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  1. Madhatter,


    I haven't posted in a while,so i thought i would say hello. Hope you are doing well.


    Is that headcase troll G-Man aka PantherBob still posting on the forum and if so what is his new user name?


    Take care my friend,


  2. Aaron Rodgers is not going anywhere. This whole charade was likely orchestrated by Rodgers agent to try to squeeze every penny he could out of the Packers. Rodgers will be a Packer for at least a couple more years.
  3. This was an awesome video on how terrible the Jets offensive line was, plus how confused they caused Darnold to seem while obviously flustrated. Hopefully,with better weapons, coaching and a decent offensive line this was just an once in a career disaster for him and he will have a long successful career with us.
  4. We all realize the Panthers will be in a very tough division in 2021 which will now go through, until proven otherwise, Tom Brady and the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Matt Rhule’s team will need time to figure themselves out, something you don’t often get in the NFL. A new quarterback, a healthy star player, and new off-season additions will all have to be added to a team still trying to figure out what its identity will be. Once settled in the Panthers will be a top-heavy roster that is well-coached, and plays to its competition. One who wins games with a gun-slinging big-pl
  5. Aaron Rodgers is probably tired of being the best player on the Packers and being treated like he is the 4th string right guard. The Packers should give him a new contract with everything he wants for the next three years. If Love could do the job, Rodgers would be gone in three seconds. The Packers have probably figured out Love is an average NFL quarterback who will win 5-7 games a year, thus they are, so to speak, stuck with Rodgers for the next three years, so they should pay what he wants and end this drama.
  6. I am calling BS on the reported Short signing. The Panthers are wanting to rebuild with youth and an aged, injury prone player like him does not fit that type plan.
  7. Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports recently did an article in which he ranked the top ten undrafted free agents both on talent and fit with their new team in the NFL. Moore checked in at No. 10 on Trapasso's list. Here's what he had to say about the new Panthers lineman:
  8. If Aaron Rodgers has his heels dug in and is willing to miss the start of the 2021 season to get out, the Packers may have no other option than to trade him away and ensure the team receives back fair compensation for one of the most valuable players in football. However, I cannot for the life of me, see the Panthers wrecking their present long term rebuilding program for an aged Rodgers who seems to have turned into a self centered, all about me, head case.
  9. Here's hoping Deonte Brown has a long, successful career with the Panthers and makes a lot of "Bread" as in money.
  10. I will select one of the following with their future upside depending on the team that selects them. Alabama linebacker Dylan Moses, Oregon State edge defender Hamilcar Rashed Jr. Pitt safety Paris Ford Florida State defensive tackle Marvin Wilson
  11. I hope you are right in your assumption. I also feel Deonte Brown was a steal with our 193rd, 6th rd pick. I have no question about his playing ability as long as he keeps his weigh under control, something that is somewhat of a concern to me.
  12. Patrick Mahomes Over the past two seasons, Mahomes was No. 1 in many key stat categories including QBR (79). And at 24 years old, he should only continue to get better. Plus, the Chiefs gave him yet another high-end offensive asset in the draft when they took running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire in the first round. -- Adam Teicher Signature stat: He has played 36 games in his career, including the postseason, and never lost by more than one score or posted a Total QBR below 50 in a game. In other words, Mahomes has never had a below-average game. It's by far the most consecutive games w
  13. DEONTE BROWN Guard Carolina Panthers Panthers selected G Deonte Brown with the No. 187 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Brown (6'3/344) was a 24-game starter in Tuscaloosa that left college with two national championship rings. He’s a force in the run game, combining Herculean raw power and light feet in one enormous package. Brown gave Auburn DT Derrick Brown, a top-10 NFL Draft pick, fits in 2019. But length and movement limitations -- Brown turned in a rough 1.49 RAS score at his pro day
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