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Ealy vs. Sam: No contest for G-man (David Newton's latest)

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But I am hoping that Ealy can actually get between the tackles with his quickness and disrupt plays on passing downs.

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so you're saying a self-described Muslim that believes he or she may be going to heaven by suicide bombing is not at all the same religion as a self-described Muslim that believes that person isn't going to heaven?

--No. I am saying only one can be right. Period.--

as far as I care if someone says "I'm x religion" and most all of their beliefs line up with it, they get included in that religious group, even if they are more or less "extreme" than the majority.  Which is why I try not to classify religious extremists by which religion they are being extreme over, when possible.


when you get down to what gets someone into heaven or not ultimately that's up to interpretation of the actions in that person's life related to the scripture of their choosing. --So I can pick any scripture of my choosing and as long as I follow it I can get into heaven, even if it is the complete opposite of another scripture? C'mon, even you have to admit that makes no sense-- so, while it may seem extreme to think of Muslims and Christians as sharing the same God because in today's age there are fewer militant extremist Christians, just remember that a lot of religious texts, the interpretation of what is okay changes based on the 


e.g. my mother believes that gay people should be able to get married, that gay people should be priests, that we all share common ancestors with all animals, that the earth is over 4 billion years old, but calls herself a Christian.  Is she one? 

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CPcavedweller    1,290

no, that's pretty much it. you have a preacher come in on your deathbed holding a bible and all is forgiven. its convenient as hell really.

Pun intended.

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KaseKlosed    340

I remember watching Mizzu play last season and Kony by far stood out among all the players.  His name was being called almost every play.  He was the true star on that team and he got better when playing against better teams.  He will be a beast he was SECs best kept secret.  He flashed more than Clowney did when they played. 

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