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  1. Well, you know the old saying......
  2. Sounds like there needs to be some red lines drawn
  4. Donald Trump: Because I Said So, It's True

    I see Bush moving up because, Bush As I have said before, foreign policy has taken Carson down and it could do the same for Trump.  "bombing the ish" out of someone is not exactly the most presidential of statements.  People might cheer at the moment, but walk away less convinced he is the guy
  5. Riviera can only hope to get that kind of odds every week for the next 4 weeks
  6. The Money Grab is On! Clock Kid Wants $15M

    We are the land of opportunity after all
  7. So the options in the OP where "we asked Terrorists......" is all debunked. 
  8. Donald Trump: Because I Said So, It's True

    Like I have said for awhile, there are people paid on both sides to dig up crap on candidate, you know like finding out the Bernie was a racist and sexist.  It will not matter who is trotted out, there are accusations at the ready.  Now, with Trump, all you have to do is wait 24 hours and he will provide the world with new material. Not a Trump or Carson fan, but it is funny seeing lifelong Dems wanting soooo hard to advise the GOP how and who to pick.  Like I said, it won't matter who they pick, you guys will go after them with equal ferocity.  I would think the dumber and more outrageous the candidate, the better for you.
  9. Donald Trump: Because I Said So, It's True

    Does it really make any difference who the GOP trots out?  Your reaction will most likely be the same although the details and accusations might be a bit different.
  10. Bout 3 weeks late for Halloween
  11. Well, let's get down to it

    Olines There is where the game will be won and lost. They have a great one and ours is much much better than last season. Which Oline will dominate the opposing Dline = Winner
  12. These guys probably had to leave a trail of bread crumbs to find their way home