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  1. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    The attacks on the FBI from these politicians is disgusting, they only take the best people. This is like seeing a partisan attack on soldiers.
  2. Relive the moment

    I was at Abari in Noda and lost NFL blitz with two second left, really hurt
  3. Syncs up with rumors posted months ago.
  4. It’s a little biased to include Gronk and Bush in parens but not mention Olsen and McAffery. We absolutely fleeced the Bears to Olsen and drafted McCaffery with out 1st pick this year. I wouldn’t say the FO is horrible because the team isn’t stacked at every position.
  5. We drafted him over Lavonte David
  6. Off season questions. #1. Matt Kalil.

    Kalil is expensive but so are all LTs, we’ll just have to keep trying.
  7. Jordan Gross : "The Barista"

    I thought it was good, I’m suprised he apologized.
  8. Vick had 0 rush yards, they were ready for season to be over.
  9. Good Morning Football

    Moore was horrifying when given the chance
  10. Some Of You Wanted To Sign DeSean Jackson

    I thought the guy just had a broken nose
  11. What’s your favorite drinks

    I had a hot toddy tonight, felt great
  12. Female Roommate

    Lived with best friend who was a girl and had no issues. She was gay so no sexual tension and also she put up with any guy issues a lot easier. Lived with girly girl at same time who would freak out if I burped in my own room lol. She was hella delicate.
  13. The...South Carolina Panthers?

    The train to Raleigh is really great, my office refunds 54 cents a mile to drive to Raleigh so it’s cheaoer to just get a business class ticket on the Amtrak. I’d rather spend 4 hours on the train than 3 hours in the car. Sometimes it’s even faster.
  14. I hate those commercials during preseason games lol
  15. Thomas Davis Suspended 2 Games

    Just because the NFL has been weak in the past doesn’t mean they should keep being weak. It’s just bullshit that they give 1 game for Gronk. Of course it’s the fuging Panthers they start being tough.