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  1. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    greene and lathon.. good times.
  2. Woman Wears Spaghetti Colander

    lol more people need to do this
  3. You can clearly see he was choking him at points in the video.. it was so bad a bears fan and another security guard tried to make him stop choking him.. dude needs to be fired and sued period.
  4. wtf is wrong with that security guard.. he trying to kill him or some poo.
  5. Johnson and Hardy

    I hope hardy's situation serves as a great lesson to all the fellas in the NFL.. stay away from the crazy ass chicks!
  6. Norman on Dez Bryant

    Haha water boy.. ofc
  7. I don't hate jimmy but he belongs in the cfl.
  8. Romo

    downhill?? there never was a hill to begin with.. haha
  9. Norman on Dez Bryant

    you need to knock some sense in his ass..
  10. Norman on Dez Bryant

    I thought they was talking about the bomb to dez early in the game.
  11. Romo

    I never liked how smug and douchy he acts when he has never accomplised a damn thing.. sure he had some good stats.. but they don't matter when u are always choking in the playoffs.
  12. Romo

    His whole career has been nothing but there's always next year!.. lol what a choke artist.
  13. Norman on Dez Bryant

    wow the denial is very strong in this one..
  14. The media

    I would honestly be shocked if the media actually spends more time talking/praising the panthers than talk about how fragile romo and the boys are all next week... I know in my gut this will happen.. this is what I mean by the disrespect.
  15. The media

    My espn doesn't look like that.. but that looks like mobile to me tho..