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  1. AviationMX added a post in a topic Luke still has not passed the concussion protocol, Cotch in full pads and helmet   

    Norman is working on his return too- 
    On having Luke back:
    “Hopefully he’ll be back with us," Norman said. “Man, just ball at that capacity rate. He’s a dog right there. He’s an animal. He’s a No. 1 guy. I just love playing with him. When we get him back, everything is going to be even that much better."
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  2. AviationMX added a post in a topic The Coolest Team in the NFL   

    if we have Luke back and the D is rested, we'll take care of the Shawks...We should be ready to considered a contender....out.
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  3. AviationMX added a post in a topic Yeah, after what I just witnessed   

    apparently the lions should have won...you can't bat the ball out of the end zone....
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  4. AviationMX added a post in a topic Going to be a News-Filled Day According to Bill Voth   

    Don't want to repeat any new info, the local station in greensboro said Luke was practicing today and should be a go. 
    I wonder if Gman sees a better start to the season and wants to blow some cash to make sure we make a real run at the superb owl?
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  5. AviationMX added a post in a topic Reach in really deep   

    AInts in the rain with a back up QB and crappy D?
    Cam throws 300+ in the rain...Brown is our top receiver and the Panthers D gets three turnovers.
    And It's going to be loud at BOA...especially in sect 123
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  6. AviationMX added a post in a topic Bersin Up; Brandon Williams Gone   

    Bersin catches 5 passes for 60 yards and gets 2 first downs- and  contributes with some decent blocking...it's Funchess that needs show something, I hope he has 100 yards.
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  7. AviationMX added a post in a topic This Weeks Official Fanduel League   

    or just drop the bottom 10 each week ...
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  8. AviationMX added a post in a topic 9 Guys in the Box   

    there is no doubt it's going to take time for Norwood and Funchess to get acclimated, but the vets and even Brown will have to carry the team for the first couple of games. Newton also needs some time to get used to the new additions.
    blast away, but by the break ( or sooner) we will see less drops and a more efficient passing game. it's been one game so far and I'm just not going to give up on the offense.
    I hope Cotch, Ginn,Olsen and Brown abuse the TX secondary at BOA and Newton can hit his windows. they may be quick routes to avoid the rush but I expect more completions as the season progresses. 
    I'll even guarantee over 240 passing yards sunday...even with a couple sacks.
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  9. AviationMX added a post in a topic Poll: Who will Score First Panthers TD of 2015?   

    pretty easy call early in the season, the vets are most likely to be ready as the rookies/FA's get some real game experience...although could have been Olsen, but i thought they would have double him the entire game.
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  10. AviationMX added a post in a topic Philly Brown and Ted Ginn Jr are the worst starting receiver tandem in the league...   

    the only problem with this constant whining about the receivers is that they haven't started the season yet. What if this group turns out to be what Newton needs and like Manning, he makes them better...Ricky likes them and therefore I do too. How can we be so down on a group before we play the first game of the season? 
    I hope we end up in the top half of the league with passing yards and QBR- while the D is top 4 and we end up 10+ wins....
    remember Stevonne Smith was punt returner and he turned out to be ok as a receiver 
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  11. AviationMX added a post in a topic Joe P thinks Boykin gets cut   

    why give GB more weapons? the upside for is good enough to keep him from the ACME meat packers
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  12. AviationMX added a post in a topic windows 10 and the forum loading   

    it took 8 min to get to the response textbox from clicking on the bookmark. 
    thanks sapper - the Developer network status on chrome is amazing.
    1500+ requests / 34mb transferred/ 18 errors-ref error broadstreet is not defined.
    I'll try a hard reset- i did the disable cache-no 
    After 15 min-400 requests/100M transferred...
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  13. AviationMX added a topic in The Lounge   

    windows 10 and the forum loading
    After downloading windows 10, both chrome and the new edge explorer are so slow that browsing this forum is nearly impossible. It takes 5 minutes to load the forum page and getting to a second page of any posting is another 5 minutes. this is a positive for PantherUnited postings, but I can't figure how to fix this.
    I've turned on my cookies and have a medium setting on my firewall. I can see the loading of the ads and other operations while waiting for a page to load. will paying for the site remove all these operations?
    or is there a way to reconfigure my system? something has to change....
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  14. AviationMX added a post in a topic An Alternative Roster Projection - The Youth Movement   

    it's the best scenario for this year and the future. remember it was the same moves that saved our season last year.
    unlike others here, I'll take speed in the receiver core over experience, getting open downfield helps Cam and the running game. and we have Ricky to improve technique. you can't teach speed....
    10-6 if our D can score some points.
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  15. AviationMX added a post in a topic Panthers Training Camp Photos and Notes - Final Practice   

    believe in RP...on yesterday's practice:
    "That was a clinic," wide receivers coach Ricky Proehl said. "We've got a great group of guys, and they're up to the challenge. I'm excited for them.
    Some huddlers now say we will lose 3 games due to KB being out, which is just insane. it's going to be a tough season but WTF? we made improvements from last year and the only thing that is suspect is special teams. If we can get out the gate with ugly wins, it's going to be blast this year.
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