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  1. Predict Byrd's stats today....

    172 yards 3 TDs
  2. Calling Butler a massive disappointment was retarded. Are thy expecting him to get 10 sacks a year off the bench?
  3. Help! Need to watch online

    You’re an asshole
  4. Gameday Menu

    @ladypanther it’s crazy you made that I made something really similar too
  5. Having Freeny and Peppers on the same team would be ridiculous. I don’t care how old they are.
  6. Also now that he’s won it, it will be very hard to win it again unless he’s absolutely the clear cut MVP. They’d much rather give it to Wentz if they were neck and neck,
  7. Matt Ryan Tries To Be #Hip

    I don’t mind lemon pepper, but i prefer conventional buffalo. Don’t really like them too hot.
  8. I think he’s panning out but I don’t feel like he’s going to be a guy that can carry the team. He’s basically a lesser Reggie Bush.
  9. Marty Hurney Crow thread

    I won’t trust Hurney as his fudge up starting in 2009 is too much to forgive. You can’t make mistakes that big and obvious.
  10. Peppers story is hilarious.

    MJD is a beast too
  11. Gameday Menu

    I'm eating a bagel on the Amtrak to Raleigh, heading to a conference.
  12. The burden on Cam Newton

    I hope he finds a team that can get him a ring in his prime, maybe it's the Panthers. Maybe it's not.
  13. It's great seeing the Eagles kick out ass and celebrate together. Cam looks like a poo teammate but at least he has swag