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  1. A classic write up like always thanks for the pictures as well.
  2. Great job as always thank you for the photos along with the write up.
  3. Montie_0123

    Hi, my name is Philly

    I'm glad he back to his nickname, Philly Brown played well for us. Corey Brown dropped almost everything in sight lol.
  4. I can't wait to watch these guys next week.
  5. Montie_0123

    Kony Ealy Update

    I'm hoping he has a break out year or Frank.
  6. Montie_0123

    Left Tackle Daryl Williams?

    If he can be the answer over there I have no problem with that.
  7. Montie_0123

    Panthers Roster Projection Update

    Awesome write-up I have no problem with that lineup.
  8. Montie_0123

    Lee Ward - The Punisher

    That's the only person I can see him replacing in that spot.
  9. Montie_0123

    Lee Ward - The Punisher

    I'm pulling for the guy, I don't know who's spot he's going to take.
  10. Good to hear Mario and Cap stepping up I can't wait to see them in the first preseason game.
  11. I like hearing about the people I want to see step up looking to take hold and keep there spots Fozzy, Coleman, C.Brown and earlier today Shaq. This is going to be a special year if we can stay healthy.
  12. Montie_0123

    Shaq Thompson Making Plays

    This is the kind of news I want to hear out of the teams 1st round pick. Truthfully I really hope he takes the position by the end of training camp.
  13. Again another great write-up thanks for all the great work your doing to keep us updated.