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  1. PIE Thread for Second Place

    You are celebrating second place in my thread with delicious pie
  2. Marijuana will do that
  3. PIE Thread for Second Place

    Your getting second place pie, and your gonna like it
  4. You know what, we went to the fucking Super Bowl dammit. No one legitimately thought at the beginning of the Season we would have made it to the Super Bowl and have a 17-2 season.  Do I wish we would have won the SB? Hell yeah!  But we were the best fucking team all year and looked good doing our thing. The sky's the limit for this team and next year we will dominate! So here is to coming into Second place like a boss!  
  5. Don't you know we picked up Kevin Norwood? SB51
  6. Panthers Lost memes....come in here to laugh

    I actually LOL here
  7. Actually no. She sucks, her music sucks, and she needs to go away. 
  8. Couldn't sleep last night

    Sorry to hear. i passed the f*ck out last night