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  1. tiger7_88 added a post in a topic Women USA vs Japan World Cup...   

    No worries.
    I didn't even have to fug up a thread for me to realize I'm a prick.  But I've been through therapy and now I'm OK with that. :lol:
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  2. tiger7_88 added a post in a topic Women USA vs Japan World Cup...   

    No, you're being a prick because you're in a soccer thread whining about soccer when the easiest thing to do would be to avoid the damn thread if you don't like soccer since the thread was more than clearly labeled.
    Then you're being a prick because you're complaining to the guy who pays the bills around here as to how he chooses to run the place.
    So, yeah, A + B = Major Prickage.  Suck it up buttercup.  
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  3. tiger7_88 added a post in a topic Dan Graziano: Receivers aren't the issue in Carolina   

    I've repeatedly asked that question right here in this forum.
    The inevitable answer you get is that its NOT THEIR JOB to come up with the answer, but they know that the answer just HAD to be different than the answer Gettledouche came up with!

    It took adding our 3rd round pick to our 2nd rounder to move up to get St. Louis's pick to take Funchess.
    Moving up in the 1st round is never cheap.  Not even to move up one spot.  So I imagine it would have taken at LEAST our 3rd rounder and maybe another pick in the lower round to move up to select Humphries.
    So that would have meant missing out on Funchess.
    Which group do you think would have a greater impact on the performance of the Panthers in 2015?  OT D.J. Humphries/WR Tyler Lockett/RB Javorius Allen (Lockett and Allen were "available" choices at our original positions in the 2nd and 4th rounds)?  Or LB Shaq Thompson/WR Devin Funchess/OT Daryl Williams?
    When it comes to quality and BPA, I know which group I'd choose.
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  4. tiger7_88 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Gil Brandt builds the perfect QB
    According to Brandt, the perfect QB would have:
    - The accuracy of Aaron Rogers (no argument here)
    - The toughness of Ben Roethlisberger (I think Cam could be in the argument here, but I'll let Brandt have this one)
    - The mental quickness of Peyton Manning (no argument)
    - The leadership ability of Tom Brady (no argument, though Brady doesn't get near enough criticism for being the dick that he is)
    - The athleticism of Cam Newton (*ding*!)
    - The touch of Drew Brees (I agree, Brees looks like the type who likes to touch things)
    - The arm of Matthew Stafford (Cam again could be in the argument here, but I won't disagree)
    - The running ability of Russell Wilson (Wilson is a good runner, but I wholeheartedly disagree here... Cam has and is breaking records for a QB running the ball, Wilson has/is not)
    - The competitiveness of Andrew Luck (a sop category to get the QB Man-God in the conversation, IMO... I don't think Luck is any more "competitive" than any other QB, especially top ones)
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  5. tiger7_88 added a post in a topic Official Frank Kaminsky Selection Poll   

    As a Hawks fan, I'll trade you guys what we got in the draft last night straight up for Kaminsky.
    Traded the 15th overall pick (which they could have used for Bobby Portis, a fantastic multi-skilled PF who can leap through the roof and rebound) for the 19th overall pick (which they STILL could have used for Bobby Portis) and two future 2nd round choices (whee!) which they then turned around and immediately traded to the Knicks for...
    Tim Hardaway Jr.
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