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  1. Hotsauce added a post in a topic The answer was really on the roster and we found our victor cruz player we all hoped for   

    Answers always been on the roster. 
    JJ Jansen
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  2. Hotsauce added a post in a topic Hotels.....   

    I always stay at the Residence Inn. Perfect location. 
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  3. Hotsauce added a post in a topic The Walk movie   

    Cool, I thought it was a dope looking trailer. Would you suggest watching the documentary first, before watching the movie?
    I may wait and watch it on my 125 in HD projector tho, it gives you the same feel of imax 
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  4. Hotsauce added a post in a topic The Maturation of Ron   

    We are talking about the same RR who has kept Shula, who is not a very good OC, all these years.  His loyalty to some players/coaches has been one of his bigger weaknesses. 
    I agree with most of the praise above, and agree he is improving, but I'm going to need to see him do all of these things for an entire season, and not just half a season. 
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  5. Hotsauce added a post in a topic Spanish Radio Call of Ed Dickson Touchdown   

    We have the greatest duo ever in Spanish, but we can't get good sports radio guys for M-F
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  6. Hotsauce added a post in a topic Natural talent or a flash in the pan?   

    Here is the deal:
    TB did not plan for him.  And they probably overlooked him as someone with potential being he was a PS player that got cut.  Would he have looked good had someone had some actual game footage on him?
    They likely focused their efforts on containing Jared Allen and our other pro bowlers.
    He is also the product of a dominant defense, would he have looked as good in Washinton or TB?  Probably not, they don't have anywhere near the personnel that we do. 
    He was likely extra motivated on showing TB that they were wrong about him. 
    But I am happy he played the way he did, I hope we get that type of performance more than once this year!  I just feel like there were reasons we saw what we saw and will need more games to get too excited over him.
    This "potentially" could be Getts best UDFA signing ever, if he continues to improve. 
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  7. Hotsauce added a post in a topic Slingbox viewing for someone!   

    Only if the stream is cheap and high quality
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  8. Hotsauce added a post in a topic It's a Trap!   

    Igo, you forgot to log in as United Panthers to start this thread
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  9. Hotsauce added a post in a topic It's a Trap!   

    Igo, I suggest you tread lightly....
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  10. Hotsauce added a post in a topic Welp, so much for that underdog role we love..   

    Nobody is an underdog when they play the Bucs. 
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  11. Hotsauce added a post in a topic What Bucs Fans Are Saying   

    I hope we have such a big lead, that in the fourth quarter they throw in DAnderson for him to do his usual havok reeking 
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  12. Hotsauce added a post in a topic Panthers Jared Allen - First Impressions   

    All and good, but we need him to grow his mullet back.  I mean he is in North Carolina now, so it shouldn't be such a big deal. 
    When he grows his mullet back, then I will be excited. 
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  13. Hotsauce added a post in a topic Going to be a News-Filled Day According to Bill Voth   

    Donald Trump just bought the team...
    First act of business, Shula, your fired!
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  14. Hotsauce added a topic in The Lounge   

    Do you think you are having a bad day??
    Woman ends up in hospital after 'confusing builder’s foam with her hair mousse'


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  15. Hotsauce added a post in a topic Let's talk about Tampa some...   

    Where is that "Applehouseroofcleaner" Bucs fan that shows up every now and then to talk smack?
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