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Found 7 results

  1. Greg Olsen & Ian Thomas are 2 studs that can do it all whether it’s getting dirty and doing some run blocking or going out wide and moving the chains for CAM in clutch situation. They are gonna deliver the W every week like your mail man/women! Kalil will be fine in Norv’s scheme.
  2. Food for thought if y’all want Panthers to reach the SB again, organization must invest in TEs depth via draft. Rob Gronkoswki 1084 yds 8 TD Zack Ertz 824 yds 8 TD Dilly Dilly https://youtu.be/Ij-aatDdBpQ
  3. http://www.panthers.com/news/article-2/Greg-Olsen-already-getting-acquainted-with-Norv-Turner/fce61cc4-47f2-4fc9-bdff-55d3c9cc49bf 2 TE set Dilly Dilly
  4. We all know Panthers are the real OGs when it comes to RB tandem , so how many rushing yards can CMC & Rookie would have behind these 3 studs? P.S. Panthers run the ball 50% of the time. (History doesn't repeat but it rhymes) P.S. Panthers wins the game 85% of the time when they rush for 100 + yds. Saints 2017: Ingram - 1,124 yds Kamara - 728 yds = 1,852 yds (11-5 NFCS champs) Falcons 2016: Freeman - 1,079 yds Coleman - 520 yds = 1,599 yds (11-5 NFCS champs, SB Appearance) Panthers 2015: J-Stew - 989 yds CAM - 636 yds = 1,625 yds (15-1 NFCS champs, SB Appearance)
  5. With the supposed turmoil at the GM ( fake) & fast approaching 2018 draft & FA puts the Panthers organzation in unfamiliar situation. I believe RiverBoatRon co. is the capatain we need to steer this ship through rough weather right now. He has a good pulse of this team having spent 7+ years with multiple playoff berths & knows exactly what personnel changes needs to be made to take this team deeper into the Playoffs. He personally scouted Cam, Luke, CMC and knows how to find elite players. The new coordinators will have better input in this process and finally get the players they need to run the scheme.
  6. Couple of example of differnt types of RB used in the Panthers system. POWER RB SHIFTY RB
  7. Good pick to complete the offense and help free Olsen up.