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  1. Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice

    Damn it all to hell! Get well soon KB!
  2. New Bungie game: Destiny

    if anyone is doing heroic on xbox one hit me up. Craftydude670. Send me a msg on xbox and I'll respond if I am not online.
  3. New Bungie game: Destiny

    Hit me up on xbox1. We are looking for more for consistent VOG raids. craftydude670 - lvl 27 titan
  4. Huddle Workout Warriors

    The last gym I went to had 3 trainers. They all were semi pro body builders. Only place I ever went where every trainer was bigger/stronger than me. Did you ever go to that dungeon gym with me Scott? God that place was sketch but it was so awesome at the same time. I miss it.
  5. Huddle Workout Warriors

    In the end don't we all want bigger boobs?
  6. Huddle Workout Warriors

    It's not legal. So you'd have to find a local source. You know the andro gel commercials? They do the same thing but in a pill form and 200x more potent. The gel also costs $500 per 3mo supply where as this is $60 per/mo. Yes you need to take estrogen to offset the increased test.
  7. Huddle Workout Warriors

    You could take test instead. It's a cleaner form of medical enhancement. A few guys at my gym are on it and loving it. One of them lost 3 pant sizes in 2 weeks.
  8. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Gotta hit your macros bro. This dude is making sure he gets his carb meta. What a genius.
  9. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Most women I know don't lift heavy enough weight in order to build strength. Which is what I think you're after. Last week at the gym I saw 2 girls doing seated cable rows. They were doing 15 lbs for like 10 reps and only 3 sets. I asked them to try 60 lbs and they got 10 reps easily. Why would you waste your time doing something that will not provide any benefit?
  10. Huddle Workout Warriors

    I will speak in terms you know. I am the yoda to your luke.
  11. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Anyone lift on the weekends at Fitness connection on South Blvd down by Tyvola? I'm looking for someone to lift with so that I am motivated to get out of my bed. Just so we don't have to change a bunch of weights around here are my stats: (getting through joint issues in my legs so don't laugh at my dead and squat numbers) Height: 6'1" Bench: 315 Squat 300 Dead: 400 Seated shoulder Press: 245 Darthbiscuit can vouch for me.