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  1. philit99 added a post in a topic RR Greensboro - The Gate City Riot   

    I'm a member here!! YEA Uptown Charlie's here I come! Get me some fried pickles.
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  2. philit99 added a post in a topic THIS FORUM NOW PANTHERS ONLY!   

    This might be the funniest diagram I have EVER seen. This should be posted on milk cartons next to the missing kids.
    on second thought, Mr. Igo is it possible to give awards at the end of the year, one for best post, one for most informative, and one for the funniest? I recommend this post 10/10 times for the funniest.
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  3. philit99 added a post in a topic Philly Brown with a sick route against Patrick Peterson   

    Just curious, is it too early to call him "Downtown" Philly Brown?
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  4. philit99 added a post in a topic I just realized: I have no idea where the name "Panthers" came from   

    About two years ago, a real estate company I work for met with Mark Richardson to look at purchasing some real estate in Myrtle Beach. As the story goes, Mark shows up for a business meeting in shorts flip flops and a Hawaiian Shirt with a fedora. There is more to this story however I can not discuss as it reveals identities with my company. Its pretty funny though.
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