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  1. Those coaches that followed Matt Rhule were addition by subtraction.
  2. That is great thinking outside the box. However, my guess is Payton likes the glory and attention of being "The Man" and wouldn't go for that type of a deal.
  3. I would like to see Wilks remain as the Panthers head coach and bring in the best offensive and defensive coordinators as well as assistants that money can buy. Tepper has the money, so now is the time to spend it to help make the Panthers a playoff caliber team..
  4. I was really surprised when he Rams had put a 2024 first, 2025 first and a 2023 second-round pick on the table for DE Brian Burns. I was also surprised when the Panthers refused to give up Burns for that vast amount, a player they considered to be one of their core pieces.
  5. The Panthers defense has spent much of this season bailing out the offense while it struggled to stay on the field and score points but Sam Darnold and the offense rose to the challenge Sunday and contributed to the win.
  6. Corral and any quarterback the Panthers draft in 2023 will probably not be ready to start next year . If all three of the remaining quarterbacks are gone that would mean the Panthers would have to sign another teams retreaded quarterback, which would leave the team in worst shape than it is now. However, if you have a plan to obtain a quarterback that will suddenly give the Panthers a better chance to become a consistent playoff team than one that is already on the roster, please share it.
  7. Bingo!! I fully agree. Plus, Sam Darnold has been learning more about how the defense works and the looks they are giving him. We need to remember Sam is only 25 years old, still learning and could show even more improvement since he is presently on the best NFL team that he has been on, one that is giving him the protection ever quarterback needs. I have no idea how Sam's long term career will play out here or someplace else, so my take is we will have to sit back and see what happens the rest of this season before passing complete judgement.
  8. If either Stroud or Young are available when it's the Panthers turn to pick, they should take the one that's there.
  9. I blame Tepper for making Rhule the Panthers head coach, even though common sense should have told him it was not a good fit. For the sake of Nebraska and their fanbase, i hope Rhule has success as their new head coach..
  10. I hope the Panthers at least interview Shane Steichen if he is available. It appears he is one of the hot names out there to become a future NFL Head Coach. Shane Steichen enters his second season as the offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles after originally joining the team in 2021. In his first year with the Eagles, Steichen coordinated the league's most productive rushing offense, as Philadelphia ranked first in the NFL with franchise records in rushing yards (2,715) and rushing touchdowns (25). The Eagles also led the league in explosive plays (163) and ranked fourth in third-down percentage (team-record 45.7 pct.) and fifth in giveaways (16). Steichen played an integral role in the growth of first-time starter Jalen Hurts, who combined for 3,928 yards and 26 touchdowns. Hurts, one of just eight quarterbacks in NFL history to register 3,000 passing yards (3,144) and 750 rushing yards (784) in a season, also became the youngest Eagles quarterback to ever start in a playoff game. In addition, Steichen guided wide receiver DeVonta Smith to a franchise rookie record in receiving yards (916) and helped Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce earn All-Pro recognition. Before coming to Philadelphia, Steichen spent the previous seven seasons (2014-20) with the Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers. During that period, he worked alongside Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni.
  11. My guess is the Panthers will try to run the ball and not expect to much from QB Sam Darnold in the passing game. I predict Sam getting about 250 passing yards, two touchdowns and one interception against the strong Denver defense..
  12. Steve Wilks comes across as a no nonsense coach that is not afraid to call players out that are not performing to his expectations and that's not all bad.
  13. A better question might be, who should the Panthers pick if both Young and Stroud are gone and they are picking #4 or #5 in the 2023 NFL Draft ?
  14. You may have hit on something. It would be great to see the Panthers have a hurry up type game plan installed for him Sunday.
  15. I didn't listen to the obvious B.S. that Matt Rhule spewed when he was here and I am certainly not going to listen to it now that he is thankfully gone.
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