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  1. Vernon Butler

    It totally went past me that we still didn't lock KK down at the time. I think the 2016 draft sucked as a whole, though. There are only 3 pro bowlers from it thus far, the studs in Dallas and Tyreek Hill.
  2. Vernon Butler

    I find myself upset at Vernon more than I should. It's not his fault he was picked 31st and we have some absolute studs at DL. It just upsets me that we picked a 2nd string DT over an impact player like Hunter Henry/Sterling Shepherd/Michael Thomas. I think those guys would have made us an overall better team.
  3. That TD is on Luke and Thomas Davis. Both missed tackles in the open field. IN AN OPEN FIELD, RON
  4. It wasn’t pretty, but I’m happy Bradberry got one!
  5. Captain? Captain. I’m sure he wants to play lights out this game against his old team.
  6. That’s the fuggin Stew I know!!
  7. Matt Ryan sold his soul for that MVP season. But seriously, the Super Bowl hangover is for real.
  8. No? Let’s look at a player who’s been on both teams. Ted Ginn: he has 4 weeks to achieve 10 catches, <100 yards receiving and 1 TD, matching last year’s total. Their offense is not only more efficient, but has a lot more weapons. Also, let’s take Ingram for example. He’s done better (much better) than Stew this year, but in no shape or form do I think Ingram is the better overall player.
  9. We’d be having the same argument if the players were on the opposite team. Kamara would not have the year he’s had if he was a member of the Panthers. But holy hell imagine if they had CMC - we’d be fugged.
  10. IIRC the team is going to be sold after Jerry dies.
  11. Nice job Captain, letting your receiver run free and covering gras.
  12. I see why Bryan Cox Jr. hasn’t played much. His run support is non existent. Then again, the whole defense looks like poo.
  13. Yep, that’s a huge disadvantage when we snap it at :01 every god damn play. I’m not sure what takes us so long to get lined up.
  14. I hate to say it but I’m already gonna chalk this is up as a loss. We can’t stop the Taints on 3rd down and apparently the refs are out against us too. fug it, this game has been really upsetting.