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  1. Cardinals cut WR DeAndre Hopkins (updated May 27, 2023) It's been rumored that the Cardinals have had DeAndre Hopkins on the trading block. With absolutely no leverage, Hopkins was released, as no one wanted to trade for a 31-year-old receiver with a massive contract. There will be lots of interest in Hopkins, however, now that he can be obtained at a cheaper price (and with no draft picks exchanged.) Here are some teams that could sign Hopkins: Buffalo Bills: The Bills drafted tight end Dalton Kincaid in the first round, but they're still in need of a receiver to play across from Stefon Diggs. New York Jets: The Jets had interest in signing Odell Beckham until Beckham grew impatient with the Aaron Rodgers trade stalling. They may target another veteran receiver instead. Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs won the Super Bowl without a real No. 1 receiver, so it's not like they need Hopkins. I'm sure Patrick Mahomes wouldn't mind having him though! Los Angeles Rams: Hopkins may think the Rams are still a Super Bowl contender. He'd be wrong, but he would recognize the dire need the Rams have at receiver outside of Cooper Kupp. Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones wanted to sign Odell Beckham Jr., so I imagine he'd have interest in Hopkins. Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles need a third receiver. An offense with Hopkins, A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith would be disgusting. New York Giants: The Giants have an improved offense, but they didn't find a No. 1 wideout for Daniel Jones.
  2. losing like we did is going to make a long offseason for us Canes fans.
  3. Obtaining the talented Scoot would be huge, in my opinion.
  4. Jeremy Chinn has proven he has elite talent, now we have a coaching staff that should be good enough to use those talents in various, positive ways.
  5. I wish D.J. Moore all the success in the world but I have long moved on from losing him. I am just overjoyed and exciting to see what QB Bryce Young. can do with some fine receivers like Terrace Marshall Jr and Jonathan Mingo.
  6. Fullbacks are a dying breed. Many colleges, due to the proliferation of the spread offense, no longer use true fullbacks, so the feeder system to the NFL has evaporated. For some players, the position simply isn't glamorous enough. "Nobody ever grows up wanting to be a fullback,
  7. Great idea because we are not all that exciting to watch presently.
  8. Anderson/Jarry would be a good combination.
  9. There will be lots of added reasons to go to Spartanburg and watch training camp this year.
  10. One batted down pass in practice. Time to cut him and move on. (Sarcasm)
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