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  1. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    Just smash Romo to bits.    All of you.   in no particular order
  2. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    I tuned in to local for a few minutes today long enough to hear some cowboyee douche try to convince the host that since Romo was undefeated, two undefeated teams were playing tomorrow.  I shared that insanity with the moron cowboy janitor when he came to vacuum my office and he immediately agreed. Having not been clever enough to formulate that gem on his own prior, I found out later he was impressed with the great news. I did get at least three more random chuckles out of him throughout the rest of the day.  Yes, he proceeded to spread the "two undefeated teams" headline throughout the plant.  Stupid is just stupid
  3. The moron seems strong with him
  4. So this happened on the way to Charlotte

    Sweet 'stang bro

    Glad Im not the only one.  That was awful.  Blatant Awful Bullsh|t.   We are going to have to beat more than the opponent every week from here on in.    
  6. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    I love Thomas Davis
  7. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    I think Cam throws them decent to his right but that angle back to his left has always been, well, its been ugly.
  8. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    anybody else ready to slap Joe Buck yet?
  9. Gameday Menu

    my wife is at the game today leaving the house to myself and 5 year old son.  Nothing big planned this week.  I asked him what he wanted for game day and got the standard response:   Chicken Nuggets    
  10. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Butterflies.   Feels good.   Chance to make a very bold statement today.   Hats off to our service men and women!
  11. Amen to that! Congrats to you! Give your wife and newborn a big hug from me and my family. :)

  12. Russell Scott Hargett was born 8:42 AM on 8-20-10 Most wonderful thing I have ever been a part of. All is well with mama and baby. We watched our first football game together in the hospital room when Carolina played NYJ last Saturday night. Good stuff.

  13. Thanks again are things over there?

  14. hey man just checkin in to see how things are going. It looks like mine is coming early. Probably in the next 24. The wife is a little overwhelmed (as am I). Our first. Pretty darn exciting.