marks soon and we need folks who can step in
  13. Cam was let down by his offense

    Not many on the offense can hold their head up today, including Cam, and Shula, and Rivera
  14. Gop, revoluation, and such

    I noticed the posts last night.  Figured you and many others were speaking from a bit less than standard thought process
  15. Last "big" Pub debate

    nice talking points there, but ABC conducted the debate Fox mentioned Flint in their debate, so take it up with ABC