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  1. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Yeah, she is the hottest one!
  2. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    He is probably drinking wine and shagging good looking dornish girls!
  3. The part about the 3 corners is exactly what I was saying this morning. If Gettleman drafts 3 corners, I am sure one of them will work out. What if one becomes as good as Norman and the other one is a serviceable nickel corner? That is a jackpot. Add in Butler that can rush the QB to rotate with KK and Star, wow! G-man is the godfather for a reason. Other people can doubt what he is doing, but I'm not going to. He has forgotten more about football than 90% of what people know on this message board.
  4. Dear Josh

    JoNo, you rich bastard. From your comfortable seat on the playoff couch you can enjoy such snacks as BBQ Pringles, Lay's Potato Chips, Fritos, Chili and Cheese Fritos, Pringles. You can have delicious Snickers bars, Mars bars, Kit Kats, Gummy Bears, Air Heads, M&Ms, Peanut M&Ms. For beverages you can enjoy Red Cool Aid, Grape Cool Aid, Coke, Diet Coke, Sweet Tea, Unsweetened Tea. Have fun watching the Panthers go back to the Super Bowl while your highest paid ass sits and watches it!
  5. COLA - Charlotte to San Fran

    I don't think Norman really thought about where he would play, just that he wanted to be the highest paid corner. So, in his mind, if he gets his 16 million a year in SF vs. 12 million a year here, he would have accomplished his goal. He was only like a 5th round pick and I think he wants the justification of being the highest paid corner to help make him satisfied with his career. It's not my money, or ego, but I would rather make 12 million in Charlotte and have a good chance for a ring, rather than go to another place like SF and actually end up with less money after taxes and cost of living and no ring. He is already 29, the Panthers have a good shot at going back this year. I don't think a team like SF, Jacksonville, or Dallas does. I think this proves Josh is more about Josh, instead of winning or the team. Kind of like, "Straight cash homey!"
  6. I want Weddle, but I don't see Gettleman paying big bucks for him, since he has to pay 14 million on Josh Norman. I see him trying to find a mid-tier DE. The Giants won both their SB's because of their defensive line and specifically their great DE play. Especially after the way we lost this year's SB, I think (or I'm hoping) Gettleman will be willing to open up the checkbook just a little more and get a quality starting DE to pair with Ealy. If Weddle will play for 6 million a year, maybe the Gman might do it, but I don't see him sinking a bunch of money in the secondary. He likes to build up his lines first with the hogmallies.
  7. Weddle says he wants to play for a contender, but most contenders don't pay alot for free agents. I guess he needs to decide does he want a chance at a SB ring, or does he want to feed his family.
  8. Roman Harper made 1.8 million last year. I would think Gettleman would give Weddle about 4 million per year to help solidify a secondary for about 4 years, especially when we will have approximately 41 million in cap space, if they cut Charles Johnson. I know Gettleman isn't a big believer in winning free agency, but we were pretty close to winning the whole thing last year. Getting a former all pro like Weddle for a reasonable amount seems like money well spent. Weddle said he wanted to go to a contender. Oakland is still a few years away from being a legitimate contender, imho. The Panthers are a perfect fit for Weddle. A friend of mine came down and stayed this weekend. The first thing he wanted to talk about is how he thought Pittsburgh was going to sign Weddle. I said, no you're not he is signing here!
  9. This morning on WFNZ on the MaC Attack, Ron Rivera was being interviewed and said "to be honest, I wasn't as high on Kony Ealy as Dave Gettleman, but he said, Ron, this is your next Josh Norman. Ron thinks it is starting to click with Ealy and he believes he is poised to do great things next season." I thought it was interesting at how honest Ron was when talking about a player.
  10. Why is This Guy still employed

    Harrison is mad The Patriots got called out for being cheaters in the Super Bowl, so he is going to hate on us every time he opens his mouth. FUG him! We winnin' this ****** Sunday!
  11. FBGP's Super Bowl 50 Preview Show

    He predicted 33-17 Panthers win!
  12. Peyton's arm is as weak as a pron storyline, hehe!
  13. Jersey ecery day this week

    I just got my new Luke Kuechly elite jersey today! It's my first blue alternate jersey! I will rep it later in the week at work!
  14. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    Thanks Jeremy! These are all awesome! This is my new desktop background (replacing Thomas Davis) :)