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  1. Jimmy

    Fire Mick Mixon

    I say keep him. Hes great for the game day threads.
  2. Jimmy

    Shady McCoy

    The most concerning aspect to this post is that she and her friend seemingly let the child and animal abuse (allegedly) slide before this incident and obviously didn't report those issues to the police.
  3. Jimmy

    Shady McCoy

    Damn...if this is true...lock this mother fuger up.
  4. Scott Fowler...statue question...basically will he take it down. Tepper: I'm contractually obligated to keep the statue...not sure I have EVER heard that. That's new information.
  5. Sure you do, so do I...but I think this shold be more about the team, the fans, the experience and those things moving forward...if you want a press conference about JR this is ain't it in my opinion.
  6. When mentioning "good people in place" he mention RR and Norv...didn't mention Hurney
  7. For fug's sake reporters...can we move on to the questions that the FANS give a poo about...this constant, continual rehashing of JR is ridiculous...time and place, there is a time and place for those questions, this ain't it.
  8. Tepper going to open a Harrah's on the 500 Level.
  9. Richardson's Farewell Message
  10. Jimmy

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    It's the final season so theres that. Heard Season 8 is going to be around February/March 2019? Anyone else heard that? The #thelastwomanstanding hashtag is interesting though. That has my head spinning.
  11. Jimmy

    Concept uniform, good, bad, or ugly?

    Our penises are going to bite your face off
  12. Torrey Smith - 17% drop rate in 2017. Led the Eagles in drops. Let's hope 2018 is better. It's not like the Eagles had a bad QB either.
  13. Kam was a frigging beast. Hope his football afterlife is good.
  14. Nah, leave it, it's a decent location
  15. It helps that the Braves are doing well.
  16. Jimmy

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    See that's what I'm saying...I just don't get into the team that close...rely mostly on what's in the news...and let's face it the Hornets don';t draw ANY national attention so if there were problems with Howard then I never would hear about it. I never knew any of that...I don't just check this forum either. Ok, it's my fault, my bad.
  17. Jimmy


    That's pretty sad...I just felt bad for not having a Peloton in my house now. I love riding my mountain bike when I have the chance and always wanted a road bike...the peloton looked like something I could enjoy without having to actually hit the road. Does it have the screen and the different routes per video and can you ride with/against others via software/wifi? How does that work?
  18. Jimmy

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    I get that but I didn't get the sense that Dwight Howard was a cancer in the lockeroom or showed anything that would lead you to believe he was the same as in the past...from the outside looking in he seemed to be the ideal teammate for the Hornets. He did his job, had some really good games, and I didn't see him try to take the shine from anyone...nor any articles or critiques that would point to his behavior as similar to his pat. But that's just me looking from the outside and not knowing anything other than that.
  19. Jimmy

    random question...

    I guess not long enough...from NBC Sports "Last week, the 49ers signed the linebacker to their practice squad. Figuring he had found a home with the 49ers, the former Clemson star had big plans for Tuesday. According to his Twitter feed, Boulware signed a lease on an expensive apartment at 10:34am this morning. At 11:52am, he picked up his mom and girlfriend from the airport. It was looking like a really good day for Boulware, right? According to Boulware, three minutes after he picked up his mom and girlfriend, the 49ers cut him from the practice squad. That's a gutpunch."
  20. Jimmy

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Interesting...I'm sure he'll love Mozgov then
  21. Jimmy

    Rivera Respect

    Subtle honeymoon reference no? Keep Pounding young man....Keep Pounding. Niiiiiooooooce one Ron.
  22. Jimmy

    random question...

    I would've thought Pro Football Reference would have that information (official or not). But it doesn't seem they do. Take Ben Boulware for example. ILB from Clemson, played preseason, wasn't drafted, didn't make the final cuts last year for us. He is listed on Pro Football Reference but there is nothing outside of his age/height/weight/position listed. No mention of being with the Panthers during OTAs, training camp, or preseason....nothing Baseball Reference will list guys that have been drafted and played Minor League ball so I thought Pro Football Reference would do the same.
  23. Jimmy

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Kemba's all like...does Kawhi and Lebron need help in LA? J/K...this is a terrible deal. There must be something on the back-end of this that makes sense...but I'm not seeing it.