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  1. Ronald Leary wants out of Dallas

    Oh lawd.
  2. USA Today ranks the NFL head coaches

    That's a complaint, not a detailed explanation. I see you didn't provide the requested detailed explanation because you were too busy with your XBox controller in your hands.
  3. USA Today ranks the NFL head coaches

    Please do explain, in detail, what more Gettleman could have "gave him to work with on offense" keeping in mind that this is the REAL world of the NFL with salary cap restrictions and not Madden 2015 on your XBox.
  4. USA Today ranks the NFL head coaches

    (In a whispered voice... ) "And now, if you look carefully and quietly through the branches... there! There it is! Amidst the huddle is a perfect specimin of the Common American Pedant!"
  5. This is a great point. I think my opinion was affected by the fact that, to me, Cam isn't doing a single thing I didn't expect from the start. And maybe that kind of thinking penalizes him unfairly for the amazing things he does and his record-breaking output.
  6. Michelob Ultra

    I gotta have the tonic with gin. Never have been able to do those "very very very ultra-dry" martinis.
  7. Michelob Ultra

    Truth... lol. One whiskey/bourbon and then 3 beers, I'm ready for bed. *sigh*
  8. Michelob Ultra

    This one is currently on my shelf:
  9. Michelob Ultra

    IMO the best mass-produced domestic. Its easy enough to bet better beer but, for the price, not bad at all.
  10. Michelob Ultra

    Except, at 115 proof, more kick for your buck. ;) Oh, and not a blend.
  11. Michelob Ultra

    I've never been able to develop a taste for scotch. But I do love me some of this:
  12. Michelob Ultra

    There are very few porters I find that I don't like. More accurately, zero thus far. But, yes indeed, some are better than others. As far as I know, Green Man hasn't made it this far South yet.
  13. Michelob Ultra

    How about Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill? Bojangles Peach Wine? (Maybe that one was only a Southern thing, I'm not sure. And, no, it had absolutely NO association with our present beloved Bojangles... lol.)
  14. Michelob Ultra

    When I was a wee bairn, the Mich Ultra guy was always Designated Driver.
  15. Titans 2nd rounder Kevin Dodd has foot surgery

    Sometimes it is, sometimes its not. There are some 4-3 DE's that have speed and agility enough to play OLB in a 3-4. There are many who definitely do NOT. Charles Johnson would NEVER have been able to play OLB in a 3-4 defense.