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  1. good fuging riddance.. ever since that video of him walking right through aj klein's interview I despised him.
  2. seriously.. am sick to death of the same song and dance with ron and company.
  3. I just want tepper to blow it all the hell up.. it's time for a true change.
  4. This is gonna be a long season if this is what our secondary looks like so far
  5. Oh cool I should just never tip again because of your wonderful divination skills.
  6. tipping is stupid as hell and I hate it.. I only tip every now and then when I eat at my regular spot so they won't hate me 2 much.
  7. Toolbox

    Shady McCoy

    poor guy won't have a chance because of the whole #metoo movement..
  8. Toolbox

    JR Statue to remain

    should just remove it anyway.. not like jerry can just take the team back.
  9. So what happens if he removes the statue anyway?? not like jerry can take the team back
  10. Toolbox

    Team President

    No more browns cast offs please
  11. oh yeah totally forgot about the damn midfield shield.. it has to go!
  12. I want hurney gone most of all.. I expect that we will have a new coach next year if ron doesn't perform this season. I want us to win a fugging superbowl while cam is still in his prime.