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  1. Panthers Tango with Cash

    nice article over at the CO , about how Cash could be used in a hybrid role. sorry no link atm.
  2. Which free agent corner do we bring in??

    idk if hitner has been signed . if not i...i lock it down for one. then id get allen .then head into the draft ,like normal
  3. Panthers trading out of Round 1 more likely

    you're absolutely right. but hell browns could land the 1st overall pick any way .the 9ers are the biggest threat to that scenario. a lot of your bottom feeders will have qbs.
  4. Panthers trading out of Round 1 more likely

    if im the browns i use my two 1st rounder to get watson next draft
  5. hes very good at pass pro. the big question is his hands coming out of the back field. he wasn't tasked with it much at all.
  6. The Washington Redtails are tagging Captain Kirk, bruhs

    they really have no cant give him a top qb contract after 1 somewhat successful season. and you cant let him walk incase he is the future.
  7. Bosa: I'm best in draft

    the guy can play all over the line .DE,5tech,3tec. Mayock gave him very high praise. he said that buckner will be the best dlineman in the draft and parts of his game reminds him of reggie white.
  8. Bosa: I'm best in draft

    Buckner > Bosa
  9. The last time Gettleman franchised a player....

    tagging norman twice would be the equivalent of a 2 year 28 million guaranteed contract. a 4 year contract couldn't be that much different in guarantees.
  10. No 7th Round Pick ('17)

  11. the question with Henry ,will be if he can get through the hole against pro dlines. if he gets stood up or forced sideline to sideline its over. once he breaks to the 2nd level he hes a force. no one will like seeing him in the open field.
  12. panthers media always does this .cant remember ever drafting a player they've highlighted.
  13. Travis Benjamin, he be a free agent and poo bruh

    Browns GM said in an interview at the combine , that talks are back on with Benjamin.
  14. Darron Lee

    better question .Does the huddle meltdown when we draft a DT in the 1st? there will surely be one available due to the amount of talent at the position this year .a DT could easily be BPA.