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Found 13 results

  1. FA: Doug Martin?

    It seems Bucs might part away with their franchise RB with 2 years of disappointing season & of course having a younger RB by the way of Auburns Peyton Barber ready to take over. Martin is still a talented player with a lot of Juice left in the tank w/ similar build & skillset to J-Stew that allows him to fit perfectly into Panthers' scheme. What do y'all think of this move if Bucs depart w/ him? Maybe a similar situation when Ginn left Panthers to Saints, cause if one thing Panthers struggled with was having a running game besides CAM.
  2. With the supposed turmoil at the GM ( fake) & fast approaching 2018 draft & FA puts the Panthers organzation in unfamiliar situation. I believe RiverBoatRon co. Is capatain we need to steer this ship through rough weather right now. He has a good pulse of this team having spent 7+ years with multiple playoff berths & knows exactly what personnel changes needs to be made to take this team deeper into the Playoffs. He personally scouted Cam, Luke, CMC and knows how to find elite players. The new coordinators will have better input in this process and finally get the players they need to run the scheme.
  3. Food for thought if y’all want Panthers to reach the SB again, organization must invest in TEs depth via draft. Rob Gronkoswki 1084 yds 8 TD Zack Ertz 824 yds 8 TD Dilly Dilly https://youtu.be/Ij-aatDdBpQ
  4. http://www.panthers.com/news/article-2/Greg-Olsen-already-getting-acquainted-with-Norv-Turner/fce61cc4-47f2-4fc9-bdff-55d3c9cc49bf 2 TE set Dilly Dilly
  5. Ron Rivera | CAP

    Reporter: " How much not having J-Stew hurt the running game" Ron: " I don't think that hurt us, I really think that didn't hurt us at all. CAP came in and ran hard his first carry was for 11 yard gain" Expect more focus on the power running game with return of Turner & Armah. More Power & ISO runs to setup playaction and bootleg for CAM. Olsen & Dickson will have explsovie plays. CAP should get minmum of 15 carries as CMC is tasked even with a bigger role in the receving game p.s. you can have both guys on the field at the same damn time. http://www.panthers.com/media-vault/videos/Rivera-We-didnt-take-advantage/4a15baa2-40af-492e-9ead-d017333bcf40
  6. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/11/27/chiefs-waive-ross-travis/ Go get him Hurney!
  7. The KB trade has thrown the Huddle into a frenzy as always but we must move on to the next game! Lets play a little prediction game and see how this offense is going to adapt with #1B (1A is Olsen :p) gone! What's the final score? 27-14 Panthers! Do you believe Panthers rushes 100 Yds + ( non QB rushes) ? Yes! J-Stew 40 yds 1 TD CAP 80 yds 1 TD CMC 20 yds Who is the leading receiver? Samuel 80 yds 1 TD Dickson 60 yds CMC 70 yds Funchess 50 yds How many FGs? 2 FGs
  8. Fat ass Gettleman could have drafted Hunter Henry or traded for Martellus Bennett for a 4th round pick instead of getting overrated punter who is not even on the team anymore. We need real TEs that can block and catch, this offense want work until that area is fixed If we upgrade the TE position it will solve following problems: Run Blocking Pass Protection Short yardage Dump-offs Play action intermediate throws CMC J-Stew The whole damn OL CAM When defenses stacks boxes knowing that you going to run due to having TEs lining up inline , you can actually make them pay for their over aggressiveness by audible to a pass play and letting one of the TE leak out . Guarantee it would been a TD to Dickson or Manhertz instead of a loss with J-Stew trying to bounce outside drawing all the defenders and Cam rolling to the opposite side
  9. Layered Routes

    So everyone knows that Shula has only 3 play calls: go deep, run up the middle or Cam go run. It seems like all our pass plays have the receivers going in the same area which brings more defenders in the vicinty & since the recievers can't create separation the catches are usally contested. Why do we not layer routes to attack different portions of the field instead of just going all deep & having 1 dump off that can be covered by LBs. We should be utilzing Hi-lo schemes that attack the underneath , intermediate, middle, & deep at the same time. The different routes creates natural trips and stretches defenders from one another for recievers to have room to work in space and create those YACs. Why the fug do we have 4 receivers going up the field !?
  10. Why is he not getting utilized in the run game? You can have CMC and CAP on the field at same time and go run or pass with a motion.
  11. With Aaron Rodgers possibly out for the season and Packers season is a lost cause this would be a good opportunity to pick up a dual threat TE and FB to help Cam & the running game. Would you make this trade for couple of mid round picks (4-7) ?