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  1. Hornets interested in Dwight!!!

    Honestly doubt that's the actual offer. Charlotte is always closed lip and never leaks deals or offers until they are usually done. And if the rockets leaked it then it makes no sense. What incentive would it give them to leak what Charlotte offered if the offer is poo. That just goes to the basement with the rest of the probably bad offers they received. So I'm guessing this guy doesn't have a clue.
  2. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    Awwe look at all of u getting so defensive. Bless you're hearts. I understand people wanna talk about other teams. But this mainly a Carolina sports team forum. And this specific sun forum is for the charlotte hornets. If someone wants to go super in depth about the lakers they should go join a lakers forum. Before your panties get soaked calm down. My post wasn't 100 percent serious. So Michael Newton calm your tits
  3. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    It's a hornets forum. If u wanna talk about the lakers or nets or bulls in depth, Go join Los Angeles huddle or Chicago huddle this here is hornet country.
  4. He might know every defensive play in the book but that man has no business being on a football team. Lol Hell if he fell down he would help out more instead of getting pushed back 10 yards every time. Lord have mercy.
  5. I mean I swear one play I saw him get pushed back at least 7 yards almost immediately.
  6. Anybody been paying attention to fua getting blown up every play in that drive. God he's the worst player I've ever seen..... EVER