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  1. The pundits have had to back off but the idea is alive and well amongst opposing fans.
  2. He’s John Madden with words. Sacks are bad. You don’t want sacks. If your QB is getting sacked he’s not getting yards. It gets the offense off schedule and usually impacts scoring. None of this is revolutionary, new, or even informative. Its lazy and uninspired. Did anyone learn something they didn’t already know? If you like numbers great, but tell me how KBs absence seemingly unlocked the door? How has the Oline magically turned into a solid unit? Why are we suddenly at the line with 15 or more seconds on the playclock? Tons of angles for a story this week and this putz goes with- “When Cam isn’t sacked, he plays good” Wut. tha. fug.
  3. Lorenzo Neal only had 18 in 16 years. 12 were receiving. Can’t tell if trolling troll or serious. Most definitely. Not really. Quiet, lead by example. Absolutely true. Not immediately, it takes time. Find LBer, hit LBer. Repeat. Rocket science.
  4. I know right? Local kid, went to Western Carolina, walks on to the Panthers and has a 10 year career as the best FB this franchise has ever had. oh wait, you meant he’s white. GTFOH
  5. Cam joins the 4000 club

    I know your kidding, but here’s my best guess: 3 SB rings and 2 MVPs.
  6. Cam joins the 4000 club

    Steve McNair, IMO, is a good measure for Cam. I personally think it’s more of a floor or baseline for where Cam is headed but I digress. McNair was a special player, won an MVP, 3 pro bowls, AFC Championship, SB appearance and 1 yard shy of a Lombardi. Heres a look at Steve’s 13 year career: Good numbers, nothing eye popping. Decent passer rating and 200 TDs in 13 years. Not bad right? Here’s Cam midway thru 7: Better TD/INT ratio, only 7,000 total yards behind, More rush yards, More Rushing TDs, only 9 total TDs behind. Cam also has an MVP, NFC Championship, SB appearance. But let’s see what else: 44 NFL records and achievements. (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cam_Newton) Way too much info to list here. Cam should eclipse McNair’s career production in all stats in the next 2-3 years, barring time missed. And that’s a modest estimate. If Cam is on trajectory to pass McNair like he’s goin in reverse, with so many records in tow, it should be safe to say Cam will be getting a tailor made jacket he didn’t have to pay for.
  7. LMAO

    That dude was waaaasted. He should have got his ass whopped.
  8. Dope, but was he recording on a phonograph?
  9. Teams Stats Through 10 Games

    You guys a dildos. Good post OP!
  10. I’m the first to acknowledge Shula is better at his job than I am. He still is a life-long underachiever. Look what he has to work with and tell me their isn’t someone that could do better. Hes not good enough for Cam and I hate him. #fireshula
  11. With the new rookie cap, taking your guy high doesn’t hurt you and if you hit, you’ve got 5 affordable years. CMC is def worth the pick. The guy is a freak and will get better. He’s splitting time and still having an impact. Cam is completing more passes because CMC gives him an outlet with sure hands and a threat to go yard every time. The strain he puts on a defense already trying to contain Cam is immeasurable and awesome.
  12. Imagine

    I’m as big a Smitty fan as there is. But, homie said Sean Lee and Wagner are better than Luke.