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  1. Mills had a great career and serves as an inspiration. I really don't consider carruth as a Panthers tragedy outside of us losing a great player. The guy was tragic and a card-carrying POS but this was off the field diabollically selfish thuggery waiting to materialize into the pure evil that we all eventually suffered (to a degree) together . There are character issues that really are not "tragic". Unfortunate? Sure. But character issues have to be looked at as inevitable. Just a matter of time before lazy ass, low character, me-first, mental midget douchebags are going to do something (or nothing) that hurts their organization. Im talking to you Sean Gilbert, Jason Peter, Eric Shelton, and Dwayne Jarret. Insofar as Panther derailment in a vacuum not related to poor drafting: Mark Fields and the pig farmer. Maybe Fast Freddy Lane from Lane College. The final two status quo years of the Johnny Fox era were tragic. Hands tied or mailed it in? Don't know. Don't care. Pure misery to see such talent spinning it's wheels. But for THE Panther tragedy to date... Mr. Seifert. I really don't remember too much of the Seifert reign. Probably a coping mechanism at work. I was present sure, and I have sufficient recall of the 90's just fine. That whole situation just smelled rotten. I mean WTF!? This left coast born and bred Naner is coming to Charlotte!? Again.. WTF!? Worse than the smell though, watching that scheme unfold in all it's dated and improperly staffed ridiculousness was gut-wrenching. The stubbornness and square peg hammering that ensued rendered the Panther's round hole splintered, scarred, and tired. Personally I just can't cloud Panther fandom with that wrinkle in time. When Seifert was ousted it was almost like the Carolina Panthers were reintroduced as an NFL expansion team. I have chosen to tune that debacle out altogether. George Seifert was beyond tragic. More like a professional hit than a tragedy really.
  2. wasnt JPP on the board here? Think i remember that. This is a never ending thread. Same is true for every franchise.
  3. Don Gregory seemingly high on Garrett and Cash

    So Cash was not a d00k kid for his entire career. I think he defected tOSU when UM took over. He was steered directly to Cutcliffe by his former HC, sat a year, and then proceeded to outshine everyone and completely take over the entire team in derm. He is very good. Tweener status killed his stock. Guy has high motor, ridiculous nose for the ball, and is VERY confident. I know more about him than anyone else we acquired prior to draft lead up. He was someone I was sure would be drafted. ( not by us necessarily). If i were pressed to make a blanket statement of optimism about this year's camps, it would probably start with Mr. Cash.
  4. Gettleman's biggest weakness IMO

    Thread premise is kinda silly Gett: Is disciplined. Is primarily interested in what is good for the Carolina Panthers. Understands that teams with cap money cannot and should not spend it in the later rounds of the draft. None of that is "the new Jordans" level flashy but neither am I so I am able to maintain focus and sort out the value there.
  5. Official UNC - Notre Dame Elite 8 Gameday Thread

  6. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    No respect for odell *****
  7. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    I tuned in to local for a few minutes today long enough to hear some cowboyee douche try to convince the host that since Romo was undefeated, two undefeated teams were playing tomorrow. I shared that insanitywith the moron cowboy janitor when he came to vacuum my office and he immediately agreed. Having not been clever enough to formulate that gem on his own prior, I found out later he was impressed with the great news.I did get at least three more random chuckles out of him throughout the rest of the day. Yes, he proceeded to spread the "two undefeated teams" headline throughout the plant. Stupid is just stupid
  8. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    I love Thomas Davis
  9. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    I think Cam throws them decent to his right but that angle back to his left has always been, well, its been ugly.
  10. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    anybody else ready to slap Joe Buck yet?
  11. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Butterflies. Feels good. Chance to make a very bold statement today. Hats off to our service men and women!
  12. Official Panthers - Colts Gameday Thread

    The average teams win most or all ofthe games they are supposed to win. The goodteams win games when the lights are brightest and the pressure is at its most intense. The GREAT teams win games in spite of any and alladverseconditions or obstacles. Lets be GREAT tonight Panthers!!!
  13. Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

    Great win to say the least. Cam was awesome. Non call on Ginnwas an embarrassment. Who's next bitches?
  14. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Norman and Newton both had standout plays. Olsen played very well. TD tattooed motor-mouth Khiry (very nice). And all those faux huddleclaps and finger lickingfrom old man molewent wasted. Overall we we looked bad, lost one of the most handsomely compensated, veteran starters on our squad, and made a career backup look like a player that has made a fool out of every talent scout in the league for a full decade. A win is a win is a win, however. Hope this serves asmotivation
  15. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    So is Luke an all pro or is our defense taking an earlyweek off? panthers are hot garbage if we can't sustain a drive right now.