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  1. Jesse


    Read option has been around since the 60’s. It’s not going anywhere.
  2. Jesse

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Wish well for Gettleman and his family!
  3. Jesse

    Season schedule as background

    The redditor user dbeat made them for all the teams for a handful of years. Here's his reddit profile https://www.reddit.com/user/dbeat . He last posted 10 days ago it looks like, so that might be a good place to find him.
  4. Jesse

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Nice pickup Hurndog!
  5. Whatever the reason is, it’s probably not good judging on Hurney’s and Rivera’s comments.
  6. Jesse

    Why we passed on Reid and Harrison

    Being physically talented can only get you so far (see D3 and Juco all stars). If they don’t have what it takes to grasp an NFL playbook then I’m glad we didn’t pick em up.
  7. You’re right - these guys get paid to watch, scout and interview these kids. They know a much greater deal than any of us (for the most part). However, if we don’t question their choices or have our own thoughts to contribute what’s the purpose of the huddle?
  8. A 6’4” 260 lb. tight end who can catch? Yes please.
  9. I was at one point rooting for Lamar Jackson. If he gets drafted by the Aints I hope he crashes and busts hard in the NFL.
  10. I think the NFL is just trying to make a case for future litigation from players suffering from CTE. It's one of the stupid reasons teams can't have throwback helmets to wear with their throwback uniforms anymore.
  11. What I just wrote up on Heinicke (High-nick-ee) on /r/nfl: As an ODU alum who graduated the same year as Heinicke I can tell you he works hard. He came from an air raid system at Old Dominion and could torch defenders through the air (he once threw over 700 yards in a single game). He’s got decent mobility and can throw on the run okayish. His arm strength is underwhelming, but has a very good ability to throw to where receivers are going to be open, even if they’re currently not. If anything he’s a dude that can come in and compete for the #3 job or practice squad I’m beyond excited for the guy. If you saw him in the preseason win a game, you’ll understand why I’m rooting for him to do well.
  12. So the NFL and NFLPA conducted a joint investigation on helmets and their effectiveness. Ten helmets will now be phased out. If players wore the helmets previously, they may wear them this upcoming year. However, they won't be allowed to wear them in 2019 or beyond. Rookies won't be able to wear these helmets this year. Something to note, if you look at the picture in the tweet, two of the worst rated helmets are the Schutt Air XP and Schutt Air XP Pro. I'm not sure if Cam wears one of those or the other versions that will still be allowed (VTD & VTD II). Cam may have to find a new helmet soon.
  13. Per Rapaport: “#Eagles CB Daryl Worley was arrested at 6 am this morning when he became combative with police and Philadelphia police administrated a taser on him, sources tell @MikeGarafolo and me. A gun was recovered on the scene.” https://mobile.twitter.com/rapsheet/status/985513616542781441?s=21 Im glad he’s not our problem anymore.