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  1. Starving for fuel if it run good with choke up. Main jet is clogged for sure.
  2. Takes more faith to believe we just simply are, rather than to believe in a creator.
  3. This was a teaching of Cyrus I. Scofield. Click the name and you can read about him and his teachings. Not my cup of tea.
  4. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/bad-boy-mz-rambler-42-in-briggs-bmz4219bg Heard good about Badboy also.
  5. Ace has Toro zero turn mowers, they’re made by Exmark and equal in reliability. Steer clear of Craftsman. Don’t buy from Lowe’s or Home Depot. The mowers they have are cheap regardless of manufacturer. The models Lowe’s, etc have are manufactured for them specifically with cheap parts. It depends on how much you have to mow also. I have a small farm with lots of mowing to do. If you live in a subdivision with a small lot, one from Lowe’s would suit you well.
  6. Spend the extra money and purchase the highest grade residential Exmark. Mine has lasted years with regular maintenance. Fabricated deck not stamped and serviceable rear drives is a must.
  7. During elk season there will be people with pack mules camping in the area etc. They charge a fee to pack it out for the hunters. A lot of hunters stay close to the road, they say they hiked in but that not the case or they leave a good portion behind.
  8. OHYO

    The Night Agent

    I think this was top 5 for me in an episode type drama. I give a 9.5 for story line and a solid 9 for actor’s never seen before, at least by me.
  9. According to a systematic review of research, globally, sex workers have a 45% to 75% chance of experiencing sexual violence on the job. The prevalence rates for abuse in the sample were 73% for physical abuse; 32.4% for sexual abuse; 86.8% for emotional abuse; 84.5% for physical neglect; and 93% for emotional neglect.
  10. So you would be fine with your daughter/grand daughter working in this field?
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