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  1. HahaahahaahhaHah. There's not enough vicodin on earth to wash the douche out of Sean Payton. Didn't realise swamp rats were salt water creatures. BTW 10 seconds...
  2. Best Twitter Reactions

    Excuse me while I look for fugs to give... Nope. Couldn't find one.
  3. Moderators are unfair and have bias

    This poo is serious!!! I can't have points!!! They may take my license to interwebz...
  4. Moderators are unfair and have bias

    But does it deserve its own thread. Should've just contacted Monsta, like a man. Instead made a whinny thread...
  5. Moderators are unfair and have bias

    I can see this tread going places!
  6. Moderators are unfair and have bias

    Someone needs to wash the sand out their vag. Its no biggie. Move on. Stop letting the interwebz get to you. Christ, dude!!!
  7. If were winning handedly, this will be the case. If its a close game Greg plays the majority of snaps. IDC what Rivera says.
  8. Kaelin Clay Traded to Bills

    Lol. Pick out of thin air.
  9. Anaylsis: Daryl Williams will win RT

    But moton can't possibly be our RT when he's destined to be the starting center...
  10. To be fair, hoochies on tinder are only there for one reason...and its not for bearing their moral compass.