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  1. thank god for conservative John Fox
  2. no. He doesn't have the speed that Tyreke has. Tyreke isn't normal fast, he omgwtf fast. Samuel is fast in a league where everyone is fast.
  3. Speedsters and no Ginn

    Ginn is like a hidden stat. It wasn't what necessarily his numbers, it what he caused other defenses to do. You almost mandatorily had to have safety help over the top. Thus when running to Ginn's side you didn't have that safety 7 yards from the line like we do now. There is no one that garners that type of coverage for us now at the moment.
  4. Speedsters and no Ginn

    Ginn has a different type of speed. Ginn is probably still 1 of the top 15 fastest players in the league and that's with losing a step.
  5. wow is the only applicable word...........
  6. Heavy boxes, single high safety. None of our WR's have the speed to scare anyone. Philly's DB's played well, however usually by the time the opportunities showed up, our Oline had broken down. Mainly, our interior let us down big time. The wide 9 Philly was playing was handled pretty well when started chipping, however the Philly DT's especially Cox at our guards and especially our center alive.
  7. Matt Kalil

    So now Shula is too smart?
  8. Although our prep may be slightly different.....
  9. 1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter End of game
  10. That's the side effect of running an offense specifically tailored to Cam Newton. When Cam Newton isn't Cam Newton , it doesn't work. So the choices are: Run a more "traditional" offense that doesn't use all the skills that Cam Newton possess. It works, but only 2 an extent. It's more of what you run when you have an "average" QB. See what Hugh Jackson is running in Cleveland. Run a timing based offense. It works, see Tom Brady. But takes impeccable timing, and quick , precise route runners. Not gonna work here. Run an offense specifically tailored for Cam Newton, the big, running, super cannon for an arm juggernaut. As much as people bitch about Shula being incompetent, some people realize that it's hard work running what might quite possibly be the most diverse offense in the NFL behind K.C. (and that's debatable). The downside, it needs a once in a generational talent (see Cam Newton) to run it. We chose the latter. When it's clicking it's a thing of beauty. When it's not, it seems disjointed. Our offense (now) can scheme around bad Oline, bad receivers, bad run blocking, but absolutely cannot survive bad QB play.
  11. I bet when little kids ask you "knock, knock", you respond "why don't you make a doorbell sound?"
  12. good listen. Anything Greg Cosell is a good listen.
  13. That's like stealing 7 yards.
  14. If you don't see how Cam was missing wide open players , and our line was missing blocking assignments then you just don't see it. The "only" thing that was different from the Shula perspective was the shuffle play to McCaffrey and calling about 4 more designed runs per game. Now as far as the Oline, we didn't get ate alive on stunts as usual. Notice last 2 weeks there weren't any instances of someone coming through untouched. As far as Cam he was far more accurate on both his short and deep throws. His intermediate passing has been on point the whole year. I mean I'm sure you gonna blame Shula/Rivera for "holding" Cam back regardless...but that's not what it was.