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  1. rayzor added a post in a topic todays practice tweets   

    that IS a legit update. he hasn't been ceared to play yet. it's protocol. just waiting for the doc to clear him, which he hasn't yet because his brain injury needs more time to heal.
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  2. rayzor added a post in a topic Welp, so much for that underdog role we love..   

    i have hated that role and wanted us to get over it for so long. you know who the underdog is? a  team that nobody expects to win. you know why they aren't expected to win? because they don't. it's fine for one, maybe two years, but to be perennial underdogs means all you do is lose and achiev really nothing and all you have is hopes that maybe...someday...you'll be a winner, but then you won't be an underdog anymore.
    teams with a reputation for winning can't considered an underdog.
    "but..but we never do well when people expect a lot from us!" we need to get over that poo as well.
    climb on top of that hill and claim your place as the best and dare everyone to come and take you off of it. have some balls instead of being some passive wuss franchise afraid of succeeding because they can't handle the pressure.
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  3. rayzor added a post in a topic Stupid Yellow Flags: A Football Apocalypse   

    hochuli's crew made no mistakes in that game.
    i'll say it again, they made no mistakes.
    they set out to do the very thing they did...level the playing field, taking away the home advantage by calling the game in favor of the away team.
    this is something that hochuli's crew has done for years. i mentioned this and provided a link from a couple years back that showed it in one of the threads talking about the bad officiating. his crew not only has been one of the most flag happy crews in the league, but is consistently among the very worse in regards to flags being heavily in favor of the away team.
    hochuli is a lawyer with the power of a judge on the playing field. this is what you get. a ref who feels his job is to make the playing field level between home and away teams.
    it might be just me, but that's not the refs job. call the game. don't try to manage the game.
    this is why more challenges need to be made available and every play should be challengeable. some would say that takes away from the game, but officiating like we just witnessed takes away more from it.
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  4. rayzor added a post in a topic If You Are Unsure What Carolina is Getting With Jared Allen...   

    totally greed. peppers had more talent, but never came close to giving what allen gave and gives every game. i think we'll see a return to his being a force on the field by putting him back in his natural position and with the guys we have on this team. that comment earlier about allen being a walking corpse is a joke. allen was the only guy with any life on that team. john fox is the perfect fit for that team. no heart. 
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  5. rayzor added a post in a topic Bias Confirmed   

    i bet cam gets more heat from this than hochuli from the league. league doesn't like players or coaches questioning the refs.
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  6. rayzor added a post in a topic Just shout out to the Refs   

    ed hoculi's squad has a history of calling games in favor of the away team. this wasn't against the panthers...this was against the home team.
    i remember i found a year or so back a site that kept a record of the number of penalties called on home teams and away teams and hoculi's group was one of the most lop sided in favor of the away team and i think i remember a comment being made that he didn't feel there should be a home field advantage and that he felt his role was to level the playing field.
    i'll try to find the links.
    *EDIT* not exactly what i was looking for and a little older, but still along the same lines. hochuli's group tends to throw more flags than most and most of his calls are on the home team. he's not the worst, but it's not close. http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/blogs/birds-nest/Examining-NFL-Referees-in-2010-121361499.html
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  7. rayzor added a post in a topic New Orleans D   

    they have one?
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  8. rayzor added a post in a topic Bersin Up; Brandon Williams Gone   

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  9. rayzor added a post in a topic Saints vs Panthers in Microsoft Surface ad   

    they forgot the patriots question...."is there some way we can hack this?"
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  10. rayzor added a post in a topic What Saints Fans are Saying   

    i almost feel bad for them.

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  11. rayzor added a post in a topic Saints are in full meltdown mode   

    in before PU creates a thread talking about how it's a trap game and then 5 minutes later creating another thread talking about how we'll dominate the saints because reasons and then after we beat them creates a thread talking about how it doesn't count because reasons.
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  12. rayzor added a post in a topic I hate being the downer but take this 2-0 with a HUGE grain of salt.   

    PU...shut up.
    seriously. just shut up.
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  13. rayzor added a post in a topic Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    i've got this sick feeling that we are going to lose to ryan mallet. how pathetic is that?
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  14. rayzor added a post in a topic Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    get ready for the defense making a poo ton of mistakes. they are on the field way too long and the offense can't stay on the field at all...even with shula taking for-frikkin-ever to get the plays in.
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  15. rayzor added a post in a topic Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    refs sure are flag happy.
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