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  1. They'll just blaming the players, but this Chicago team will maybe win 5 or 6 games and that is being generous. Basically, cripple fight down the stretch. New Orleans at home is going to blow this Chicago team out this weekend and they will lose all games against all our division rivals, except us. This was a complete coaching loss.
  2. Is Cam the poster child 'Millennial'

    This Chicago team was ranked 24th in the league ppg given up and 28th in offense. Their two wins were in OT. In four of their seven games, the starting QB failed to pass for even 130 yards. The teams circling around that area are Cleveland, the Bengals, Colts, the Giants. The only team that ranks worse than them in both categories is Cleveland. We basically just lost to the second worst statistical team in the league.
  3. Like I said, it is the little things. But I can't even blame the players. Samuel shaded too far to the sideline which resulted in a ridiculously long pitch (coaching). As big of a disaster as this play was, Cam is supposed to drop behind the RB for exactly just this type of scenario so he can be there as a defender. Instead we see him running out of left field for the tackle (coaching). The quick slant would have been PI if the coaches just teach 5 to 6 yard cut. The route developed too early and Benjamin basically got mauled (which is what the DB should do in that scenario). It's just little things like that that tell me this that tell me these guys are not being coached up. They run half-ass plays with shoddy execution.
  4. Bad Cam marched the team down the field into scoring position, he pitched the ball to a RB who dropped it on an option play. This elementary crap dude they teach in high school, a simple, easy option-pitch play. RB just dropped the ball on perhaps the most routine and mundane play in football other than a handoff. It literally doesn't get easier than that for an offense. That is considered a "safe" play, which is why so many teams at the high school level run the option or variations of it. Bad Cam marched the team down the field and hit WR right in the numbers. Instead of catching with his hands, WR tried to catch it with his body. Again, this is crap players get taught in high school. Watch the Patriots run this play. Always catch with their hands because it doesn't allow to defender to leverage you. That's a 20 point swing on first 4 possessions. Two scoring opportunities on four possessions = -20 points on ROUTINE PLAYS.
  5. Is Cam the poster child 'Millennial'

    Sooner or later, teams take on the personality of their coach. Bill Belichick gets more animated on the sidelines than Rivera, and that's actually kind of a scary if you think about it. When the team is struggling and needs an emotional lift, it's always Cam that has to show the spark. I really can't blame him too much if he lacks emotion at this point. If he goes out their and hams it up when things are going poorly, the media blasts him for having no "self awareness." If the offense is clicking and he gives a kid in the stand a ball or celebrates on a TD, then they accuse him of being a "me first" guy. It's basically a no-win with these people.
  6. This team just doesn't do little things that matter. The first turnover was a run-pitch option all the way. The DL read it perfectly and spied on Cam. On this play, Cam did what you teach every QB to do in that position -- you pitch the ball. It would probably resulted in a good gain, but the RB just dropped it. The second turnover that lead to a TD was a designed quick slant to Benjamin all the way. That ball was going to him 100 percent unless Cam gets sacked. Receiver is supposed to make the cut quick enough to get inside position on the DB. Instead, Benjamin got outworked on the play and allowed his man to get inside position.
  7. Is Kuechly done?

    Muscle and bone mass and how it is distributed in your upper body is a big factor in this. You ever work around athletes you see two guys that look the same, but one guys bone mass in his arms is much more robust and heavier. That generally translates to the entire skeletal system.
  8. Is Kuechly done?

    Maybe he is, but I would like to see them standing side by side. The point is that I actually don't think he is much bigger than Lynch, and he is playing a much more physical position.
  9. Is Kuechly done?

    I don't think he is big enough to play his position. He reminds me of a shorter version of John Lynch, only Lynch played safety. Same kind of ball skills and instincts, but Lynch could cover the entire field. I think he should really sit down with his family and discuss his future.
  10. This. We also had to throw the ball 50 times and our running backs got tackled in the backfield on every rush. They whipped our ass up front. Just admit it.
  11. VFW and American Legion speakout about protest

    You guys do realize that the US has been at war for the last 20 years since 9-11. Do you realize how many people the NFL just pissed off? I'm not talking about troops, but parents, children, and spouses that have watched loved ones deployed constantly for damn near two decades. Do you realize how many millions of people that encompasses? The NFL fuged up big time here. All these people see is a game while somebody's husband or wife was deployed for two-years in Afghanistan or Iraq and then they see this ridiculous spectacle of Jerry Jones chasing down a camera in a multi-billion dollar stadium so he can he have his media moment. Even if Trump was a complete idiot (which he clearly is not, despite what you think), the NFL just confirmed everything they thought, i.e. elites are out of touch and mass media is just some kind of masturbatory message with no end game.
  12. Relieved

    Lol, you sound like a loser. You aren't even playing and don't have anything on the line, so how can you even be relieved?