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  1. FBGP's 2016 NFL Mock Draft - Small College Good morning Panthers fans! Here's my latest mock draft for March spotlighting some of the top Small College prospects in this draft class. Enjoy! Em
  2. FBGP's Super Bowl 50 Preview Show

    Hey man I appreciate that! Since we're not a major outlet, we still do all of our production from graphics to sound to effects in house...which makes it tough to get 'this' level of quality during the season covering all 32 teams in addition to being out on the road scouting college football while also covering different leagues. However, this upcoming season we have a big time partnership in the works that'll alleviate that issue! We're really excited about it...been working on it since November (can't reveal details just yet but soon).
  3. FBGP's Super Bowl 50 Preview Show

    Lol all good! Yea..I had the O-o face at halftime of the Div playoff game. Didn't expect that much whoop ass to be opened that quickly. I think the turning point of that game were the 2 sustained drives you guys had (both ended up in punts) but they ate up crucial clock in the latter part of the 3rd QTR I had a very hard time seeing how the Broncos were going to have success. I don't think I mentioned it in the video but the fact that you guys' LBs can cover so much ground in both zone and man will make it extremely tough for Manning to have success. practically have 2 safeties playing LB lol
  4. FBGP's Super Bowl 50 Preview Show

    I did not pick the Cardinals.
  5. FBGP's Super Bowl 50 Preview Show

    Lol feel free:
  6. FBGP's Super Bowl 50 Preview Show

    I doubt it... Probably 4 times all season GB/SEA (2x) & JAX
  7. FBGP's Super Bowl 50 Preview Show

    Never took a snap for you guys all season
  8. FBGP's Super Bowl 50 Preview Show

    I think Greg Olsen could be in store for a big time game...especially in the 1st half.
  9. FBGP's Super Bowl 50 Preview Show: Panthers vs Broncos Good afternoon Panthers fans! Good luck this Sunday! Em
  10. How about you find anther way to try to self promote your god awful sports analytics.... Bad webpage design poor cameraman, awful color scheme the list goes on how about.....




  11. FBGP's Inside the War Room - Carolina Panthers

    Good question...IMO I just don't think he's '1st Rd talent'. He was starting to come around at Mizzou but then missed the entire '14 season...I'd be skeptical You think Jake Locker & Blaine Gabbert were Top 10 talents?
  12. FBGP's Inside the War Room - Carolina Panthers

    When you're drafted has nothing to do with your talent. Based off my own film study, Johnson graded out pretty high & earned a 2nd Rd mark. Well I appreciate that man, as long as you know it's coming from a lot of work being put in and not regurgitated & parroted thoughts! Yessir! Thanks Dunn! What would you tweak?
  13. FBGP's Inside the War Room - Carolina Panthers

    Thanks PP! I'd hate it for Cam that they didn't grab an 'impact' offensive player early...would understand DE, but wouldn't like it.
  14. Good morning Panther fans! Here's my inside the war room special for you guys. Enjoy! Em
  15. Hey... I know you're the mod here and I wanted to pass this along to you first for your approval.. I will add the Carolina Huddle website to the end of my videos from here on out.. Is it okay to post Panthers related videos?