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  1. Hurney is "the worst GM in the NFL"

    It was Hurney before Shula and unfortunately it’s Hurney after Shula. Hes like that turd that just won’t release no matter how much you clinch or wiggle.
  2. Hurney is "the worst GM in the NFL"

    I can’t call him that either. PS: Hurney blows curdled ass milk.
  3. Hurney is "the worst GM in the NFL"

    I don’t like revisionist history either but Jake had a good run. Won’t bad mouth his time here. (Well, before the AZ game)
  4. Hurney is "the worst GM in the NFL"

    6 TOs. Here’s 40 mil.
  5. Then he won’t come. He’ll go elsewhere. The world still turns.
  6. CMC is fast.

    He could have been doing it all year if Derpity deep derp waste years of my life fug boy Shula wasn't calling full retard plays.
  7. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    All our games were close. Add more weapons and offensive consistency and they aren't close anymore. We still have Luke and a dope front 7.
  8. As a spot player he could hit on a play every now and then.
  9. And with Samuel, Byrd, Clay and CMC we’ve got the shifty guys to take those short routes the distance, ala CMC playoff TD.
  10. L-M-A-O

  11. Plenty of open fields in L-town. Convieniently located nowhere near anything and a chance to bump into James from Maiden.
  12. We're getting to the point where we have to extend Shaq. Do we keep paying TD and cut ties with Shaq? ps: I will cry like a sick toddler when TD hangs them up.
  13. L-M-A-O

    Now that is a thing I have not considered. Yes, yes I do believe Shula would make a great Seahawk.