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  1. JBloc added a post in a topic Boone/NW NC Rioters   

    This blatant blasphemy is why Boone Panthers fans must unite.  I was able to tilt the scales back in favor of Good on this day, but I am but one man.

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  2. JBloc added a post in a topic Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    Sad but true.
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  3. JBloc added a post in a topic Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    After some time to reflect, this is why I like the pick:
    -He can score! What a novel idea for for a basketball team.  He can shoot the 3 well and drive to the basket.  He will be tough to guard on the perimeter.
    -He has ridiculous ball handling skills for a 7 footer. He uses a stutter step and spin move to beat his man.  He has experience as a PG and can see the floor.
    -He has gotten better and added body mass every single year in college.  There's no reason to think he can't continue towards 245-250 in the big boy gym.
    -4 yrs of college ball means he should be able to come in and play his first year. Not considered a "project".
    His biggest concerns, which have been discussed here ad nauseam, are defense and playing through contact in the post.  Ewing should be able to help him become less of a liability on D.  His perimeter game should open up driving lanes to the basket .
    Think what McBob did for this team.  Kaminsky has the same type of game as McBob.  Add his fire to that skill set and I think he COULD have a major impact on our win column.  Clearly no one can see the future of any draft pick, but this is where I'm at with Kaminsky at this moment.
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  4. JBloc added a post in a topic Do you want more Huddle Hornets content?   

    Yes, please.  Proudiddy had a couple of nice threads over on Hornets Planet and I wanted to request the same level of conversation over here on Teh Huddle, but didn't out of respect to HP.  

    S/O to Omega A's blog entry. Very solid.

    Any way we could patch-in the HP crew????
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  5. JBloc added a comment on a blog entry A case for Bismack Biyombo   

    Thank you! There's some good info in there that I really appreciate as a fan. I look forward to more entries!
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