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  1. This is a great question and I was about to make a post pertaining to situation I am in. Basically hired this total scumbag to come and do "work" at my house. He charged and obnoxious amount and sent a very undetailed bill. At one point, his employee asked me to pay 3K-5K with effing Venmo. He is asking for about $3.5K but it just does not feel right. I DID NOT sign ONE single document before or after this all started.
  2. That’s pretty much what was about to happen here. I swear this dude did NOTHING. He would call my wife and say something needed to be done and she would start working on it. I had to explain to her multiples times that HE works for US.
  3. Yea, maybe so. I have also wondered if the realtor would back out before I did. I was a complete asshole to him over the phone. I didn’t mean to flip out on him but MAN did he push my buttons. I asked him if the buyer or his company was pitching in with the $3k mold guy he did not help us find, and insisted that we get. (I was already pissed with him expressing concern for my family after the scumbags that came to my house and ALL he could ask was if I got a mold test, or not). When I asked him that, he said “mold guy?” As if I was talking about an effing rocket ship on the roof. I then asked him why he was suggesting to my wife to get car titles loans in order to contribute to the $15k closing costs and he says “I am trying to help her get the money”. I lost it on him. I had already ran out of patience with him long ago. Point is, I partly thought he might back out himself citing me as a raging physco.
  4. Another update: I left him a voicemail saying I was backing out of the sale, and I emailed his realty company directly. This was so weird to me.....they did not put up ANY resistance and all but immediately send me documents to sign to back out of the house. They had me on the hook for a large payout, and was representing the buyer. What am I missing here? They didn't even try to salvage it, one bit.
  5. Who exactly are we breaking the bank for on the line right now that caused us to not be able to afford Reddick?
  6. Funny how Cmac is Mr Healthy all of a sudden
  7. UPDATE: I have called this effing idiot and absolutely laid into him. The final straw is when he asked my wife if she could get car title loans to pay off the 15k in closing. I told him that if the closing cost was not 0 and the mold remediation was not paid in full by his realty company then he can forget I exist. He kept saying “I am trying to help her get the money” and I have never laid into anyone so hostilely over the phone. When I told him the deal was off unless he met my stipulations he says “I would hate to see the deal not go through” which I screamed at him “YEA! I BET YOU WOULD. YOU ARE BUYING AND SELLING THIS HOUSE. YOU HAVE A LOT TO LOSE”. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if HE backs out of the dealing citing that I am a psychopath My wife has now agreed that I can fire him and just pay on the house while we are overseas. Enough is enough.
  8. Thank you so much, everyone who has replied and offered me assistance. I am about fed up with this realtor. He is representing me, the seller, as well as the buyer. I also just got stuck with a nearly 3.5K bill from a very suspicious mold removal company due to this realtor basically bugging the living hell out of my wife to have it looked at. I have sent him an aggressive text about the situation. I live and work overseas so the time zones are almost 15 hours apart, but I can text him over Imessages. I think my next step is to tell him the closing costs need to be 0 AND the mold crap is now his problem or he can forget selling the house. Is that a foolish threat?
  9. This is Illinois. My wife has basically had to do this all alone and is really easily duped.
  10. Nope. Putting any QB ever in their prime on this team would be horrible. This is exactly like what we talked about with Deshaun Watson. Selling the farm and not being able to build around him would only lead to poor performance, injury, Derek Carr syndrome, etc. Meanwhile, your future is mortgaged for years and you cannot afford anything.
  11. To make a long story short, my family and I are a little desperate to get out of the house we are in now. I also work overseas and haven't been able to be involved in the business dealings of it that much, leading me to believe my wife is being taken advantage of. Anyways, the closing costs may be between 10-20K. This realtor has already come off as a dunce to me multiple times, and seems to think people have that much laying around or can just instantly get approved for it. I asked for a personal loan and my bank denied my when I mentioned it was for closing costs. Is this a normal thing? Will the bank I have the mortgage with not just be more than happy to have more of my money? I really REALLY didn't want to go to my bank today, and I got the answer I was sure I would get in being denied. With this, what are some options I have? I am basically screwed on the amount and all, but how does this normally work?
  12. I love how way in depth Olsen is able to go on so many aspects of the game. Hearing him announce is like having a real time analyst that is able to offer insight and basically secrets that many people don’t know. I have watched the NFL for 25 years but I always learn something new just about any time he speaks.
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