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Argus Plexus

Had a fantastic dream last night

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When I was a man of fewer years, I dreamt of the freedom to love. Now. I dream of just being free.

Although I will tell a dream of me and the Rat Pack in some Bistro in Rome. Dean playingd piano all night, so we pretty much just hung out there. Chicks coming and going all night. All trying to outdo each other. I had my eye on this loooong legged American Indian looking chick, 5-11, 36-24-38, and new how to use it, for the after party. Everything is going to plan, lots of lovey dovey pre coitus happenings. Finally find time to slip away, sneak into the bedroom and close the door. And to my surprise, there on the bed were the wife, and her bff Val. I just knew it was going to be my night.

Yup. That's when I decide I had to get up. I really hate the wife.

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