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  1. Big Congrats to the Carolina Panthers

    Yep yep yep. Lots to be proud of and we're really just getting started.   
  2. Who was at fault?

    Hard to read all that wall of text especially.  with a migraine but it was a team effort.  there is no one person to blame. grade A certified fustercluck  
  3. Is Philly made of tissue paper?

    his head slammed on the turf after an incredible catch....and this was after talib tried ripping his head off. dude got massive respect from me. no way am i not calling him tough after that.
  4. Big congrats to the Broncos

    thanks for being classy and not an asshat like every other bronco fan we've had show up recently.
  5. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    it was just like the atlanta loss. they came in expecting an easier game and got kicked in the nuts and couldn't recover.
  6. Winning with grace

    and i hope we play the same way next year. i want to be the most hated team in the league. i want to be on top of that hill and be the target for everyone. and i think after this loss, we'll climb back up there only we won't be bullied off again.
  7. Jeebus...

    yep. hamsters were roided up pretty well.
  8. Jeebus...

    i should have thanked them for their dollar, though.
  9. Jeebus...

    i know a lot of the visitors kept monsta and me busy last night.
  10. Winning with grace

    i understand, but thats pretty much a rearview mirror type thing. right now its too close to be saying, imo.
  11. Winning with grace

    you should write a letter to the charlotte observer like the concerned soccor moms and self righteous seahawk fans have been doing.
  12. Snakebit, bad decisions and betrayal

    this game was lost AS A TEAM. our loss was mental. we were mentally beat and that carried on over to the score. we played plaxico burress-ball....we shot ourselves in the leg. the good thing is, we can get it right and we will. remember, we went into this season less than full strength...not just without our #1 WR, and with a rag tag group of scrub WRs and a promising rookie, but a very young team...OGs and a RG with very limited starting experience and a reclamation LT project and a secondary that was kind of sketchy with a few old guys in the mix. this year we played ball the way we had been hoping to. we were dominant and physical. cam got experience and confidence really leading this offense and spreading the ball around in a very impressive way to receivers that kept crisco on their hands (even though that improved somewhat over the year). next year we can come out with confidence and a bit of fire that was lacking at the beginning. they now KNOW what they are capable of. they haven't just seen it, they've tasted and had their hands on it before it got ripped away. next year they come back and take what should have been theirs.
  13. Panther Fans Will Get Their Team Back Now

    don't worry, they'll be back and you all should hope they are.   they show up win a team is winning. it's 100% guaranteed to happen.   if it is happening, then that means things are going incredibly well. it's a sign we should all be hoping for. and it's also the way long term fans are made. we all started out as bandwagon fans (unless you are one of the few generational fans). most bandwagon fans will leave, but like i've said many times before, there will be some that get hooked. we picked up a lot when we went went to the superbowl before. we picked up more when we drafted cam. and we'll pick up more after this season, despite the loss. i will say it was a whole lot nicer having more people cheering for us and giving us positive attention, even if it was/is going to be short lived.  
  14. Dear Mods: PLEASE get to work

    like i said, the best thing to do is report posts that need to be addressed. mods and admins see it as soon as they log into the huddle and i don't know about the rest of them, but i try to take care as many of them as i can as soon as i can. there are quite a bit of frivolous reporting or reporting posts that we (mods and admins) don't really worry about like contrary opinions and stupid but harmless remarks, and those i will just close without doing anything. but when it's poo like last night i pretty much just start swinging. the best thing the members can do is 1) don't feed the trolls and 2) report them and let the guys with the axes do the executing.