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  1. Same conference Jason Witten came out of. His brother is the head coach at one of the schools.
  2. We go to church with this young man and he is such a good kid!
  3. Lots of accurate NC Scottish history to sort through in seasons 4 and 5 in Outlander. Netflix has up to season 4 I think, then you have to do a Starz free 7 day to get up to date. Outlander is still filming also.
  4. My favorite of all time also. Number 2 is Last Kingdom and 3 is Outlander.
  5. OHYO


    I was surprised how good his cardio was during his fights. My favorite fighter is Baby Hulk out of Wilmington NC.
  6. OHYO


    Doesn’t sound sound like something someone born in Burke county would say. You’ve been corrupted!
  7. OHYO


    Support this if you will. Gloves up guns down is his mantra. Some entertaining fights also.
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