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  1. pass, too injury prone
  2. lol MH will trade picks for crappy talent.. he cannot help himself.
  3. You really expect hurney not to do his patented trade picks for shitty talent? LOL
  4. Good god this is such a poo show.
  5. A little ownership news

    Well one thing good about them is that they aren't old as hell.
  6. the #metoo movement made sure due process doesn't mean poo anymore..
  7. Wow.. does anyone really think he is going to be the next tom brady?? did we all forget matt cassel?
  8. lol hurney would just be throwing even more money in the fire by going after her.. women have way too much power in the courts it's unbelievable.. call me sexist if you want but it's the damn truth.
  9. Let's be real here hurney is never going to get another GM job if he is let go.. he will go back to being on the radio again and we all know that don't pay anywhere near as well as the GM job.. and then she will really be complaining about how little she is getting in alimony.. hence why she is a acting like a 5 year old.
  10. lol uhh this woman is playing with fire if she thinks hurney is going to keep his job and still get her alimony when she makes wild ass claims against him.. she sounds like a 5 year old.
  11. Well she is either really stupid or this is all true because why would she she fug with her alimony by making him lose his job??
  12. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    They are called the patriots and wear red white and blue... do the math.
  13. Instead of Watching the SB....

    Only having one penalty is absurd is the point here.. the refs did help the pats out and that is undeniable.
  14. Instead of Watching the SB....

    huh?? this is one game and there was a huge missed holding call on the pats on the final play that gave them the first down.. come on man.