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  1. Watching first take (skip Bayless)

    He just said if Tony and Dez were healthy they would have won, lol. Stephen A. Just put him in his place. He told Skip the Panthers would have still rattled Tony Romo and beaten them. God, I hate Skip Bayless. He's a moron.
  2. Pure Respect Rivera / Davis

    When he retires he does need a statue next to Sam Mills, no doubt.
  3. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    They are all so hot!
  4. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    How many holding penalties have we gotten? 3 or 4? This year we have been really good and hardly gotten any at all. The Cowboys haven't gotten any. You know they have been holding like hell to stop our defense. These Refs are trying to screw us.
  5. The Stupid Double Standard in the Media

    The "Double Standard" comes from several things, in my opinion: 1. The Carolina Panthers are still a "new" football team. While I don't think 20 years is new, even my wife says things like, " The reason they don't respect you is because  you are and expansion team." Lol, she grew up in the North where the Lions and the Bears have been around forever. There is still parents who are fans of other teams, like the Redskins, Cowboys, and Steelers, who dress their local children in their teams' jerseys. I swear it makes me want to have a talk with them and ask WTF are you doing to this kid? I can only hope, IF Carolina can win a superb owl AND string together a few years more of playoff apperances, some of those kids will convert, if from nothing else from positive peer pressure! 2. The Panthers have really been inconsistent. I remember the most media love we received when we went to the superbowl and the media was in love with our defensive line under John Fox. Then, even after Chris Jenkins left, the media still would say, " That's the best defensive line in football." We knew it wasn't true, but the media really doesn't know our team like we do and they kept spouting off asinine common statements like they are fact. 3. The media doesn't know us yet. The national media is still saying things like, "well, they won the division last year with a lossing record at 7-8-1" "How good are they?" "They haven't beaten anybody" Many national media types just spout off the same responses other reporters are saying. They really don't know because they haven't watched the games, just read the stats. They are lazy as fug. 4. They are biased. Some of the National media types try to seem neutral, so they have "journalist credability", but we can esily pick out the ones that clearly are homers for the Pats or Packers. Let's face it, how can they grow up loving sports enough to want to be a sports reporter, but not have a favorite NFL team? The Panthers don't have those fans yet, but they will, especially if they keep winning!!! Also, I want to add, I can't wait to hear Skip Bayless and his whiny ass on Friday after we hand the Cowgirls another loss, and most likely destroying their little fantasy of Tony Romo is the savior that will lead us to winning the NFC East and making a run!  FUG THE COWBOYS!!!! I'm going to call into WFNZ whinner line just to scream "Q How bout them cowboys!!!!"
  6. Falcon fans: Your team is still soft.

    Who was that falcon fan that was  blowing up our board with nonsense while they were undeated. Suprisingly, I haven't seen him post after they lost.
  7. Elijah

    It is a sad day here at the school today. We have many counselers on hand to talk to the students. Elijah fought to the very end until his little body couldn't fight anymore. He always believed in "Keep Pounding!" The family has a great support network and they appreciate all the well wishes and prayers!