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  1. You're about to get flooded with pie and beer.
  2. You guys are really delivering on the triggered and heated reactions. I am sure this troll is loving it.
  3. This is obviously a troll/satire post (I hope)
  4. I was so sick of hearing this MONTHS ago. For fugs sake, auto change his name to Bill Cosby and send anything related to him straight to smack central. How many god damn times do we have to have this stupid discussion?
  5. Obviously Everrete Brown is the King of All Things Spin
  6. Lol my dad always made comments about the end of game snacks in Pop Warner. "They run harder to those stupid snacks than they did all game!"
  7. Work and fun don't mix, unless you're a clown. But in seriousness, every job is going to have its pros and cons. I am currently highly conflicted about my job. I make mighty good money and I barely do anything on my shifts but it comes at a price. I work overseas and I haven't had the chance to see my family in almost two years. This is partly because of Covid and the other part is due to the fact that my company changed ownership and screwed up our visa process. I am now stuck here until that is fixed, and they seem to be in ZERO hurry. If I quit this job, I will be losing at the very least $20K a year in a paycut working stateside. Then I will have to find an apartment and get a vehicle, added costs that I don't have here. All this while I am footing the bill for all expenses for a (estranged) wife and three children. I am about to have to spend the bulk of my savings to fly them out here for a one week visit, something I would never, ever, consider doing due to the cost and the amount of money I currently have saved or in credit lines. The good news is, I have completely cleared the 30K of debt I was in around December. The loans are all paid off and the credit card balances are at less than $50 total. One of my asshole cards took me down from $4000 to $1000 after I paid it off so I have made sure to keep small balances on each and pay them down to $5 or so. Anyways, I absolutely hate that I am looking into a nuclear option to see them based on something that I cannot control. No one should have to spend so much money out of desperation to see their family.
  8. I mean, there has been some mighty entertaining posts over the last few weeks. Some of them just so dumb that it acts as an SSRI for shots of laughter and dopamine.
  9. Maybe Kirk Cousins prayed to God about the Panthers having bricked hands the entire game and was granted his prayer because he didn't take the vaccine that would cloud his vision in his third eye. I don't ever recall once seeing that turd have to wear a mask on the sidelines though.
  10. Craig Cartner that dude that buys a box of 1,000 toothpicks, counts every single one of the when get gets home, and then complains to management there is only 998 toothpicks in the box.
  11. For fugs sake SOME of us just want to have hope that there is something or someone out there who can play RG or LG better than the two clowns currently starting. Excuse us for ever having a glimpse of hope!
  12. I got blasted for making a post about him not playing the first game due to injury and Rivera's response being something like "if he plays great, if he doesn't play, also great"
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