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  1. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic Newton's instagram continues to be unique...   

    The Supremacy movements that I think are awesome involve adding sourcream and tomatoes!!
    ...and fug all of your posts..you know who you are. 
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  2. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic Obama done doin it agin   

    I just love the alternative agreement the GOP put forth...fully endorsed by their leaders: Lockheed-Martin and Sheldon Adelson ....WAR!
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  3. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic Gay Marriage in Kentucky.   

    The same parts of the bible she is using to justify being a "good solider of god" are the same parts that should also be taken literal for her divorced nature.....let the stoning begin!!
    Too bad she is being persecuted for her right to practice religion. 
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  4. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    For Hypothetical trades WR Donte Moncief seems to be moving to 4th on the Colt's depth chart. 
    Not sure he would be available but if the team offered an aggressive trade pkg for a WR it would make sense to get a young big WR guy who could be a legit #2 WR. 
    Colts adding Andre Johnson and drafting the speedster from Miami has put him on a part time role. 
    Or hopefully Justin Hunter gets cut. 
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  5. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic Starters at WR not set in stone yet per Reed   

    Corey had an awful game without question...however he does get a benefit of the doubt bc he did play last season and made plays, caught passes and improved. 
    1 preseason game that awful should be treated as an outlier(bc of his one season of actual playing) to improve upon and not a defining evaluation of a player. 
    If that game was in Coreys first season you better believe he would have been cut..it is just the team has some investment in him(coaching, continuity, playbook knowledge) and sadly he, as an undrafted rookie has some skills that seperate him from the other WRs. 
    Correct those drops Corey. 
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  6. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic Is Norwood the 6th WR or will he replace Bersin/Boykin?   

    I love this trade. Norwood was a wishlist guy in the draft and he impressed in preseason with natural hand and route running which he did well in college with. 
    A Funchess-Norwood-Boykin-Ginn foursome is decent.  
    Norwood's signing may be Corey's demise...but Boykin will prob be cut also. 
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  7. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic 2015 Carolina Panthers Final Roster Projection   

    Simonson seems like the better blocker between Lucas&Williams..of course I do say that bc he is white. 
    The lack of snaps for Lucas was puzzling esp in red zone situations where he could be a nice threat as a big wr or as a wing blocker on run plays..but oh well. They seen more of him than I have in practice. 
    The additions of Wes Horton and Glanton make total sense. 
    The experience Boykin has as a starter in GB makes me think we may keep him ....but from what snaps he received in week 3 It would seem his playbook will be requested. 
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  8. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    Brockel is just untouchable. I guess Lee Ward gift wrapped to NE. 
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  9. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic Other Team's Cuts   

    Is Justin Hunter still on the bubble in Tenn? 
    Keep in mind..even if a WR is cut who may be better than a Corey Brown, Bersin etc..being in camp, knowing the system goes a long way so it would have to be a considerable upgrade over X player.
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  10. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic Ashley Madison scam: only 12000 of 5.5 million female profiles were real   

    12,000 to 1 ratio of men to women..what is this Fayetteville, NC?!
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  11. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic Recent OTs drafted in the top rounds   

    Not every LT thats plays 10+ years are all "dancing bears"  
    Max Starks and Andre Wentworth started out as RTs as their natural position. 
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  12. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic "Inside the NFL" hits rock bottom   

    I would rather watch Skip Bayless twerk..
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  13. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic Funchess hamstring still tight, "MAY" play Friday.   

    REST THAT HAMMY...A strain is okay...A pull or tear bc of rushing back for a preseason game is unacceptable. 
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  14. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic An Alternative Roster Projection - The Youth Movement   

    So Mayo is not a duplication of Klien? I think Glanton or Trunsnick would be of more value here. 
    I do agree with most the lineup. 
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  15. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic The Fall Guy   

    I watch Ballers so I know how the NFL players and their entourages work. 
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