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  1. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    That is awesome! Never seen a bobcat, though I have heard them. Seen a black bear -- once, which was kind of a surreal experience. Strange, I see foxes all the time and even had a few run-ins with ground hogs, lol.
  2. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    Agreed. I live in the SE and about fifteen years ago, I walked down the drive to check my mail and at maybe 50 yards personally saw one take off from a sitting position and cross a four lane (plus median we are talking about sixty feet). In three jumps cleared it like it was nothing. Not a deer, not a bobcat (which I have never seen in the wild though I have spent a lot of times in the woods), but a big ass tawny cat with a long tail. House was on the edge of huge swath of forest. From time to time, we would occasionally have animals come up missing and always assumed it was coyotes and it probably was. But after that experience I started thinking about things a little differently about what is in the woods behind us.
  3. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    And that distinction was probably based upon conservation motives. There is no meaningful genetic difference between any of these subgroups. Genetically speaking, it is the same animal regardless of region. Their might be some slight physical characteristics that distinguish them, but there is some variability within a species in appearance based upon environmental factors and local genetic populations, but it is the same species. This is like saying a some copper haired kid from Ireland is a different species from his raven haired cousin 1000 times removed in Wales.
  4. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    It is very rare for the average person to see these animals. A lot depends on the terrain and where you live, but most people will almost never see a black bear or coyote in the wild in the SE, but they are there. When was the study done? Modern genetic testing says they are the same cat. You can take a male puma from South America and mate it with a female mountain lion from the Rockies, and it will produce healthy viable offspring that can reproduce. Slight differences in mitochondrial DNA lineage do not a different species make, unless you just want to split hairs for the sake of conservation. Here is a recent article by national geographic done on the subject: "The words cougar, puma, mountain lion, and catamount all refer to the same large cat, known scientifically as Puma concolor. When early European settlers first moved to North America, taxonomists began classifying the cats as different subspecies. Eastern cougars, Western mountain lions, the North American cougar, and the Florida panther, for example, were uniquely labelled. "[Classification] was based on things like the fur coat of animals and nuanced differences in sizes," says Robinson. A cougar living in the desert, for example, might look slightly different than one more adapted to a forest in Canada. But advances in genetic testing have since proven that these differently named American cats are genetically the same."
  5. There was recent article about the same thing happening with the Rams written this week. Not gonna bother to link because there are several articles from different sources written recently concerning the Rams game. That was one of the greatest upsets in Super Bowl history. To put it in perspective, the Rams were favored by whopping 17 points according to some lines. Most people still consider it one of the greatest upsets in Super Bowl history. Isaac Bruce was talking about how Patriots signed Terrell Buckley "off the street" only a few weeks prior and he was basically always getting to the spot where the football was going when nobody had been able to cover him all year, and he didn't understand how it was possible. Faulk did an interview a few years before that and he said their offense had prepared plays the Rams had never even run before, and Patriots were checking down on those plays during their audibles.
  6. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    I just gotta call BS. There is no genetic difference between the so-called "eastern cougar" and mountain lions roaming west of the Mississippi. Same cat. The name was something made up by wildlife biologists before genetic testing. Beyond that, they never really left, although their numbers have been critically low. You can talk to people who have hunted for 40 years in the SE, but they have never seen a black bear in the wild, but no serious wildlife biologist would argue they aren't any black bears in the same areas. Same with coyotes, who are very good at avoiding humans. Most people who can live in rural areas will hear coyotes all the time, but how many times do they actually see one? Almost never unless you spend a lot of time in the woods. They can smell and hear you a long time before you see them. If they don't want to be seen, they won't be usually unless you just get lucky, or there is something wrong with the animal, i.e. it is sick or old.
  7. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    Guys, we've hired the entire Turner family already. I'm sure if Ron searches hard enough he could probably find a position for the Turner family dog at this point. This thing is already a family reunion. I see no problem with bringing back Tolbert, Smitty, Jimmy Clausen. and the rest of the crew.
  8. If Cam Newton announced his retirement tomorrow and said he was going to sign up Belichik in Cleveland in a year, Belichick would hit the door so fast it would Giselle's vagina flatulent. Mike Shula and Norv Turner would never work again in the NFL and Ron Rivera would be some staffer with the Lions. Everybody knows in the world except idiot super fans and the media.
  9. It changes the point about the dynamic of the team and how actually you wish to approach it from a managerial standpoint.
  10. You guys are so naive. ESPN does a good job of convincing you that there are more than maybe 10 QB's in the world that can play the QB position in the NFL and be truly elite and the these guys know what they are doing when drafting QB's, when they don't. They go nuts over JimmyG and Eric Cousins when they are in a contract year, but as soon as they get them locked down under contract they disregard them totally. The fact that the story came out about Brady and Belichick butting heads with Kraft apparently siding with Brady should tell you how much power these QB's have in an organization. Cam Newton could get Ron Rivera tomorrow fired tomorrow if he wanted.
  11. I understand that one guy has 100 million dollar contract and the other guy was unemployed this year.
  12. Yea, you don't really understand how this works do you? Tyronn Lue does not walk into the locker room swinging his prick around asking Lebron James to adapt to his system. Cam Newton has actually done something relevant in the last 20 years as member of the NFL. Norv Turner, not so much. It goes both ways.
  13. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    Keep Olsen, CMC, Samuel, and Funchess. Draft or sign a true #1 that can line up in the slot or on the edge on any down. Funchess is not a legit number one. He is a good receiver, but he was drafted as a development player and honestly he has turned out a better pick than I expected. Maybe bring Byrd back, which I think they should depending on how FA moves.
  14. Has Norv Turner actually been Hired ?

    Cam is only 28, just two years younger than Garopopolo, and has already won an MVP and taken an almost no-win team from when he was drafted to the SB in a few years. Matt Ryan, Mathew Stafford, Andrew Luck, etc are all older or the same age. This is big deal for the entire league. This hire could change the trajectory of the NFL depending on what happens.
  15. Has Norv Turner actually been Hired ?

    Tesla walks into your office and says, "Boss, I have this great idea. It is called 'alternating current'. But your mid-manager that is your cousin won't let me do my little experiments."