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  1. America's second favorite team?

    If you go by our opponents' message boards we are a hated bunch.
  2. Lady Gaga will be performing the national anthem

  3. Pro bowl thread

    I lost interest after that TD drive. No Panthers in it is partly to blame.   Time to watch some Office reruns on Netflix instead.
  4. Donald Trump is picking and rooting for the Broncos

    Meanwhile Hillary is pulling for Isis.
  5. Peyton Manning: HOF QB or The Duck Hunter?!!?

    Let's just say I'd be more concerned about this game if Osweiler were starting.
  6. Who will have more fans in the stands? Us or the Broncos?

    More Broncos fans to leave with the butt hurt.
  7. todays practice tweets

    I'm just laughing reading this thread. Some posters on here think they are important because of their forum reputation..whatever they perceive theirs to be. The fact that it matters to them at all speaks about their life outside of a fan forum.
  8. Peyton appreciation thread

    This thread is poop
  9. Cards fans are sooooo SALTY!!!

    I've seen more from Cam than what he did tonight. Dallas comes to mind.  AZ is sensitive haha.
  10. Gonna be a tough damn day at work on Monday PIE

    Bold move. Do you have a backup plan?
  11. Gonna be a tough damn day at work on Monday PIE

    I have to present on a conference call tomorrow. Appropriate to say "go Panthers" at the conclusion?
  12. Worst 17-1 team in the league

    We don't deserve to be in the Super Bowl. We are garbage

    Screw Seattle for tipping off AZ. Screw the haters and racists. We going to the ship!
  14. Super Bowl buffet.. PIE is on the menu

    Time to plan for broke neck Peyton.