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  1. Explain please. I'd like to reference this article http://grantland.com/the-triangle/2015-nfl-college-football-power-running-counter-running/ to explain the NFL power blocking scheme. And this play from Stanford.
  2. Dude, you do realize Stanford runs a power scheme? They ran quite a bit of power and iso.
  3. Jesse

    Training Camp - Day 4 Updates

    Side note from the Bucs camp: their first round pick Vita just got carted off the field with a calf injury. Apparently he had it heavily taped afterwards.
  4. So I have a lot athletes who were doing it a couple years ago when it was really popular. From my understanding, it just curls up hair to look like what Cam has got going on.
  5. A popular night club should have a million cameras. I’m sure this investigation won’t last long. I’ll hold my judgement until the truth comes out.
  6. Jesse

    It's a boy!!!!!!!!

    Say what you want, but Cam is a great man. He’s in his kids life and he’s not abandoning his longtime girlfriend. He’s a role model that people should look up to. #Datzmyquarterback
  7. Jesse

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    I say Tepper melt them down for a new pair of brass balls to rub on gamedays.
  8. Jesse


    Read option has been around since the 60’s. It’s not going anywhere.
  9. Jesse

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Wish well for Gettleman and his family!
  10. Jesse

    Season schedule as background

    The redditor user dbeat made them for all the teams for a handful of years. Here's his reddit profile https://www.reddit.com/user/dbeat . He last posted 10 days ago it looks like, so that might be a good place to find him.
  11. Jesse

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Nice pickup Hurndog!
  12. Whatever the reason is, it’s probably not good judging on Hurney’s and Rivera’s comments.
  13. Jesse

    Why we passed on Reid and Harrison

    Being physically talented can only get you so far (see D3 and Juco all stars). If they don’t have what it takes to grasp an NFL playbook then I’m glad we didn’t pick em up.
  14. You’re right - these guys get paid to watch, scout and interview these kids. They know a much greater deal than any of us (for the most part). However, if we don’t question their choices or have our own thoughts to contribute what’s the purpose of the huddle?