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  1. Comments on NOLA article

    Panthers Theme Song!!  
  2. Saints week Part Deaux

    Stolen Punchline ALERT!! "Not Impressed"
  3. Large man with a beard

    Id tackle that big bastard if I saw him in the streets.  You aint gettin away from this fan, I know my team you big furry butterball. That and the Kalil avitars around here keep his face burned into my retina.
  4. Spanish radio calls the Luke Kuechly pick 6

    Straight up real deal.
  5. Wes Horton's roster spot?

    I get it, at this point in the season no one is "healthy" turf toe can flare up overnight.  Or swelling in a joint, or concussion-like symptoms etc etc etc. 
  6. Wes Horton's roster spot?

    If you are Wes "I've been cut already" Horton would you make a stink about getting IR'd?
  7. Wes Horton's roster spot?

    If finnegan pans out we will IR Horton to keep from making that decision.
  8. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    One of your best.  
  9. The ability was always there.  i just wasnt sure he could hold up. Thats a bad man running with worse intentions.
  10. Ray Lewis Impersonator Tells It Like It Is... lol

    dabbin all da way to da supa bowl
  11. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    "Its because hes not black, thats probably what it is"   LMAO
  12. Im not sure if that face is pain or ecstasy?
  13. A word from a former falcont

    PC police!  PC police!   news flash, the dog fighting involving Vick is not still happening.  It's ok to jest.