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  1. I live in College Park, so a little too far a drive for me to get a cut. However my best friend stays off La Vista so not far, might give it a shot one day just to support.
  2. The Blame Game (Hurney)

    Um.. you must be new around here. It's always someone ... It rotates, because most people on here being fans will always think "if we had ( ... )we would be a dynasty". Sometimes it's truth, sometimes it's false, but like most things it's all about perspective/bias. For instance , much of the Hurney hate had to do with the management of the cap. However if you were here around that time, other than the Jake Delhomme and Charles Godfrey deals, everyone was excited that Hurney was able to "keep" our players. Contrast that with Gettlemen who is loved by many, who kept us under the cap, but in the end made some questionable moves. Sometimes it's a coach, you have someone like Chud who some felt was the best OC ever, he left before he can be hated, and Shula who was hated before he started, probably stayed to long. Sometimes it's a player, Tre' Boston was blamed for everything bad that happened in the secondary whether it was his fault or not. then you have Amini Silatolu who has sucked except for his first 8 games, but people continued to give him passes until it finally clicked. If you read enough, it's the same people who post argument after argument either 4 or against. Most people here are "woke". It's just they don't post as much.
  3. That would be really really good. So I expect it not to happen.
  4. I rather have the 2 many weapons problem rather than the problem we had last year.
  5. did we have to? Or did we want to?
  6. 1. He is going into his 3rd year , year when the DT come into their man bodies and usually see a jump in production. 2. He is big part of our rotation . 3. He is a 1st round pick, so we have the 5th year option so in case he blows up this year, gives us some flexibility. 4. His trade value isn't that high at the moment. Not worth to trade at this point, unless Beanne or Gettleman feel like jumping off the top rope.
  7. Matt Kalil- help needed!

    Matt Kalil while not good, was not as horrible near the end of the year. Hopefully he can build on that to go from serviceable to ok. Also with the new OC and probably a new formula on how we do things, there is perhaps a chance he won't look horrible. All we need is decent at that position. Good would be nice, great would be a dream, but decent and we can still win a championship imo.
  8. 2011 so far and away it's not even funny.
  9. Whaaaa!!! What threads have you been reading? Hell even the OP was sh#$#$ on this 3 days ago. It's just that looking at the $$$$ all the FA WR's have gotten has sobered everyone the fug up.
  10. He was a steal when it happened. Some won't think so regardless ....you will see them chime in shortly.
  11. Breeland a Panther

    Have you seen the WR market??? !!! It's crazy out there.
  12. Yep so what if they can make an extra 7 mill a year. At least they can get a 30K SB ring,.... maybe , possibly... they have a 1 in 32 chance.
  13. The Huddle thinks every FA WR is 5-8 Mill per year. All Vets WR's are Vet Minimum 1 year deals.
  14. Lol ..what do you think everyone else here does? They watch youtube highlight videos, the read a few draft analysis and then say they "watched the film" on a player.