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  1. Panthers 20 Vikings 17 If history was to repeat, the Panthers lead 17- 10 at half time but fade in 3rd quarter, allowing the Vikings to make it close.
  2. The mods need to shut down these negative threads that repeat the same thing.
  3. I will continue to support our QB Sam Darnold until he proves he cannot perform behind a good offensive line, something we presently do not have. Bashers on the Huddle need to cool the attacks on Sam until we have a good offensive line and then we will be able to evaluate his performances a lot more fairly.
  4. Smitty said- "- On the ints “One was just a Really good play by the DB (Slay). The other 2 he was under duress and being hit.”
  5. Good Ole Smitty. When he talks i listen and take it seriously.
  6. My feeling would not be hurt if they used Robby as trade bait but not sure how many teams would be willing to trade for him.
  7. Is it to early to talk about next years draft?
  8. Until we get a decent OL this team will continue to be up,down and side ways.
  9. Sign Darryl Green To a cheap one year contract and let him start at CB against the Eagles Sunday. LOL
  10. Hmmmm!!!!! And we play them Sunday. Ouch.
  11. I would love to see us trade him this year as soon as possible for draft picks.
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