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  1. Mayocks first rankings

    Physically, I think Ogbah would be perfect for us, but have not watched any film either
  2. Trump finally gets a win

    Fiorina and Christie gone, guess Carson still has nothing better to do
  3. Mayocks first rankings

    Ogbah didn't make this list as edge rusher, of course they are probably mixed 3/4 and 4/3 guys
  4. Mayocks first rankings  
  5. Trump finally gets a win

    Dems are scared too death of Bernie winning the nomination. First, the HOW he is gonna achieve the Utopia he is promising will get very sticky for not only Pubs, but Dems.  Dems in power do not want him because their money stream for Senate, House, Govs etc, will dry up Bill and Hillary are just starting to open up on that subject. Cruz I don't think could win, but Trump, I am no longer that sure.  His win in NH, he got conservatives, moderates and a ton of independents.  Of course, like I mentioned, he only got 34% of the vote. I think if some of the others drop out, then the big Trump leads will shrink pretty quickly
  6. Trump finally gets a win

    Just like everything else with Hillary, "it is legal" so you guys go sit back down
  7. Trump finally gets a win

    In the year of the monkey...... Bernie probably thought he had a big win last evening, until he checks the delegate count.  Which is, by the way, the method for getting the nomination.
  8. There's a lot of pent up butthurt as evidenced by this, the 1456th thread on the same subject.
  9. 30th Pick

    I see many mocks with Ogbah being there from 27 - 30.  Would love to get him.  If not him, maybe Eli Apple.  There will be a OT or 2 in our range, but I don't see Gmans historical philosophy lending itself to a big man on the OLine
  10. Trump finally gets a win

    But with 3/4 of the vote counted, he has only 34%. Which means 66% of the vote went against him. Christie and Carson will soon be gone, and maybe Fiorina.  Most of those votes will not go to Trump.  Other observations tonight: Bernie's victory speech lasted 14 and 1/2 hours and his right index finger was going like mad the entire time Kasichs wife Christie won battle Saturday night, but lost the war Big money lost big time in NH
  11. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    It would mess up a perfectly good truck
  12. Why should I ever register

    Big money Hillary and big money Bush not getting too much bang for the buck
  13. Why should I ever register

    I think 2016 will be one of the craziest elections of my lifetime Who knows about the 3rd party, we will see.  Bloomberg?
  14. Why should I ever register

    CWG is whispering, "come to the dark side"........
  15. Once I own my car, I can dictate what type of policy I need, not exactly getting your analogy. But now, I get to pay for all kinds of things on my health insurance that I don't need.  And while we are at it, do all Americans have car insurance? Maybe we can "fix" that one too