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  1. Panthers interested in Bowman

    You do know they don't play the same position??? Of course you don't...
  2. Hello - Eagles fan here

    Shows you're talking out your àss. Some of the weakest smack from any rival this season. Do better...
  3. Vernon Butler A Surprise Scratch

    Would assume it has to do with having extra safety depth
  4. Suuuuuure, you were looking for a "parking pass"....
  5. Funch is playing well. Nice to have a WR step up in Greg's absence.
  6. Yeah, our OL is key to victory. If Cam has time, even if he's still rusty, he'll pick them apart.
  7. KB and funch both played well
  8. Lmao

    Bless your heart...
  9. And two zig zags?
  10. This..... doesn't help.

    Wooow. Just missing black face paint. And people wonder why there is such a divide.
  11. He loved jimmy too...
  12. Not concerned about Buffalo. They picked up ATLs FB in the offseason.
  13. His frame looks very similar to #24s