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  1. Nah, MLB had that snuffed. CMC was the right read, just floated it somehow. Cams arm must be like a fire hose, only two settings, full power and off.
  2. Glorified Preseason Games?

    He's really holding back for the inevitable HC job he's obviously gonna get from the first available opening that's definitely gonna be perfect for him -said no one ever
  3. If you give the dog a second chance you're an idiot. 1st bite = Dead dog cant have aggressive animals around the baby.
  4. Anybody said Cowboys suck? No? Cowboys suck.
  5. Gross, that sight made my brain cry.
  6. "Woke up with a bad neck"

    I gotta side with Ryan. As a center you need your head on a swivel. If you can't turn your head you're gonna get killed or get someone killed. I've woken up with the snag in my neck. It is brutal, every turn, cough, sneeze etc is a jolt of blinding pain. Only thing that works is time and alternating hot and cold.
  7. I've never liked the ypg metric. Pts win games. If we could hold teams on avg under 13ppg I don't really care what offense we have, we're gonna win a lot of games.
  8. Hate Week. Again.

  9. Shula has to get fired

    @UpstatePanther no worries. I'm committed. This aggression will not stand, man.
  10. It's something that should be investigated. We can't have Matt and Moton and Williams lose out on coaching because the guru is playing run game sims.
  11. Hate Week. Again.

    Well first off, a heart felt fug you. Secondly, as bad as the Saints look, they are a wounded animal scratching for a win. We can't get to big for our britches. 2 opponents that know each other well, and don't like each other very much. Hard to tell what teams show up. Hope we crush you by a thousand but I'll settle with just getting out with the W.
  12. If we can all point at our weak opponents to dismiss our Defense, what the hell does that say about ATLs Offense? Chicago and GB? Real top notch defensive squads there.
  13. Shula has to get fired

    I second this.
  14. An instant classic. Smitty with the 50yd punt return to set up the game winner in OT.
  15. Honestly Phil, I didn't even know this happened. I can't imagine anyone being worse at game planning an offense than Shula.