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  1. Not what I was saying… The unvaxxed player is putting only himself at risk, as (for some reason this is a shock to people) Covid can still be transmitted and contracted even if vaccinated. The player doesn’t get herd immunity this way, but is really only a threat to his own health for the most part. Do I think a player would get Covid if he wasn’t vaccinated and the others where? Probably, along with the vaccinated. Will the unvaccinated player get severely sick, or die? Very, very unlikely.
  2. This exactly. One of the big things that people copy/paste as some (alleged) light bulb thought is "what if a vaccinated player causes a breakout? Nothing then?" I can't recall any of the 32 teams having any sort of "breakout" or having to completely isolate a team thanks to it last year, nor do I remember anyone (coaching staff and trainers included) dying from it. This was all before vaccines. Just makes me wonder how much of a risk and threat and unvaccinated player really poses if he is surrounded by mostly vaccinated players.
  3. Just think how pretty we would be sitting if we mercy killed Short AND refrained from signing Teddy to his big contract, doing something like signing Winston for a year at 1M. I am sure we would have lost the same 4th quarter way, but this time Winston being agressive and throwing INTs and losing instead of checking it down and losing. $30M difference or so I that one alone….
  4. Samuel is (dare I say it) overrated. He reminded me of Philly Brown, if Brown had put on muscles and was a tad quicker. This team has not had a starting tackle (left or right) since the departure of Jordan Gross. So, paying a guy that was behind two 1,000 yard receivers make little to no sense in comparison.
  5. Isn't this a yearly cycle? 1) Rodgers threatens to quit and has a dramatic dispute that ends just in time for training camp. 2) Packers look pretty bad first two games 3) Packers look unstoppable and are SuperBowl favorites 4) Packers lose the NFC Championship. Rinse and repeat......
  6. Geez we would have saved a lot of money trying the Jameis Winston experiment over the Teddy B flop. Pretty sure the outcomes would have been similar, but Jameis would have lost the close games by being too aggressive and making mistakes, where are Teddy checked down and was too soft. Either ways, about a $30M dollar difference.
  7. This exactly! Not only the amazing price for a former 1st overall pick, but I think he would have been pretty exciting here. Though, I could see him being equally frustrating. I think of Jamis and Teddy as pretty much Bizarros of each other (though neither is super) in some aspects. Where as Teddy checkdown would have been chicken and lost us 4th quarter games, Jamis would have been too aggressive and made dumb mistakes and lost of 4th quarter games. I think the outcome would have been similiar, and much MUCH cheaper.
  8. Kawann Short not being part of this team anymore really opens up so much more room for activities!
  9. Sam will be so utterly devastated that we will have not other choice but to trade out next 10 years worth of 1st round picks so that we can acquire Teddy Bridgewater again.
  10. I don't really see Revis in Horn as far as body type and athleticism, but could certainly agree he has the potential for Revis type production and dominance. I see Horn (at least for the moment) as a Ramsey, and as much as I hated the guy, the talent was undeniable, Talib. A tall, rangy, consistently very elite player at his position.
  11. I am still confused over all of this… The Patriots wore their throwback uniforms with the white helmets on more than one occasion. Did this get banned at some point?
  12. All this reminds me of a post I saw a few days ago. The poster said something along the lines of how poorly then Panthers have historically been. For a franchise as young as it is, I beg to differ. Sure, there has been many down years, but for the most part, this has been a successful organization all things considered.
  13. Was this "gummy" a THC laden piece of candy, or a blowjob from a meth-head grandmother?
  14. It wouldn't open for me at work, but this should be the article: https://www.heraldonline.com/latest-news/article12266168.html
  15. I swear this dude has really bad luck. Wasn't he also held up with a BB gun in a McDonalds drive thru?
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