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  1. Kemba/Kaminsky Trade??

    In loud megaphone voice, "PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE TRADE MACHINE!"      .....and other things where you share your "ideas"
  2. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    They also were dreaming of an offense ran by Teddy Bridgewater!!  Oh the records he woulda broke and Superb Owl titles we would have. 
  3. Marty Hurney

    Well said..and totally agreed. He is the one who pulled the trigger on Cam and Luke..TD, Stewart, Charles Johnson, J Norman.  That is more than just a "few" guys.  His avoidance of a quality DT did him in and the depth sucked.  Gettles was able to polish the turds and bring in quality cheap guys. He is just next level over Hurney...most of the same scouts are here so there is some continuity. 
  4. Apparently Football fans are clueless to basketball culture. Shite talk is just part of it. Most of it in jest to be irritating... These fans are combining the dread they feel against Cam and have emotional tantrums as he smiles while the azz kicking continues.  They lash out bc of this inability to manage emotional immaturity...but none more comedically and shameful as the Seahawk fans. 
  5. JR taking the entire organization to the SB

    Talks about Newton today...or when he first came aboard? Those are two different Gettleman breakdowns. The latter would be closer to a possible evaluation to Draft time where he hesitated to call Cam a franchise QB. I am by no means hating on Gettleman but I think that draft would give have netted us an DT.  
  6. JR taking the entire organization to the SB

    It would be cool to include Marty Hurney in on this fun. Aside from the bad contracts a lot of this roster's core makeup is his to claim...   ...not sure even Gettles would have drafted Newton at No.1 if he was the GM.  Hurney did that.
  7. Celebration Tweets

    I still do not see the Inside the NFL celebration Tweets since all 4 of them chose Zona...also Simms proclaiming that New Englang "by far and away" the best team remaining lol? Adam Schien, Simms, Boomer and Brandon Marshall dissapoint. 
  8. Tre Boss 10 looked real good out there.

    Harper looked gassed chasing David Johnson and missing a couple of tackles. I think it worked out as the defense seemed to kick up another notch when Tre came in.  Although Harper has been good and not the trainwreck I expected him to be...he is on his last legs in my opinion. I hope Tre can get more opportunites and does enough to transition to a starter in 2016-17. 
  9. Palmer, unlike Delhomme was having an MVP season. So no......but... ...It definitely will alarm the Zona staff who probably should draft a young QB in 2016.  Palmer was exposed for his limitations and Fitz will retire sooner than later. Tiny window for this zona gang. 
  10. Super Bowl buffet.. PIE is on the menu

    The Ghost of Jake Delhomme avenged!! Super pie!
  11. Advice and resources for learning to play a Guitar

    I taught my wife and my 10 year old daughter to play about 50% of Nothing Else matters by Metallica and they do not play guitar....of course the opening is just open strings.  The only use the Hello Kitty Epiphone guitar has had in 4 years..
  12. Looks like Iran nuclear deal working wonders

    I would pie this 100 times if I could. 
  13. Dem Debate

    Amazing the "Independents" have this evangelical-tea-party militia goggles they inventory as whining. They actually were discussing issues and not saying the same 3 things over and over again...boots on the ground....Obama Bad...hair pulling for the other candidates.   The Tweets by the GOP candidates were the most priceless if you ever want to know that not even American lives being released from Iran are held above political hate for Obama and pushing their war mongering master's agenda.  If the Dem debate was whining then the GOP debate was a clown car group of sickening corporate whores. 
  14. Making a Murderer (spoilers inside)

    Having 7 of 12 jurors have not guilty leanings and then a conviction was a weird outcome. I felt the requests for motions to change venue bc of his last dealings with was more than reasonable and that it seems judges take offense to those requests...or at least the judges in the doc did.   
  15. Her reaction was such that NOTHING ever in her life will top the total joy and amazement she experienced at that very moment.