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  1. yes...don't take my freedom....but please, feel free to shoot my daughter or my son while they do their job or while they sit in a theater enjoying a movie or while they go to school. constitution says I can have a gun and goddamnit, I'm going to have one...or two or 10
  2. I heard this on the radio this morning and thought it couldn't be....that's just fricken crazy! I see no end in site either which is a scary thought
  3. very sad and my heart goes out to the victim's friends and families. until the attitudes and behaviours around guns change, unfortunately this will just happen again and again and again in some fashion or another. Has nothing to do with politics or gun control/registration. All comes down to accessibility in my opinion and that's what makes the biggest difference between Canada and USA. I believe there are so many Americans with guns that getting one is incredibly too easy...legally or otherwise. Pretty sure I could roll into most US cities and within a short amount of time I could get my hands on a gun. I don't think that could happen here, or I'm just naive.
  4. Set your DVR...

    where's the damn flag for pass interference...clearly there's contact before the ball arrives!!!! LOL....I kid I kid....still a shitty call...will never agree with it and yup, it will always sting. Knowing I was watching it with my Super Bowl 48 ring on lessons the pain though
  5. Set your DVR...

    I know how it ends if anyone wants a spoiler
  6. Roaring Riot Explained

    sure....but I'm sure there are members of your family that you like more than others too?!!!!!! LOL
  7. oh the irony....panther fans discussing the issue of handing out trophies!!!!! that said, the only trophy I ever won was in high school, MVP of the basketball team. The trophy was about 4 feet tall....I gave up trying after that!
  8. you guys are getting a much different list than I am even though I'm logged onto .com
  9. it would be nice if the current deals list would get updated to eliminate all the poo that's already been botted....I mean sold.
  10. thanks...talked me right into it. Having that Montana address comes in handy sometimes!!!
  11. is prime worth it...outside of this sale event that is?
  12. Roaring Riot Explained

    thanks for the explanation and best of luck on your endeavors. I hope your chapters all do their part in not only spreading the word of the Panthers but that no matter who we cheer for, we are all part of one big happy football family too.
  13. definitely a tough loss for sure...on a call I will never ever agree with. One thing that took alot of the sting out of it though was knowing we were Super Bowl champs at the time, you know what I mean? Well, no of course, you wouldn't know that!!!!! nothing better than spending a nice summer evening out in the sun with a few friends and cold beers watching a game live...I'll definitely admit to that.
  14. not at all....not a baseball fan really...I mean, how can you get excited for 162 or 164 games?