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  1. That's why I closed my computer and put my phone down. I knew someone would post it early
  2. Wow so much to choose from
  3. So are we not interested in Vonn Bell? Haven't been keeping up with all the rumors.
  4. Bhwahahahahaha.....stupid 49ers
  5. Vonn Bell is still on the board. Saftey anyone?
  6. Kaep's in SF all like wtf, Denver?!?! And I love it!
  7. Seahawks pick behind us!!!!!!
  8. Damn the Steelers basically ran up there with their pick.
  9. Washington did themselves no favors picking a WR...their defense sucks. LBs, DL...suck.
  10. Bruce Smith is going to hear you....shhhh
  11. Solid pick by Indy
  12. It wasn't a photo. It's actually a screen grab of a short video. Definitely him.
  13. Suzy with tough question at the end. Welcome to big boy interviews now. Not in college anymore.
  14. Miami might have the steal of the draft if this guy becomes professional in life as well.
  15. Can't wait for Turner and Norwell to plant this Rankins kid.