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  1. Should the Panthers be interested in Watson? Absolutely, but there needs to be a reasonable limit on what they will give up to get him. Three first-round picks, Teddy Bridgewater and Christian McCaffrey? Maybe so, but throwing in too much will leave Carolina with Watson but not much else around him. It takes more than a quarterback to build something for the long haul.
  2. If the Panthers go for broke by tying up their whole future for one player, DeShawn Watson, they had better hope he remains healthy or the team may take many years to recover.
  3. The one sure thing we can all count on is that Watt will not be playing for the Panthers in 2021.
  4. The rating on Gardner Minshew caught my eye and made me wonder if the Panthers were even checking him out. " Admittedly, there are other young QBs on this list who are superior athletes with a higher ceiling. That said, Minshew has enticing qualities and has made enough flashy throws to convince us that he can be a well above-average starter in the NFL. With the right pieces around him, he might even be a Pro Bowler. Trading for Minshew is exactly the kind of low-risk, potential high-reward move that championship teams make. There may be no other player who could offer this franchise more over
  5. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/lists/panthers-quarterback-trade-options-sam-darnold-jalen-hurts-gardner-minshew/?fbclid=IwAR128FkyP_4udpnbbTEW2lp60y8lTfDG8hcqL_qorHs5xpebeWecsaOO
  6. Tampa Bay Bucs once again proved the old saying is true — "Defense wins championships".
  7. Order Pizza Hut Pizza after I arrive at the Party.
  8. "Stafford didn't want to come to the Panthers"? I have news for Stafford, i didn't want him to come here either,considering what we would have given up to obtain a 33 year, often banged up quarterback that would probably retire in three years.
  9. I could see our coaching staff getting Mitchell Trubisky to play to his full potential with the receivers we have, especially if we upgrade our offensive line.
  10. I will be happy if we can pick Try Lance at #8 but have little confidence in anything Mel Kiper says after the Jimmy Clausen praise.
  11. Chiefs starting OL for the Super Bowl: LT Remmers (0 LT snaps since '16) LG Allegretti (7th rounder) C Reiter (7th rounder) RG Wisniewski (cut by PIT in Nov.) RT Wiley (a UDFA guard) This should prove a team does not have to have high draft choices to build a very good offensive line.
  12. I am not sure what the Panthers offered Dwayne Haskins but my guess is that it wasn't a lot. I am relieved he didn't sign with us.
  13. RIP Hank Aaron He was one of the all time greats.
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