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  1. Yeah. Prob not. I was watching the video in the OP.
  2. Punchee should have notified security after the 2nd failure to comply. Punchee, also, shouldn't have put his finger in Puncher's face. Puncher should have refrained from punching because, you know, be a man.
  3. I like to pretend I'm Thor Odison (though I'm closer being Dr. Donald Blake). Let a geek geek.
  4. Can someone smarter than me explain why we had 3 LBs on the field for only 46% of our D snaps. Who fills there? Munny?
  5. Kevin Donnally

    I'll always remember Donnalley from our 2003 run as a holding machine. Our nickname for him was "Dammit!, Donnalley".
  6. What an absolute tool. These ppl are beyond reason. Their arrogance crosses into the plane of ignorance.
  7. https://m.facebook.com/MikeDobsDistrict3/ Her father's campaign page...
  8. Back up PG

    Is anyone else afraid they're just gonna try to roll with B-Rob and make Aaron Harrison a PG? *proofreading this made my stomach hurt a little bit*
  9. After some time to reflect, this is why I like the pick: -He can score! What a novel idea for for a basketball team. He can shoot the 3 well and drive to the basket. He will be tough to guard on the perimeter. -He has ridiculous ball handling skills for a 7 footer. He uses a stutter step and spin move to beat his man. He has experience as a PG and can see the floor. -He has gotten better and added body mass every single year in college. There's no reason to think he can't continue towards 245-250 in the big boy gym. -4 yrs of college ball means he should be able to come in and play his first year. Not considered a "project". His biggest concerns, which have been discussed here ad nauseam, are defense and playing through contact in the post. Ewing should be able to help him become less of a liability on D. His perimeter game should open up driving lanes to the basket . Think what McBob did for this team. Kaminsky has the same type of game as McBob. Add his fire to that skill set and I think he COULD have a major impact on our win column. Clearly no one can see the future of any draft pick, but this is where I'm at with Kaminsky at this moment.
  10. Yes, please. Proudiddy had a couple of nice threads over on Hornets Planet and I wanted to request the same level of conversation over here on Teh Huddle, but didn't out of respect to HP. S/O to Omega A's blog entry. Very solid. Any way we could patch-in the HP crew????
  11. Just a shout out...

    Mark was a seriously cool Dude. Couldn't meet a nicer guy. Always willing to have an impromptu Panthers convo anytime of the year. RIP.