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  1. La Pantera

    How low is the bar for Mahon?

    At least a rung above Aminis ceiling
  2. La Pantera

    Official Monday Training Camp Thread

    Meh. Wouldn't even have to be drunk..
  3. La Pantera

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    Waiting for coralreefer to post pics of turds in a toilet.
  4. La Pantera

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    Someone tell this kids daddy, hes ready for his nap. He's being a whiny lil bitch.
  5. La Pantera

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    No he's not a member. But he is talking straight sh!t about current panther players. You are coming across as a straight fückboy right now.
  6. La Pantera

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    Its open to discussion, because the mother Fugger is talking sh!t. Stop being a cöçk sucker.
  7. They aren't exactly going to pull NFL talent away from the league. This will be exactly the level of talent they'll get. The guys who couldn't make it in the pros. Soooo...
  8. La Pantera


    Good job taints. Now back to 8-8 for the next couple seasons, like y'all always do after a winning season.
  9. La Pantera

    David Tepper another Jerry Jones?

    Who the hell knows... This is premature. We wont know how Tepper will run things, until, you know, he's actually running things. I bet sanjay blows his load before he's even tip deep.
  10. La Pantera

    In other news...

    The real question is, who the fug watches 'dancing with the stars'???
  11. Richardson modeled the panthers after the steelers to begin with. Soooo...?
  12. La Pantera

    Matt Moore as a backup option

    Look at who poo'd Frashs' post. Lol
  13. https://www.sbnation.com/nba/2014/4/29/5665502/donald-sterling-suspension-la-clippers-sale-adam-silver Closest situation to the panthers... The owners can revoke Richardsons ownership. Removing him from the process.
  14. Lol. You don't think the league can wrap up their "investigation" at anytime?? The league has more than enough info to remove Richardson from the picture/ decision making and sell to whom ever they choose. They are likely holding on to that card, as they don't want to make more of media circus, than already exists. The league WILL get the owner they want. Who ever that may be.
  15. Sounds like Teller will be the new owner then. The league has the leverage.