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  1. Wow, normally people take stuff way out of context but KB really dug himself a hole here. Smith made Jake look good his whole career and never complained.
  2. Donald LaFell

    How do you fill your offseason time?

    Work and recreation, life is too short to make fandom much of a focus even during the season
  3. Donald LaFell

    Uber/Lyft on game days

    I would pedicab to the light rail or directly to your hotel if you are staying downtown. Ride hailing doesn’t work in this scenario. I see golf carts downtown sometime, you could try that.
  4. I feel like Star was the same. Just didn’t see the same excitement from him his rookie year.
  5. As long as he’s healthy Luke earned the right to be #1
  6. Newton would have to play like Brees/Brady for a long time for that to be even close.
  7. Donald LaFell

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    I’m going under the knife on Friday at CMC for a melanoma. Crossing my fingers it hasn’t gone to my lymph nodes. Can’t wait to get a clean bill of health.
  8. Donald LaFell

    Miss America

    If they want a beauty pageant then they should have a beauty pageant. It’s a dated concept. I think we could be doing more to celebrate the exceptional young women around us everyday.
  9. Donald LaFell

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    I feel like Trump is not likely to be indicted, which is why this is the focus. They want the investigation to appear to be floundering the longer it takes for him to be indicted. In reality this may or may not involve a lot of people in the current admin or campaign.
  10. Donald LaFell

    Don't ever change, Smitty

    I’d much prefer him changing the footballs diaper
  11. Donald LaFell

    Hey! Remember when The Huddle...

    I miss neg rep to smack
  12. Donald LaFell

    Hey! Remember when The Huddle...

    I remember when the huddle was panthershuddle
  13. I wouldn’t feel good if someone got a promotion and was also sleeping with a boss. It’s a bad dynamic.
  14. Excited for the season, excited for Moore. The rest is a crapshoot. Scared that Hurney has never drafted a great WR. We’ll see.
  15. That Dline in Tampa looks nasty