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  1. Official UNC - Notre Dame Elite 8 Gameday Thread

    Always carolina
  2. Can't make stories out of nonstories without "could" and "if"
  3. BREAKING: a player ive heard of before was released

    BREAKING: Its offseason and we are on the cusp of free agency, what do you expect there to be topics about?
  4. Dline - The goal of the skill set is to move things Oline - The goal of the skill set is to not be moved Two very different things. Can't train for both. If you are average at both you will suck on both sides.
  5. LOL, This dude isn't doing anything but making bank.
  6. The Browns should go ahead a skip their two first round QB busts and give us their picks :P Jokes aside, this is a great move by Gman. He really knows what he is doing and proves it time and time again.
  7. Mario Williams is now a free agent.

    What is the big deal? Don't want free agency news in the forum?
  8. Josh Norman: Franchise Tag Poll

    I really hate misleading titles. Got to get attention somehow though I guess
  9. Duke Vs UNC 9 PM 2/17/2016 Thread

    Do you not have the ability to understand others motives and desires?
  10. Cam on Saturday Night Live?

    If you are asking a question, make that clear in the thread title.
  11. Tugboat Tolbert.... Does he return?

    He is a Full back, I dont think being 30 is really going to hurt what he does. He fumbled twice, but those were also his only fumbles in four years. Do you want to use the same logic for the other offensive players? They sucked too. He is versatile on offense and contributes to special teams. I think he has a spot on this roster with ashort term andteamfriendly deal. I see haters judging Cam based on this one game; don't be like them. If you think we can get someone more valuable then I understand. The super bowl isthe biggest game, but it is still one game.
  12. Tugboat Tolbert.... Does he return?

    Dude didn't fumble for like four years. Talk about a knee jerk reaction. Lets cut Cam, too.
  13. SB Hangover gone for me...

    Denver fans were very humble about the thing, probably because of two years ago
  14. SB Hangover gone for me...

    you either get "ahhh man did you see the game?" or "dude that sucked" either ways its like fug off