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  1. Good Analysis of Our Run D

    I saw another stat that was surprising to me.  Dallas' offense is #1 in the league in time of possession.
  2. NFL refs and reffing inconsistencies

    Although the above video is from a year ago, its still disturbing. Blandino was recently asked if he gets involved with calls during games. He said he does when it goes for official review. So we probably won't be getting any close calls going our way Thursday.
  3. Last night a good thing for us?

    Torbert calls more pass interference calls (both offense and defense) than any other official in the league.
  4. We're a nameless, faceless opponent - Hardy

    Who's whinning? 
  5. We're a nameless, faceless opponent - Hardy

    When asked if he still had friends on the team he wouldn't say yea, sure,  like any normal human being would.
  6. Sounds BItter   http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000586266/article/hardy-on-panthers-just-a-nameless-faceless-opponent
  7. Bene gets burned too. One in the packers game comes to mind off the top of my head.
  8. Oher and cam

    Delete this thread if this has been mentioned but what was the deal with cam and oher having words during the game?  Hope its not serous
  9. The Way Cam Newton Played Today

    Colin Jones is probably the fastest guy on our team.  He slipped and fell. That is why Jackson got behind him.
  10. Yea, its obvious bias.  I'm not one of these people who thinks everything is racial but man it sure does come across that way. What else could it be.
  11. Gameday Menu

    Had a big chunk of bear meat in the crock pot since yesterday. Adding in some potatoes and onions shortly.
  12. Yea I just saw that too, Billick says its ok if 100% of the team buys into it but he doubts they all do. They don't complain about WR's doing it all the time, they just have a problem with Cam doing it.
  13. Carolina Panthers Color Rush Video

    Its not a bullshit question, its one of the most commonly asked questions about color blindness.  Of course you could see a light on a stop light at night and tell if it was the top light or the bottom that was lit up but can a color blind person see it in the day, especially facing the sun.  As someone who is not color blind it is a very legit question. 
  14. Carolina Panthers Color Rush Video

    How do color blind people get drivers licenses if they can't see green and red?