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  1. Ooof. I am still convinced Tepper hired Rhule as a Ted Lasso plot. Part of me thinks that Richardson goosed up one of Tepper's nieces or something and Tepper bought the team to extract his petty revenge of hiring a small time championship football coach that has absolutely no clue what he is doing in order to run the team into the ground.
  2. NIL deals will destroy all sports eventually. There needs to me some serious legislation governing it before it becomes more of a problem than it already is. I think we will see the day when NIL deals are started in high school if this keeps up.
  3. I swear the playbook from Madden 2010 is THE EXACT (or very very VERY close to) the same playbook for 23. I didn't play any of the Maddens inbetween for the most part, and my son has been asking me to play with him a lot. 22 and 23 had almost identical playbooks to 10.
  4. Christensen is going to be nearly a foot taller than Bryce Young, this may be a problem.
  5. I am convinced Deebo Samuel does not want to play and/or is a strange attention seeker. I swear he comes up with really creative non-contact injuries every game so he can sit out a quarter or two.
  6. Hopefully without the extremely creative non-contact injuries he fakes like 4x a game lol
  7. They need to be doing Nordics to fix all these hammy problems.
  8. The Steelers have a ridiculously long line of talented but highly troubled WRs. There is also Burress, Martavius Bryant, and I suspect Thigpen will be a headache soon. Emmanuel Sanders if the only one of the bunch that wasn't a well known lunatic. It is as if the Steelers have a WR factory and they all have the same brain defects.
  9. I have always been skeptical of the many NFL receivers named "Mike Williams".
  10. I don't want any trading with the Bears after the DJ Moore eff up. No thanks, we already shelled out to them.
  11. The last decade has just been atrocious: 2014 Blake Bortles Johnny Manziel Teddy Bridgewater 2015 Jameis Winston Marcus Mariota 2016: - Jared Goff Carson Wentz Paxton Lynch 2017 Mitchell Trubisky Patrick Mahomes Deshaun Watson 2018 Baker Mayfield Sam Darnold Josh Allen Josh Rosen Lamar Jackson 2019 Kyler Murray Daniel Jones Dwayne Haskins 2020: - Joe Burrow Tua Tagovailoa Justin Herbert Jordan Love 2021 Trevor Lawrence Zach Wilson Trey Lance Justin Fields Mac Jones 2022 Kenny Pickett 2023 Bryce Young CJ Stroud Anthony Richardson
  12. Him and Chase Young so they can underachieve together but collectively make for one really good player (sometimes).
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