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  1. Seems like three of the guys I always confuse each other for are either being released or have some kind of speculation around them. Rudolph, Ertz, Eifert.
  2. Makes sense, Cardinals are pretty much the NFC version of the Texans. Talent on the team, horrible coaching, and always expected to do great but are ultimately always “less than mediocre”
  3. Mighty defensive. The title isn’t misleading...it is, however, beaten to death lightyears beyond human comprehension.
  4. It does, and kind of does not. Would he be less likely to be infected and spread the infection when he was being COVID tested nonstop during the regular season, and being surrounded by 51 (of his own teammates, not to mention coaches and other teams) who where tested nonstop? You can't tell me he sat in his house 24/7 and had zero contact, zero risk etc. Not judging the man, just trying to make sense of it.
  5. Whats "high risk" about a young, highly tuned, professional athlete?
  6. Did the Hopkins trade even involve a first? IIRC it was like David Johnson and a sweaty towel (second round pick?)
  7. Would you trade lopsided to trade him away? For instance, Teddy and a 6th for one NE 7th?
  8. Exactly. Few people seem to understand that the Panthers will be like the Cowboys are "Football Team", making desperate and exaggerate trades for certain players. Hopefully all this cap is being cleared up in order to pay a lot of draft picks to sort through. Otherwise, Deshaun Watson will be crying on Twitter again in three years when he is in the exact same situation; just with the Panthers.
  9. My brother and I spent at least an hour looking for my dad at an air show once, because every white man around his age was wearing a tan hat, a light colored shirt, khaki shorts, "air dads", and white bunched up socks.
  10. I officially give up trying to talk sense into anyone, its not worth the annoyance.
  11. Why is everyone seeming to argue with and/or attack Mr. Scott? Its not just this thread....
  12. Lol and somehow most of yall think we are going to land Watson with this budget
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