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Found 6 results

  1. 28-3 Megathread

    Posting some fav 28-3 comments, in honor of this week's Super Bowl rematch between Atlanta and New England
  2. Rosenthal with GOLD

    This is is an excerpt from his article “Six narratives that fell apart in Week 6” “1) The Falcons have put the Super Bowl loss behind them On some cosmic level, it seems obvious that the players and coaches associated with the Super Bowl LI collapse will never fully get over what happened in Houston. The bigger concern is that the scars haven't even formed yet for this Falcons team. Giving up leads is in this team's DNA. Before Sunday's unthinkable letdown against Miami, the Falcons lost a home halftime lead against Buffalo in Week 4. They allowed the Lions to come back from 17-6 to force a tie before holding on to beat Detroit in Week 3. The Bearswere a drop away from completing a 10-point comeback against Atlanta in the final eight minutes in Week 1. The Falcons have been outscored 72-40 in the second halves of games this season. The trend was established last season, when the Falcons gave up four fourth-quarter leads, including in a home game against the Chargers that they led at one point by 17. This Falcons team has been less than the sum of its parts. Its offensive-drive stats are excellent on paper, but the defense can't get off the field. (Atlanta had only four offensive drives in the second half Sunday.) So many of the same elements from the Super Bowl loss were present against Miami. The defense gave up a fourth-down conversion where a stop could have all but ended the game. The offense had three-and-outs. A holding call and an ill-timed sack took them out of field-goal range, punctuating a scoreless dry spell in the fourth quarter. The pass rush faded late. Bad luck on a deflected pass made a big difference. The Falcons have a chance to exorcise some demons this Sunday night against a Patriotsdefense that can make any quarterback resemble his ideal self. Or they could re-live their nightmare again, with motivational slogans proving helpless against the reality of what keeps happening on the field.” http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000862517/article/the-debrief-week-6-six-narratives-that-were-busted #FalconsGonnaFalcon Has anyone mentioned that Atlanta blew a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl?
  3. The Atlanta Super Bowl committee has released the logo for Super Bowl LIII: "The letters A-T-L in “ATLANTA” are prominently featured in a powerful dark gray color symbolizing a vibrant, progressive and diverse city." source: AtlSuperBowl53.com, @atlsuperbowl53
  4. The Falcons have unveiled their Super Bowl banner in the new Mercedes Benz stadium: (image courtesy of https://twitter.com/PatsMilitia/status/901146309490552833 )
  5. courtesy of Preacher on AMC