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Big A

Need to bury a body in your backyard, no problem in NC

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bigskypanthersguy    2,011

The thing is, if this corpulent twit ever had the vag to do it, I'd love to do a Comedy Central-style roast about the stupid son of a bitch, but she'd probably take it as complimentary anyway, and we all know Alicia doesn't have the god damn spine of a jellyfish anyway.

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Big A    218

I watched it last night. Couldn't help but notice that Knoxville says "I'm sure we'll have better luck in the next town", as in "Either we need to set this up so we can get somebody to do it, or cut it from the show".

So you're reading into that comments that they are going to change the whole set up of the pranks or something? It looks to be executed exactly the same way as before in video.

Regardless, can we agree that my post was factually correct? IE, they couldn't get even one person to go along with prank in Ohio, then in NC every contractor was down to bury the "dead person" in backyard no questions asked. I think I even remember Knoxville saying they didn't expect the contractors in Nc to go as far along as they did.

This movie "Bad Grandpa .5" ( not the original movie) is now on Netflix so everyone can go see.

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