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  1. rayzor added a post in a topic Pete Carroll on Hawks injuries...   

    just for the record, 15 got a day off from the huddle for this. insulting other posters is a no no. it doesn't matter who it is being insulted. 
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  2. rayzor added a post in a topic From the Seattle times....   

    looks like we'll be playing another bad team this week. just another team with a losing record. 
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  3. rayzor added a post in a topic Josh Norman fined for his celebration   

    how long before fines for holding?
    i can see fines for bad hits, but crap like this? yeeeeaaahhhhh....excessive.
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  4. rayzor added a post in a topic Last Playoff Win for Each Team in the NFL   

    more like 1995. still really bad for a team as hyped as they have been.
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  5. rayzor added a post in a topic Giants player could lose foot due to MRSA   

    i hate it for the guy and his family, but something like this was bound to happen at some point. i'm just surprised it hasn't happened sooner.
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  6. rayzor added a post in a topic What is everyone's bye week plans for Sunday?   

    same here, only it's 8 and sometimes 9 hour shifts 6 or 7 days a week. really busy time of year.
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  7. rayzor added a post in a topic Bye Week NFC South Thread   

    watching the jaxville fans take over that crappy boat field may make that game worth watching. well...maybe for another 10 minutes before i start feeling bad for the bucs. ok...so i won't feel bad for them, but still it would only be a novelty that would wear off after just a few minutes of watching.
    overall, i just can't imagine any game be worth me staying awake for (which i don't really need to do because i have to be at work at 10:30 tonight).
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  8. rayzor added a post in a topic Bye Week NFC South Thread   

    wow, that would be like watching the ravens play here when we had wolverine playing QB. actually probably worse.
    on the upside for raymond james, it will probably be the best concession sales they've had in years.
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  9. rayzor added a post in a topic Bye Week NFC South Thread   

    hoping for a miracle in atlanta today. just can't see it happening.
    saints..meh, they were about .500 as an away team when they were good. now that they suck again i just can't see them winning in philly, even tho i think philly is overrated.
    i want to say that the TB/jax game is interesting just because of how bad both teams are, but i'd be lying. i can't imagine watching more than 5 minutes of it.
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  10. rayzor added a post in a topic Bye Week NFC South Thread   

    Well, That Was A Quick Attempt To Hijack A Thread.
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  11. rayzor added a post in a topic Kaepernick throws for 67 yards, 4 INTs, 9ers lose 47-7   

    whatever happened to that local 49ers fan club? they still a thing?
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  12. rayzor added a post in a topic PFF ranks Panthers O-line as 2nd best in the NFL   

    this is why for years, even years before rivera got here, we have started out slow. before this year, we have not had any clear idea of who was going to be starting on the OL as a complete unit until several weeks into the season. year after year i have said that we need to have the OL decided on heading into TC and let them get reps together as a unit and gain that much needed chemistry with each other and cam.
    this year we knew for sure who the interior OLmen was going to be and had a very good idea that remmers would be at RT. having that continuity from the previous year was crucial to having early success. add in oher, who we also had a pretty good idea would be starting at LT early on, and you have cam with time and a 4-0 record. 
    we have seen steady improvement in all phases, esp. on offense, every game this year and i see no reason that this won't continue. by the end of the season i expect the OL to be dominant in pass and run blocking.
    i don't know how williams fits into all this, but i'm sure it will make an already very good OL better. that said, i woudn't be opposed to letting him stay a backup the remainder of this season just so we can keep the chemistry we have on that OL already. if it ain't broke and is, in fact, working well....why mess with it?
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  13. rayzor added a post in a topic How often do you unplug from work?   

    after having spent years on jobs that were essentially 24/7, i am more than happy to be doing shift work. i come in to whatever situation the previous shift left us (usually a mess) and after that is cleaned up we do our job and then whatever didn't get done gets picked up by the next shift and i go home. the problems at work become someone else's problems when it comes time to go home. i come home and eat, sleep, and live life (wife and kids), not my job.
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  14. rayzor added a post in a topic I'm glad the Kraken is gone   

    hardy got screwed? dude got paid how much to take a year vacation? oye.
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  15. rayzor added a post in a topic Did you know? Cam Newton the pescatarian.