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  1. Donald LaFell added a post in a topic Son, when I was your age....   

    Not to touch on a morbid topic, but I was in 7th grade during 9/11 and that seems to have been the cutoff for being either heavily affected or not giving two shits. People I meet even 1-2 years younger don't seem to acknowledge it with as much fear or reverence. Which in a way is a good thing(for the fear part at least). 
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  2. Donald LaFell added a post in a topic Game vs Giants in NY on Dec. 20th   

    I sure wouldn't, I didn't watch the green bay last year either because it was so likely to be a bloodbath. 
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  3. Donald LaFell added Wiki in Huddle-isms   

    Tommy Jone
    I honestly can't even say in which context it's appropriate to utter this name but it makes me bust a gut every time. Essentially anytime someone asks a question that can be answered with a player's name you're allowed to say it. The original thread is here:

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  4. Donald LaFell added a topic in Charlotte Hornets   

    Courtside or luxury box seats?
    Has anybody ever done this? I'm kind curious about doing it as a one time thing just for the bucket list experience. I don't know the prices or if it's worth it etc. 
    I'm sure it's way cheaper than trying it with the Lakers lol. 
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