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In a nutshell I don't think we have ever seen a physical specimen like him at the QB position in history. 6'6 250 pounds, strong arm, accurate, has a 40 time faster or as fast as Deangelo Williams. His fundamentals have been hotly debated. I think he has very good throwing mechanics from the waist up. His footwork is hit or miss and he gets lazy with that at times. I do however think it is a minor flaw that can be easily fixed. He has a lot of questions about his ability to pick up the NFL offense. It has been my belief that it won't be as difficult as some have said, but it is a significant question. The biggest question for me is his character. I think he can be a once in a decade type talent. But he also could turn out to be a bust. Luck was a safer pick. Cam Newton is a much higher risk to bust, BUT his upside is astronomical. Even higher than Luck's. So he is a high risk but super high reward type of guy.
Feb 25 2011 11:05 AM