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  1. To the Pit of Misery for you a-holes who poo'd on my Dilly Dilly
  2. Not sure if this is another Joe Person troll job but if not Munnerlyn needs to put his extremely small, little person persona aside and suck it up and stop being a little person bitch
  3. Our weekly controversy should be "Every media outlet is burying the Panthers because Rodgers is going to play on Sunday" fug that guy fug his shoulder fug the Packers fug Packers fans who try to hang banners in our stadium fug the sports media
  4. So there's a giant penguin out there as big as a person... Giant Penguin Story
  5. Also, would prefer our controversies come from without the organization and not generated from within...could produce a negative affect.
  6. No but that's not the point...go to practice, stop being a bitch.
  7. Regardless of the game plan (if that is what this truly is) that's a bitch move....get your ass back to practice.
  8. Trai in concussion protocol

    If Amini gets the start I'll pay for a banner....
  9. Black Sabbath The End of the End

    On a lighter note...Ozzy & Jack's World Tour is a great little show. Jack has turned into one hell of a son and father in his own right.
  10. Cryptocurrency

    Is there a cryptocurrency for dummies out there somewhere? I'm curious about all of it but the information is so scattered, the options are confusing, what's real and lasting vs. temporary, etc et al. For instance, I have a bitcoin....well, "where" do I have it? Is there a bitcoin bank that tracks my bitcoin electronically? Do I have to create an account, who monitors it? How do I get more bitcoins (i know farming but what is that?) Like I said there is a ton of information out there but nothing I have found to be concise, to the point, a how-to guide that is safe and legitimate.
  11. Michael Floyd is only 28? Feels like he's been in the league longer than Larry Fitzgerald.
  12. You can immediately tell who reads the OP or just the thread title. FFS, it's like Twitter in here sometimes.
  13. If Green Bay would've lost this week they would have been effectively out of the playoffs and I can almost guarantee they would've shut Rodgers down for the year if that had happened. But of course they were playing us the next week and had to win making our lives a little less uneasy. We win anyway.
  14. Let's go D! Luke needs to call the plays and tell RR and Wilks to fug off
  15. Play not to lose and that's what fugging happens
  16. Star and KK need to collapse the middle on pass rush...Keenum is killing us up the middle on scrambles
  17. AGAIN! On third down we play 10 yards off the receiver...good lord