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  1. Blatant PI and no call. Of course!
  2. Based on the last 4 games or so, the running game. Manning has had some poor games and he won't fair any better against us. We did get gashed a couple times against Arizona. If we can limit Denver to less than 3 10+ yard gains then our defense will have a historic Super Bowl. 
  3. The first JUCO national champion, FBS national champion, Heisman winner, (future) NFL Offensive POY, and NFL MVP will win the Super Bowl MVP. What a time to be alive!
  4. Can we get someone to put up a quote from all of our opponents this year and their analyses that essentially say "contain Cam, double Olsen"? It'd be great to hear all this thoughtful process of how to stop Cam, only to get crushed to the sound of the #1 scoring offense. What a time to be a Panthers fan!
  5. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    God fuging dammit. If TD broke his arm we are fugged
  6. todays practice tweets

    Cam: “...Very explosive offensively and defensively.. we have to make an account of their great players. They’re not trying to bat it down, they’re trying to create turnovers. With a great week of practice and staying ahead of the chains well be alright” After KB when down, how did the dynamic change? How did you get guys to not hit the panic button? Cam: "That was the big factor that wasn’t taken into consideration - we didn’t play a game. Everyone has a backup that should be on par. Each week last year it was something different - whether it be myself, greg, etc. Now this year it’s no different with players like Bene. It don’t matter who the player is, we have answers for it. We treat it like a comeback.” “What makes you nervous?” Cam: "I've been playing football a lot and its a weird feeling you get. I don’t get nervous more-so than anxious. What is it, 640 on Sunday? That’s a weird time lol. I dreamt about this…" “Did it help having veterans bring you some of the guys along?” Everybody did their part. They all did their job I’m not gonna take all the credit. A lot of guys behind the scenes don't get enough credit. Proehl is one of the behind-the-scenes guy that does so much. Benji wasn’t the only one we’re missing. Stephen Hill is one of those guys." Gave credit to Hill during the off-season. "We’re professional athletes." “[Something about Luke Kuechly]...The first person that took him out to dinner was you” Cam: "Took him out to dinner?" Smirk. "I took him out to the pub, the draft was still going on and other athletes were there. Had a pretty good meeting then and he got to know who I was and it was pretty good. That wasn’t my first time meeting Luke. The first time I met Luke was at IMG and I didn’t know who he was - I thought he was a linebacker and he was running routes. I was like “Damn he’s a linebacker?” “Luke and TD have different personalities. What’s your take on them? Cam: "Uhm. Well I think TD is more consistent personality wise on and off the field. He has that aura about himself - when he walks in the room he’s so sociable. He brings everybody along with him. Luke leads in a different way he’s friendly. Like extremely friendly. You’d never think the person Luke isn’t the best linebacker in the NFL based on him. “Hi Cameron” on the field he’s like “Daaah dunanana it’s crazy” “Were you kinda taken back kinda when you first noticed that about Luke?” Cam: "When the crowd - I thought they kept booing him. The persona of the crowd .. Luuuuuukke.. 2-10 Luuuuuuke 3-12 Luuuuuuke 4-6. You respect him - I guarantee you if you look in the linebacker room he’s still in there. It’s not just him though." “Earlier in the bus game last year - how did that action change your outlook - how you view your career or your life?” Cam: "It's a constant reminder that makes you remember what to put first in life.Truth of the matter is - if I’m not using my position in positive position then shame on me. As long as I can get - or feel like - not only in charlotte or atlanta.. and how people react to you. People look at my situation and see hope. Some people call it immaturity, I couldn’t care less. Giving the football, that’s what I care about. The positive things will always outweigh the negative things. “What pops out about the Arizona secondary?” What doesn’t? Their defensive backs are as physical as we’ve seen
  7. These bandwagon fans are used to nothing but winning. Now that they've lost, they're trying to come up with a million excuses. "12s" have surpassed the Patriot and Steeler bandwagon capacity and have become the most obnoxious, ignorant, and stupid fan base in the entire league.
  8. Did You Buy Any New Gear In Honor of Tomorrow?

    I got the hookup for Christmas and my birthday in lieu of our playoff run. Two dry fit shirts, two beanies, gloves, socks, and an authentic Cam jersey. The question is how much can I viably wear tomorrow...
  9. So if I get these I have to get my girlfriend a Kuechly jersey. 
  10. todays practice tweets

    Great to see the team get healthy when it matters. I honestly think this is our biggest game of the year - even if we get to the Super Bowl. This will be the game that defines the 2015 Carolina Panthers. Win or lose, this will be a big milestone in the Rivera/Cam era. 
  11. He's doing well against one of the best running teams in the nation. He's also ranked as the 7th DE according to so I think he could be available when we pick - hopefully 31st.
  12. todays practice tweets: Kelvin Back!

    I know it's just practice, but KB will definitely help keep the intensity high throughout this off week. KB represents what it's like to be out a whole year and miss a magical run. Players will see that and realize this is one of few opportunities to do something special. Glad to hear Benji running!
  13. Tampa Bay could be interested in Shula

    I've read that Koetter has had interest from other teams. Tampa wants to squash any possibility of him leaving by promoting him. It makes sense to retain him; the offense wasn't a problem in 2015 for the Bucs. Their head coach, a defensive guy, failed to perform on the defensive side of the ball which is why I believe he was ultimately let go. 
  14. Lovie Smith... OUT?!?!

    The things they did this year were honestly reminiscent of us in 2011. Sucks to suck, I suppose.
  15. Sunday Jan 17 1:00

    Minny just got bloooown out by Seattle a couple weeks back. I doubt it. EDIT: Granted, look at our two games between the falcons only 2 weeks apart. I think Seattle will cruise.