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  1. Fun fact - Luke and Ebron

    I imagine him like a young Roy Williams, ”Dad-gummit, I said take that Dad-blamed mess on outta here bucko!”
  2. If Ebron would focus he’s the fave, but Wilson is a guaranteed to give whatever he’s got. Upside or consistency? Gotta go consistent but I want Ebron for selfish reasons.
  3. Fuel for the "Crabtree trade" fire

    Bet money, Talib would get dragged if he went at one of our boys, Crabtree or not. Cam, Turner, Olsen would all have Crabs back. It’d also be hard to keep TD, Luke on the right side of the field.
  4. That’s....not half bad. Now what’s that oline look like?
  5. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    There can be only 1 Cam tho.
  6. Have you walked the streets of NY lately? Wouldn’t be so quick to call Southerners “toothless” with 3-Cans Lisa, and Pigeon Pockets Pat, scrounging thru dumpsters.
  7. I was concerned initially by reports Phi was cutting him. Then I was worried about the remaining money and current salary on his deal. Now that all the info is out regarding his guaranteed money being paid and we have 0 cap hit if we cut him, Worley for Smith was a good deal.
  8. Here we go...

    All in good fun.
  9. Here we go...

    Now that you’ve explained the source of confusion, those of us lucky enough to not know where the hell Cullowhee is, can go back to our normal (App St Loving) lives.
  10. Honestly the less he does the less chance he has to fug up. sit on those hands Marty, we're counting on you.
  11. Classic Hurn-dog. This is not gonna go well for us fans.