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  1. The burden on Cam Newton

    I hope he finds a team that can get him a ring in his prime, maybe it's the Panthers. Maybe it's not.
  2. It's great seeing the Eagles kick out ass and celebrate together. Cam looks like a poo teammate but at least he has swag
  3. Luke needs to retire

    Can't really put fandom above his health.
  4. He has a Gruden/Madden like appreciation for the game. The enthusiasm is infectious.
  5. Ron Rivera has a fix for the offense.

    Y'all got slow rolled by the Riverboat master himself
  6. Are you 'excited' again....

    It will take a while to wash Cam's overthrows out of my brain, also the coaching is just subpar. We would never been the team to eek out a FG with less than 30 seconds in the half. Newton still needs to see receivers better and get rid of the fuging ball.
  7. Gameday: What are you drinking?

    Hiking this morning so water from a camelbak.
  8. Goodnight Greg olsen

    Hope it's not an Achilles
  9. Goodnight Greg olsen

    Any official word?
  10. Until we win a few more games and beat a top team I'm not sure where we are.
  11. The Keep Pounding drum

    Tommy Jone
  12. Do you doubt Cam?

    Now I have three things to worry about
  13. Calaias Campbell impressed by CMC.

    To be smaller CMC sure falls forward for a ton of yards. D-Wills rookie year he tried to juke all 11 guys out of their shoes at the LOS for no gain.
  14. If we lose week 1 to the 49ers.....

    this team doesn't give anyone a reason to be optimistic other than if they are just naturally so.
  15. Dan Morgan set the record for tackles and I think Jake/Moose have the longest pass TD so there.