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Insightful message from fellow NBA and Pelicans fan kclaboy504

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Following my recent thread most of you know just over a month ago I asked the guys over at PelicansReport.com what they thought of the Pelicans giving us the old Hornets history and records back. Most people called me an idiot because no other NBA expansion team had received their history back and others blamed the new commish Adam Silver for plotting against the Pelicans. After the announcement today that we would be getting our old history back I received this message from the insightful user kclaboy504.




I'm happy I could get such a flavorful opinion with a strong point.


You might wonder why some of this is blacked out. Believe me you don't want to know.

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wanna know a four-letter word you'll never hear in NO?  "Read."  Another?  "Book."


...and the only spell they're aware of involves voodoo.

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