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  1. It was selfish of JR to hold out until the end of the season to wait to sell the team. I'm afraid we'll pick a GM only to have a new owner come in next year and tear the team apart and start this all over again.
  2. It's not crazy if it works.
  3. Cam definitely gets his fair share of hate from both around the league and this forum.
  4. Tom Brady in all honesty is a real dick. When he's interviewed he plays out to be a cool down to earth guy. In reality he tells camera men to "fug outta the way", yells at the refs when he doesn't get his way, and doesn't shake hands like a grown man when he loses a Superbowl. Fug Brady and the Patriots.
  5. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Shouldn’t have changed direction...
  6. Baseball, field hockey, softball, soccer, tennis, cross country, track, volleyball, swimming, diving, gymnastics, weightlifting... the list goes on. This doesn’t discount the chance of injury in any sport/game, however, they are siginificantly lower than football. Any lifetime sports activities are great for kids and adults of all ages without the injuries that come with a sport as physical and grueling as football. Football is a violent sport and no singular rule is going to change that.
  7. Pretty much any sport or group activity is safer than football. I do agree that a lot of these people live in terrible situations and football is a great avenue to elevate their social status and learning opportunities.
  8. I don’t blame him. As a former player (like I’m sure most of us) and a HS coach, I don’t know if I’d push any future sons to play football. I think there are other sports that teach life lessons just as well as football that are much cheaper and safer.
  9. Ryan Kalil To Retire in 2018

    It'll be a sad day when we see these guys leave us.
  10. They got stuffed for 1 yard for a decent portion of the runs since the second half started. That was big for the Pats, it not only took away the run, but the play action pass.
  11. You're right, they are going to give it to JJ Watt. Maybe they'll give two awards like last year when they screwed Greg.
  12. Greg deserves it so much. He's done this for years and it's something he has a personal stake in. I don't want to take anything away from JJ Watt and all the good he did, but he basically just set up a YouCaring page and asked for donations. Greg has LITERALLY saved lives with his efforts.
  13. Fournette just carried that defense for four yards in the red zone. LOVING THIS!
  14. fuging hell, Fournette and that offensive line is just NASTY.