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  1. Curtis Samuel is a bust

    This thread just gave me cancer.
  2. Wilks on Luke's condition

    I don’t care about a win or loss over Luke’s health. I’m happy that hear he’s good.
  3. Why would you pass it TWICE on 1 to go??? Shula needs to go!
  4. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    Tyler Larsen; he's filled in for an injured Kalil and has done a better job in year two. Last week, he and the offensive line gave time to Cam to let the passing plays to develop, resulting in two touchdowns to Funchess and Benjamin.
  5. Vernon butler

    Exactly. It's hard to get on the field when you have those two mammoths taking up reps.
  6. Vernon butler

    While hopefully optimistic, he has drawn rightful criticism. I think in this day and age 1st rounders need to have an impact early and often; he's yet to consistently do that unfortunately.
  7. Dalvin Cook tears his ACL

    Glad to have CMC. I wish the young man well, he's been a beast back for the Vikings.
  8. This week will really define our season. If our offense can't put points on the board vs. the 32nd ranked defense then we'll be in for a long season. That being said, even when we beat a big name team, we won't get the recognition. Remember 2015's "Worst x-0 team ever"?
  9. If Cam is out for a while our season's over.
  10. Fun fact, I played against Bucky when he was a freshman. He's a smart guy who is a damn good athlete. Good pick up tbh.
  11. There's not so much a crisis but a shift in thinking. 1. It's easier to play DL. You need to know the fronts and stunts and that's essentially it. 2. Youth (rec - college) coaches know that having an impactful defensive lineman than a solid offensive tackle. 3. Coaching the spread is much easier and more successful at youth, so these guys are green when they enter the NFL.
  12. I wish we were able to get Tony Romo as our announcer. He did a great job, you could tell he studied his film. This video proves it:
  13. Remmers with the hold! I guarantee he gets about 3 more calls tonight.
  14. Sean Payton crying for that flag is just as sweet as I remembered.
  15. We need to play smarter than we did last year against SF if we hope to win.