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Found 1 result

  1. We have seen people here say plenty of times that we're wasting Luke's and especially Cam's best years. Well Scott Fowler is perhaps the first journalist to ask the question, but he also includes the highly talented Kemba Walker and ties it all up with Charlotte. "The Panthers are obviously closer to their championship goal than the Hornets are. Carolina went 11-5 in 2017 and made the playoffs before losing in the first round. Old/new Panthers GM Marty Hurney – who drafted Newton and Kuechly in the first place – has spent this offseason trying to give both his star quarterback and his standout linebacker more weapons to allow them to be great. "But will it be enough? The Hornets tried to give Walker more talent, too. And while they are no longer a 7-59 laughingstock like they were in 2012, no matter who surrounds Walker, they can’t seem to climb more than halfway up the mountain. "Like Cam and Luke, Kemba keeps chasing the dream. In the right circumstances, with the right teammates, they all have the ability to catch it. Charlotte is a city that badly needs a major pro sports title itself. It has the athletic stars in place – but will the stars ever align?" http://m.wbtv.com/story/37807660/are-the-best-years-of-cam-newton-kemba-walker-and-luke-kuechly-going-to-waste-in-charlotte It will be an opportunity lost if this Queen City trio can't finally get to the mountaintop. Could you blame any one of them for leaving Charlotte to salvage their chances to win some hardware if it comes to that? Being real, it's not happening for Kemba any time soon as a Hornet. Perhaps some feel the same in regards to Cam and Luke, but at least it's within the realm of possibility...with the right blend of hard work, personnel, and luck.