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  1. SteveSmithOwns added a post in a topic So our previous opponent...   

    I love this quote, because in the Giants-Cowboys game, if you had put a 12 year old that played alot of Madden as the Head Coach of the Giants, the Giants would have won. You can't act like you are head and shoulders more knowledgeable about something when you make insanely stupid decisions.
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  2. SteveSmithOwns added a post in a topic S.Peyton implodes on final drive   

    You are thinking of the Houston TEXANS. not the Titans.
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  3. SteveSmithOwns added a post in a topic Rate my 8 team draft   

    I really like it for the most part. The only guy i'm not too huge on this year is Emmanuel Sanders, but I love Andre johnson and Amari Cooper and if Gurley comes back healthy, he could be a consideration for that flex spot too
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  4. SteveSmithOwns added a post in a topic Should I try and trade for Funchess   

    how big is the league? honestly, looking at that team, if you are in a 10-12 team league, I don't think that team is competitive this year, and would try to trade some of the older guys for draft picks for next year. 
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  5. SteveSmithOwns added a post in a topic Is It Just Me, or Does Hard Knocks REALLY Suck This Year?   

    I have liked this season....and that's coming from someone who has seen every season except the first. Cushing does seem like a douche, but O'Brien is interesting. One of the reasons it may seem 'dull' is because the NFL decided they didn't want alot of cuts being shown. so far we have only had one and it wasn't shocking at all. 
    Just my 2 cents
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  6. SteveSmithOwns added a topic in NFL and Fantasy Football   

    Looking for 1 more player for auction draft league
    Hi all,
    I am looking for 1 more player for a 12 team auction draft league happening at 8 PM ET this Sunday. The cost is $20 to join in. 
    So some history about the league: It's been in existence for 6 years and has a pretty dedicated/active core. In other words, it is definitely not an easy win league. It is on ESPN and is standard scoring. Please just reply here if you have any interest in joining up.
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