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  1. To bad S.F. couldn't play the same way in the 2nd half. I felt sure the way S.F. was pounding the Chiefs DL in the 1st half it would have a positive effect and wear them down for the 2nd half but it didn't seem to work out that way.
  2. Get him signed! Frankie Luvu is one player the Panthers can ill afford to lose.
  3. So true! Steven Davis.is one of my all time favorite Panthers players!
  4. Congratulations DeShaun Foster and good luck.
  5. There is no doubting that Brandon Miller is good and should only get better!!!
  6. You are probably correct in your assumption!!
  7. Keeping Ejiro Evero would be a big step in assuring the team is headed in a positive direction.
  8. I suggest the Panthers give Jayce Horn, who can be a shut down corner, another year to see if he has shaken the injury bug. If he remains healthy this year I feel he is a keeper but if he shows he is still injury prone, then it is time for him to be moved in a trade.
  9. R.I.P. Carl Weathers. You will be missed.
  10. Exactly. Bryce Young will add weigh and increase his arm strength arm, which is still currently acceptable as well as his overall strength, count on it..
  11. If the Panthers picking a # 33 in the N.F.L. Draft take the best available WR or OL player, I will be satisfied.
  12. If the Panthers can obtain a good power back to joe along with Hubbard, get a true # 1 WR and upgrade the OL a little, this team with the already good defense, would kick some serious butt.
  13. What the blankey, blank was Washington thinking? Seems logic and Washington just don't go together.
  14. There is no way I want Diggs! The Panthers can do better at obtaining a wide receiver than signing him.
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