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  1. OriginalPantherDan added a post in a topic Cam is controlling his offense/PIE thread   

    Cam really is doing this almost by himself offensively...other than Ted Ginn, who NO ONE wanted anyway, we have no receivers, so teams know to blanket Olsen. Cam says, no problem.  The rushing game, other than Cam himself, is almost non-existent. Cam says, no problem. The play-calling borders on ridiculous at times, especially in the red zone. Cam says, no problem. The MVP whispers that started last week will only grow louder, and with good reason. No QB in the League has done what Cam has done with less, and it isn't close. Cam is a legitimate MVP candidate.  
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  2. OriginalPantherDan added a post in a topic Never would have guessed the offense would be far ahead of the defense   

    Yeah...lotsa points on the board, but the offense still needs the defense to set it up for them. 
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  3. OriginalPantherDan added a post in a topic Win a framed and autographed print of "Luke in the Rain"   

    A man that talented shouldn't be that humble, but Luke is. He is, quite likely, the first surefire HOF'er the Panthers have ever drafted. Love that dude, and glad he's locked up here. 
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  4. OriginalPantherDan added a post in a topic What Jags Fans Are Saying - Part 2   

    Fan bases tend to be delusional at this time of year, but to think the Jags will hang 40+ on the Panthers is ridiculous. And I'm fairly certain most NFL offensive players wouldn't call TD or Luke soft; they're both fast, and hit like sledgehammers. Good luck, Jag-fan, you're gonna need it. 
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