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  1. I don't think either are terrible safeties. They're both just similar to one another. They're in the box type safeties. I don't want either playing over the top. And as we sit we have no one who fits that role.
  2. In theory we could roll into the season with our current CB corps and compete. You can't say that about safety. Even if we draft a sure nuff stud at CB, if we roll into the season with our safties, we're going to get torched in the passing game.
  3. Browns take 2 QBs?

    Would be pretty stupid tbh. Shows a complete lack of scouting. I could see a cluster fug. They'd be switching back and forth never settling on one guy. The QB room would breed tension and a lack of faith in either QB. They need to figure out who their guy is. Draft him #1, then take Barkley at #4.
  4. We got mothers problems week 1

    Mothers problems you say!? Are we going through the "change"? Do we need hormone therapy?. Maybe Dads banging the secretary, now that our breasts are starting to sag...???
  5. Guess we forgot the sherad martin, Charles godfrey days...
  6. SOME 2017 STATS

    Lol. The Pats were great in the redzone. They'd let you drive and keep you to 3. And the eagles arguably won because of their D. They pressured Brady all night. And a defensive play sealed the deal. You don't beat Brady without Defense.
  7. I like Moore, but idk if he's my first option at 24. I like Bates in the 3rd or beyond. With that said, what an fugly looking draft.
  8. I think he'd take less to stay in the division. With that said I think his gets over paid somewhere, on name alone.
  9. You mean the guy we traded, because of said issues?? Don't think Worsley helps your case here.
  10. I dont want a wide receiver round one

    safety IS the area we are weakest as a whole. Searcy and Adams are both true SS. They should be spelling each other. IF we roll into this season with both those guys on the field at the same time..?? We will get gashed by our NFCS brethren.
  11. FreeFua’s Mock

  12. One of the reasons our CBs struggled last season, was getting away from zone. Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.
  13. some more inside info

    Idk how one could think we're better at safety, than corner. We have two older strong safties, with no true center field/ coverage guy vs. Bradberry Ross capt corn.