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  1. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    Guys, we've hired the entire Turner family already. I'm sure if Ron searches hard enough he could probably find a position for the Turner family dog at this point. This thing is already a family reunion. I see no problem with bringing back Tolbert, Smitty, Jimmy Clausen. and the rest of the crew.
  2. If Cam Newton announced his retirement tomorrow and said he was going to sign up Belichik in Cleveland in a year, Belichick would hit the door so fast it would Giselle's vagina flatulent. Mike Shula and Norv Turner would never work again in the NFL and Ron Rivera would be some staffer with the Lions. Everybody knows in the world except idiot super fans and the media.
  3. It changes the point about the dynamic of the team and how actually you wish to approach it from a managerial standpoint.
  4. You guys are so naive. ESPN does a good job of convincing you that there are more than maybe 10 QB's in the world that can play the QB position in the NFL and be truly elite and the these guys know what they are doing when drafting QB's, when they don't. They go nuts over JimmyG and Eric Cousins when they are in a contract year, but as soon as they get them locked down under contract they disregard them totally. The fact that the story came out about Brady and Belichick butting heads with Kraft apparently siding with Brady should tell you how much power these QB's have in an organization. Cam Newton could get Ron Rivera tomorrow fired tomorrow if he wanted.
  5. I understand that one guy has 100 million dollar contract and the other guy was unemployed this year.
  6. Yea, you don't really understand how this works do you? Tyronn Lue does not walk into the locker room swinging his prick around asking Lebron James to adapt to his system. Cam Newton has actually done something relevant in the last 20 years as member of the NFL. Norv Turner, not so much. It goes both ways.
  7. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    Keep Olsen, CMC, Samuel, and Funchess. Draft or sign a true #1 that can line up in the slot or on the edge on any down. Funchess is not a legit number one. He is a good receiver, but he was drafted as a development player and honestly he has turned out a better pick than I expected. Maybe bring Byrd back, which I think they should depending on how FA moves.
  8. Has Norv Turner actually been Hired ?

    Cam is only 28, just two years younger than Garopopolo, and has already won an MVP and taken an almost no-win team from when he was drafted to the SB in a few years. Matt Ryan, Mathew Stafford, Andrew Luck, etc are all older or the same age. This is big deal for the entire league. This hire could change the trajectory of the NFL depending on what happens.
  9. Has Norv Turner actually been Hired ?

    Tesla walks into your office and says, "Boss, I have this great idea. It is called 'alternating current'. But your mid-manager that is your cousin won't let me do my little experiments."
  10. Please get with the decade. Back when Norv was running his scheme you didn't have so money rules to protect QB's and WR's. Guess what happened during that time? Defenses adapted and have developed absolute killers in the front seven. Back when Norv was doing his thing, you would never line a LB up at DE. Now, teams drafts DE's and move then to LB because college DE's are not big enough. If you think that poo show seven step drop offense is coming back to the NFL with the killers teams are lining up on the DL and LB, then you are crazy.
  11. No. Cam is amazing athlete, but there quite a number of QB's better at escaping pressure off LT. The reason being is they get their head around faster and have quicker feet. Aaron Rodgers regularly gets pressured off his LT and steps up in the middle or roles to his right. It is mere physics. Once Cam gets going he is unstoppable force, but he is not quick out of the gate. Think Secretariat vs Seabiscuit. Russel Wilson regularly puts unblocked pass rushers in a spin cycle. Wilson has way quicker feet.
  12. They'll keep arguing even though anybody with a brain can see that Cam is clearly a much better out of the shotgun and especially with hurry up offense.
  13. I'n not trying to be contrarian, but Cam is clearly worse than a lot of QB's in this league at escaping pressure from his left. He is fast, not quick.
  14. Maybe. But this smells like NFL positioning for pricing the organization before the deal. Norv is an experienced NFL personnel guy and will come in evaluate the organization. Furthermore, I don't Richardson would ever make this hire. You'll never convince me the Panthers are kicking off the tires of this guy and seriously expecting to make a Super Bowl run. Maybe it will happen, but I think not.
  15. Okay, not saying any more. Keep thinking positive thoughts. I'm on record as saying I do not like the hire. To be honest, it seems like a management hire to me, i.e. the new owners are lined up and they want a guy to come in and evaluate the franchise.